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Secluded beautiful waterfall - the trail was a little boring for kids, but easy.

Went there today, 7/22/18. Could not find the trail for the falls. Checked in at the little store in the campgrounds...they said the trail was closed due to fire damage.

Easy walk go a neat waterfall!

one of my favorite easy trails .has interesting points of interest and the falls are small but refreshing..Lots of interesting flora..Not too heavily used the many times I have walked/run it..nice for easy biking, too

Super easy and fairly short trail to the falls! There’s a few rocks that are perfect for a lunch while listening to the falls. As others have said - not the most grand waterfalls in the park, but it is much more private. We were there on a Saturday and only had 1 other group of people at the Falls with us. There’s also some spots for swimming, not just at the falls but also along the trail in the river depending on how you get back to the parking lot!

1 month ago

Easy fun walk from spacious parking lot. Slight downhill to falls. Nice little swimming spot at base of falls, and another little swimming hole just below that basin.

Have to do a bit of climbing over roots and rocks at the very end to get to falls, and walk back is slightly uphill. We had no problem, but if you aren't accustomed to physical activity, this would be a moderately challenging hike.

Also, the map in the app is awesome. Several other trails and bike paths crosscross, but the app made it easy.

This is not the best waterfall in DuPont but maybe the most private. The trails are nice and shady most of the way. Absolutely check it out after you've been to Bridal, High, Triple, and Hooker Falls! There's no place in DuPont That isn't worth checking out.

The directions to the waterfall were very unclear. Ended up backtracking and trying a different route, found the top of the falls, & found a little walk through water area but that was all. Not my favorite

One of the only hikes in table rock state park that you won’t be surrounded by other hikers the entire time. Beginner - Intermediate level hike. Don’t miss the trail head to the falls, trail right, immediately after the creek crossing. The hike up is breath taking, steep creek with granite cliffs and boulder gardens surrounding. Don’t be a pack mule, be sure to get off trail and look around. Caves, swimming holes, and so much more to be had here .

A decent trail until you get off onto the spur. Overgrown with nettles at your ankles (hiked in June) Fallen trees block your way on the spur and it’s hard to traverse in general. No views either.

Great hike, not as easy for us older folks, but well worth it. There are a lot of trees fallen across the trail. In one spot the trail is totally obscured. We tried to follow the track on Alltrails and still ended up off trail. We eventually spotted the trail below us, the descent back down to it was steep. Following the trail back it was not hidden.

Great easy hike to a pretty waterfall. The the connection spur to the waterfall is unmarked but well established. It ascends rapidly at the very end. Take your time and the view will be well worth your hard work.

4 months ago

Decent views along the trail for a short hike.

Easy trail and with a sweet little falls that empties into a pool of water before it rushes out into a rather loud fast flowing river.

Great little hike. we brought the dog and she loved it. The bikers live this trail and connecting trails. Lots of beautiful pines, Moss, and rocks. Kinda reminds you of something you would see in the west.

Rather non-eventful hike until you cross the creek and start hiking up to the falls. Still lots of trees across the trail. Trail gets steep through a nice boulder field. Beautiful waterfall but hard to get close to. Recommend hiking this one in the winter as it could be "snakey" in the warmer months.

Easy short hike along a wide trail. Comfortable for walking two abreast. Will come back with a picnic lunch when the weather is warmer

Really stunning boulder field and waterfall! The spur trail to the falls can be quite hard to follow after a certain point if there is a lot of leaf litter(ie, the second time I went here). Also, there is one point where you *think* that the trail is blocked but if you keep on walking, there is a path through the downed branches and trees. What I'm saying is, persevere! :) It's an amazing waterfall.

Nice quiet trail; great for biking too; lovely waterfall at the end.

great trail for kids

Easy trail and nice short hike if you just want to get out for a couple hours. Nice falls at the end. Not very busy, only a couple hikers and bikers seen on the trail.

10 months ago

Nice trail with shade and few Long views.

The Palmetto Trail to the Falls Connector Trail is well maintained and was a very nice hike. Once we got on the connector trail there was a lot of downed trees presumably from one of the recent tropical storms or hurricanes that past through or near the area. Very large trees were down across the trail and into the creek. We couldn’t make it all the way to the falls but got close. Overall a nice hike with beautiful scenery.

This is a nice trails that meets up with the loop trail. Nice picnic spot at the top

Very pretty & nice hike (not too strenuous). Beautiful waterfall at end. Always nice to have something to look forward to.

went for the 2018 eclipse- gorgeous 360° views!

11 months ago

The trailhead is to the left of the parking area behind an orange gate. Take your first left, subsequently take every right turn. You will come to a meadow with a Rock Hop trailhead marker. Follow white, then red, then orange blazes. Ends on the road. Easy loop trail that follows a stream with a few nice cascades. Did it with a baby on our back.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Hike with Marsha, Francis and

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

One of my favorite falls

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nice way to start a figure 8. Big rock to cedar rock to little river to burnt mountain & back. Nice views. Saw no one else early in the morning on a Thursday in July. Gets the heart pumping.

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