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11 days ago

Easy trail...fun to do in 2 or 3 hours!

Wonderful dirt trail along the lake. Under a high canopy of falling leaves you still need to look down while walking for the occasional root system. Pretty views of the lake on the oak grove entry point.

Beautiful trail that is easy to ride

Beautiful trail and well maintained!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Rode this beautiful trail with my wife today who is new to trail riding. The trail and surrounding trees and nature was superb, we totally enjoyed the 20 km round trip ride. We made many stops along the ride to take photos to capture the beauty. We rode in from the Woodstock entrance which was a bit tricky to find and parked on the road with no issues. Note that the entrance to the trail is at the corner of Vansittart Ave. and Frederick (59 Frederick Street on Google will get you there). I was impressed with the trail, very nice. Trail is complete from Woodstock to Hickson including the bridges.

Mostly easy terrain- a few hills. Had to dodge a few mountain bikers. Pretty low traffic so very peaceful and pretty.

Bald Mt is a huge park over 3 different sections so pay close attention to the various parking location for the trail.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail through a forest. Able to see many different wildlife: deer, rabbits, cardinals, bluejays, and butterflies everywhere.

road biking
3 months ago

I moved to Richmond so I could ride this trail whenever I want to. Great trail.

FYI, River Bends park connects to Clinton River Heritage Park on Van Dyke.
AFTER you pass Jimmy Johns Field, cross the street (Auburn Rd), stay on trail and go down under 59, then cross Clinton River, go down Davis Street two blocks then turn left on Nichols. From Nichols you’ll pickup trail in Clinton River Heritage Park located on Van Dyke just south of M59.
From Clinton River Heritage Park the trail continues on to Clinton River Park and then to Dodge Park. Stay on the trail along the Clinton River when in doubt, especially in Dodge Park.
There’s a gas station across the street from Dodge Park to eat or refreshments if needed however we always pack a lunch. Also plenty of clean bathrooms with running water at Dodge Park. Enjoy the ride. I believe the round trip between Dodge and River Bends Parks is less than 15 miles.
Our next excursion will be from Dodge Park (where we always start out) To Paint Creek Trail. Hopefully the trails all connect but will review once completed.

Also, all trails mentioned above are paved

Beautiful dragonfly and butterfly action this morning! Although it rained all day yesterday, the trail wasn’t a mess- which was great!

road biking
4 months ago

Super fun bike trail! I did this on a rather warm day in the end of June, but there was plenty of shade along the trail to keep it cool. The trail itself is dirt/packed stone and a very easy ride. It rained heavily the day prior, but the trail was perfectly fine with only a few little muddy bits.

Great trail if you want to get a quick and easy 20 miles in.

Nice hike. Enjoyed the flowers and wild life.

Went on the White trail. Nice wooded trail with some little climbs and descents with lots of roots. I took my 8 year old son and he handled it well but at slow speeds. It would be fun to do this fast. Make sure to bring bug spray-we got eaten alive!

Nowhere to park, got yelled at by some gated communitycause apparently I was in their driveway / roadway? With a rusty old padlock and hinged gate across the way? no thanks. I'll stick to Roth

road biking
5 months ago

Great trail for uninterrupted road bike ride.

White trail was great. Nice elevation changes. We will definitely be back for the orange trail soon. If ticks are a concern for you, this is a great trail because its all woods...we got thhru without a single hitchhiker!

I walked the north end of the trail from Hickson to just past Braemar Sideroad on Victoria Day. It was a beautiful day and the trail is very accessible. The green of spring was refreshing. We found many lovely spring plants and flowers in full bloom...trilliums galore, jack-in-the-pulpit, ferns...This is a beautiful and peaceful trail and I can't wait to finish it!

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great trail for beginners but the trail markings are a little confusing. The trail is well maintained, clean, very peaceful and secluded. I have no complaints about the faint noise from the shooting range, you can only hear it in the beginning of the trail. It is mostly flat but you will encounter rocks, and tree roots, which is expected because the trail is in a wooded area. Overall, I had a great experience. This was my first time on the trail and I will be going back for sure.

Orange Trail was awesome! Lots of wildlife, very quiet. Hard to believe you’re in metro Detroit at times. Highly suggested.

on Hickson Trail

6 months ago

Hickson trail is having their grand opening June 02 2018 . The trail has been completed from Woodstock to Hickson and is wonderful . Come for guided hikes and cake at the ribbon cutting ceremony . Please thank the volunteers and sponsors that made this possible . The event starts in the morning and is across from the township office in Hickson .

Today was my first time mountain biking… I took the single track and it really wasn’t that bad… I’ll be back, a lot… Great for beginners

Nice nature trail. I like the distance, not too long, not too short. The end of the trail is worth it for the nice view!

Read my blog post on thecaptainandhislady.com :)

Great trail.

road biking
7 months ago

This is a great trail. Similar to the Paint Creek Trial and Polly Ann Trail except it is all paved. Perfect for biking.

The orange loop was great, very beautiful!

Excellent trail system right in my own backyard. Love the orange loop, especially. Layout is perfect for hiking, biking, and cross country skiing. The paddling is incredible here too.

trail running
8 months ago

Ran the trail from Woodstock to Hickson on Feb 25th. Most of the trail was clear but there were still some portions with deeper snow and water covered ice that required careful navigation.

Amazing job in opening up the north part of the trail!

Took the roads back on the return trip as the winds were picking up and the chance of tree limbs breaking down was starting to unnerve me.

This is one of the nicer trails in the area and on this particular day I didn’t see one other person.

Great trail. Loop 1-6 was 3.5 miles. Mostly snow covered, some areas were muddy.

It is now a finished trail that allows a person to hike or bike to Woodstock.
There is one thing in the description of the trail that is incorrect. HORSES ARE NOT ALLOWED on the trail.

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