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Beautiful hike. We did this last March. Glad we hiked in water shoes and shorts, as a good stretch of it we hiked right in the creek. Loved all the elk in the area.

This is a beautiful trail along the beautiful Oregon coast - definitely worth your time. The trail itself is narrow - not difficult but if it had been raining within the last few days the mud will make it difficult and a little risky to traverse if you don’t have good balance. Also, I’ll say that while there are markers on the trail, they are very easy to miss and with so many offshoots of the trail that lead to great viewpoints that you will want to take, I can see people getting lost easily. Pay close attention or download the offline map. Finally, while this listing states it’s great March through October I would recommend late March if March at all - while it’s beautiful in winter there is a lot of leafless trees that in certain would make the trail even more breathtaking if viewed when spring has sprung. April through October would be the best time to partake IMO.

If you are in Northern California, this is a MUST. A very easy but extremely beautiful and magical experience. You will feel like you're in Jurassic Park. If going in the Spring, may want to consider wear waterproof boots! Your feet will surely get a tad or two wet.

1 month ago

This is where part of Star Wars was filled. Felt like an alien planet. Beautiful and mysterious.
Saw many bull elk while hiking. Not to be messed with.
Loved the place.

Saw tons of elk. Nice easy hike.

Although I'm a much bigger fan of moderate / hard rated trails, this trail will always be a true favorite. It is most definitely an easy trail so it's perfect for anyone! Thankfully even my baby sister agrees to "hike" this trail with me, which makes for wonderful family exploring time.

And there's truly nothing more majestic! You drive through groves of trees, along the ocean, park, and walk up to the canyon's grand entrance - see the pictures I've uploaded if you don't believe me!

You hike through the entirety of the canyon of ferns, up and out through more groves of trees, and back down to the entrance of the canyon before retreating to your vehicle. Although it's short, you can spend as much time as you want in the canyon, which is always my preference.

If you want a hike that's simple and allows time for reflection, then this hike is perfect for you and your loved ones.

Great quick and easy hike to a beautiful waterfall. Stopped on the way to Crater Lake and it was totally worth it. Check out video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcRCOVhdvhI

Visited this waterfall twice. Once in March 2017 and again in October 2017. In March, the trail was completely snowed over. We made our own trail, post-holing through the snow (we didn’t expect snow, thus we neglected to bring snowshoes). It was an absolutely beautiful sight. When we visited the waterfall in October, it was just as impressive but easier to access. I recommend visiting this waterfall and Lemolo Falls during the same visit as they are close to each other.

1 month ago

Heavily trafficked trail. Family friendly and pet friendly. Well marked and easy to find. If you make the drive all this way, I recommend visiting some of the other waterfalls along Hwy 138. Clearwater Falls and Whitehorse Falls are along side the road and do not require any hiking to see them. Watson Falls (the 3rd tallest waterfall in Oregon) is about 2-3 miles round trip. Umpqua Hot Springs is also proximal, but be prepared for nudity if you decide to stop by.

1 month ago

One of my favorite waterfalls off of Little River Road. The trail head can be difficult to find if you have never been there before. The trail head is across the road from Lake in the Woods. You will see a sign designating a hiking area but there is nothing that specifically states you are at the Yakso Falls trailhead.

I highly recommend doing Hemlock Falls while you’re here. The Hemlock Falls trail can be accessed from the Lake in the Woods campground.

Fun and short hike. Best in the summer time! So you can play in the falls

2 months ago

One of the best waterfalls I've been to but very heavily trafficked. If you are feeling adventures you can go off the trail and climb down some steep rocks to the bottom of the waterfall. Since it's such a short hike you might as well take advantage of the Umpqua hot springs a few miles down the road after.

Going south on the Oregon Coast trail from the Thunder Rock Cove pullout,the trail goes through forrest.At Natural Bridges there is a nice view.Continuing south it comes to open area above a cove.Further south the trail goes to another view area before dropping down to beautiful China Beach.

Going north from the Natural Bridge parking area the Oregon Coast trail goes through forrest,reaching the Thunder Rock Cove parking area shortly.In that stretch a side trail goes down to a view.

From the Natural Bridge viewpoint,the Oregon Coast trail continues south through forrest,then a opening above a cove.More trees and another parking area/viewpoint.South of that viewpoint area the Oregon Coast trail goes down to the north end of beautiful China Beach.

The Oregon Coast trail goes north(and south)from the Thunder Rock pull off.Going north the trail forks.Either way will go to Secret Beach,but going left at that fork goes down to Thunder Rock Cove and some very beautiful views before it rejoins and goes north to Secret Beach and other points to the north.

This is a fun little loop. If you don’t want to get super wet, you can ninja your way thru most of it without having to get too deep...but, there are a few points where you really just have to go for it. Waterproof boots, above the ankles for those who aren’t into getting wet. My wife and I loved this one. Stop often and take in your surroundings. It’s likely you’ve never seen anything like it before.

2 months ago

Beautiful and easy stroll to the view point! Dog friendly, and our pup loved it!

Was beautiful , steep for this old lady and slippery. Worth the trek!

2 months ago

Heavily trafficked, yet easy trail. Did this trail early November, 2017. The view of the falls is gorgeous. We went off trail and climbed down (not recommended, but very amazing). Steep scramble down the side of the rock. Big safety risk.

There was lot of water when we had been there. Since it rained a lot a day before we went there. There were about 3 water streams which our car had to pass to get to the fern canyon trailhead. Since our car was not SUV, we decided to park right before the first stream and walk one more mile before reaching the actual trailhead. Fern canyon was pretty amazing, we walked to the end of the trail in the water running like river. It was so much fun!! If anyone is visiting it in recent 2 days, don't try to save your shoes, no matter what you are going to get wet! :)

Absolutely beautiful

4 months ago

Beautiful canyon to see Maiden Hair Ferns that require hiking up a shallow river. This is a very short trail so continue on to one of the connecting trails for a longer hike is a must!

Check for park closures and road closures before you arrive. Tried to drive up after the rain today for a day hike in Fern Canyon and the 4.0 mi steep and windy dirt road looked very slippery and muddy and washed out. Campground and trail to Gold bluff beach said closed. We decided to turn back rather than get stuck.

I'll have to do this one again. I couldn't figure out the trail. I saw that it's the one to the right of the parking lot, but then it just brings you to another parking lot. I saw a turn and it didn't look like it went anywhere. So I didn't get to see too many views. But what I got to see was still beautiful.

short easy hike to a great little beach. loved it

4 months ago

What a great hike. even though we got wet. It rained the day before so had some waterfalls flowing.

4 months ago

This place is so beautiful.. easy trail and worth every minute. The waterfall is breathtaking.

Love this hike. Good place to take dogs. Fabulous photos.

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