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Yes absolutely should you rent a bike, and I command you to rent it from Stretch, the gentle giant with plush spirit animals tied to his bikes for half the price of the competitors. No, you do not need no stinking map, it will be obvious where to go, there's smoke. You will want to mark the location of your bike on your map though, as you'll be hiking back to it in pitch darkness, unless there's something wrong with you and you don't want to see lava in the dark. You want to see it in the dark. From the bike ditch point we hiked about 2 miles to the north east towards the slopes, there was no flow into the ocean that day. After your hike at dusk over crispity crunchy newly formed earth, you will come upon an the active area, active with lava and active with people. At this point you will start to notice many people freaking out as they realize their feet are burning. This should alarm you, especially if you're wearing Converse Chuck Taylor's (humanity's greatest hiking shoe), as you soon become aware that your feet are practically on fire because you just ran right up to lava and locked eyes with it, unable to look away. There is a simple trick: Move to a cooler rock. Yes, there are cool rocks right next to the hot ones, they are typically the ones that don't look like there's a BBQ underneath them. Another trick for not dying: try to stay upwind of the lava. Death tends to occur when one is standing near the lava, it begins to rain, and POOF! a beautiful hot cloud of sulfurous death envelopes you! Now that's what I call fun. Certainly someone has died trying to cook a hot dog over the stuff. Some people deserve it, hot dogs are bad news. Be sure to have fresh batteries in your headlamp, the hike back to your bike will take longer since you're not racing towards sexy magma in the daylight, you're stumbling around in the dark and giggling. Stretch had already closed up by the time we got back, but we ran into him the next day and he was thankful we put the bikes away under the tarp. What a guy. Thank you Stretch. Thank you Pele.

5 days ago

This was amazing.. if you go deep and explore the caves you get the full experience. Bring a headlamp and hiking boots..you will get wet

I'm sure this is a beautiful trail, but I also don't want to get abducted while trying to see it.

I was about to begin the trail with my mom, when a car pulled over by where I was parked and the two locals inside kindly advised us against it. The man told us that a young man had been abducted in the last few weeks while hiking this trail, and although the views were lovely, that it was the type of area where people could hide and catch you if you weren't well-guarded. He mentioned that a group or burly-looking guy could probably manage, but not two ladies. Shame to be a woman at times like these.

Paying it forward - hopefully no one else gets hurt here.

road biking
14 days ago

Wow! Amazing! We biked to see the lava flow into the ocean. Be sure you lock your bike and hike inland to see the surface lava flow if possible! Dangerous but I you’ll never see something like this somewhere else...

We hiked (walked a gravel road) to the US Park boundary and then another 2 hours up towards the mountain and found a small area of lava. The lava fields are expansive and deceptive in size. 6 hours roundtrip with 20 min oooh and ahhh.

Awesome cave
Go down on the left cave. Under the. Platform, you can go on for. Several mete (almost 1 km)
Make sure ti bring a flash light

A short and well maintained trail, cool to see the lava tube. But there were so many tour buses pulling up every moment that there was basically a line to get through and everyone was moving very slowly and taking up the whole path with their selfie sticks.

Short, easy, crowded. But pretty cool looking and especially interesting geologically

Really pretty, hot and sunny though. But way too many people out on the trails in trucks and jeeps.

Short and easy. Many water puddles in cave. Prepare to get your feet wet.

Amazing hike. Like everyone says the book end up and downs are killer. We day hiked it so we parked down at the beach to eliminate the extra road trip to the trail head. Do not, do not follow this maps route to the falls! Once at the beach at Waimanu go past #10 campsite and follow the edge of the valley in to the falls. About a mile. It is sparsely marked with pink ribbons. Well worth the effort.

A short but beautiful walk! The tubes were cool but I wished it was longer. It took about 2 minutes to walk through the tubes and the rest of the trail took about 10 minutes.

Beautiful walk to a gorgeous green sand beach. The dirt road is grass on one side and rocky/ lava rock coast on the other. There are tide pools along the way with intense green sand and the payoff of great swimming at the larger green sand beach. Not a hike as much as a walk. Well worth the trip. The walk in took about an hour

Very hot and rocky hike. Landscape is a study in contrasts - wind swept grassy plain meets desert-like trails meets rugged ocean coast. Beach is at the bottom of a steep cliff but there are paths to help you down and up. Sand is truly green. Amazing view.

2 months ago

This is an incredible cave. As mentioned below, there is access to the left and right of the entrance.

To the left it is about a 15 minute walk to the openings at the end. No real views on top that I could see, just jungle, but it's still pretty cool. At the beginning the cave appears to end, but keep going through the 4-5 ft opening and it really opens up. Four of us went the entire way with our cell phone lights no problem. Good flashlights would have been nice though. You definitely want closed+toed shoes.

To the right, is much like the left side but from what I've read goes on for nearly two miles of accessible cave.

2 months ago

A little muddy and overgrown. Some lookouts aren’t solid ground so look before stepping. Beautiful at the top!

2 months ago

Rode bikes first segment in then hiked. Came back in total darkness. Lava field is amazing at sunset and the lava flows and cracks are amazing.

On a cool & breezy day, it's an awesome hike with amazing ocean views; on a hot & sticky day, it's a bit of a dusty slog. Go early and bring lots of water!

So fun! Make sure to bring headlamps/flashlights and wear sturdy shoes. The cave on the right is long and meandering. The cave on the left is short and has 2 skylights; at the second one you can climb up to the surface, but you must return back thru the cave to the exit. At times, the floor can be rough/uneven, you will have to scramble over boulders, and you may have to squat low (no need to get on your hands and knees though). There is also some dripping water and puddles. Sad to see the walls have lots of graffiti on them (mostly the cave on the right). It is like the “high adventure” version of Thurston Lava Tube. It is definitely underrated, but that is great because it keeps the crowds away.

This hike is actually 5.75 miles fr the parking lot before becoming a dirt road only usable by 4x4s and atvs. The area is beautiful but in all honesty the sand doesn’t even look green. I followed the advice in a previous review and found sand that looked greener about a mile from the beach near the ocean. It wasn’t the hike I had hoped for but we made the best of it. It was really busy and crowded.

Loved it a must see!

Trail is a wide dirt road, mostly flat. Better at sunset or dawn cause the flowing lava will be more noticeably. It took us 1,5h each way, 3h total. there is no shade in the way, I would recommend to do it on a cloudy day. There are bike rentals at the beginning of the trail that you can rent instead of walking.

A nice, relatively easy hike. Deceptively hot, given how windy it is. The green sand beach and bay are beautiful and it’s a great spot to swim. Pretty heavily trafficked, including by cars (which are supposed to be banned).

Very cool hike. The route itself is consistent with a great view. The destination is definitely worth it. Amazing water color.

Coast line trail that is more nature walk than hike. That is, until the end. There are no doubts when you arrive at the beach. There are a couple of picnic benches at the top and some wood stairs down. We'd recommend bringing a snack and some swim trunks to enjoy the beach

Bring lots of water, no shade.

4 months ago

Short, boring

It was a great hike when raining because it wasn't too hot!

Although the destination is indeed breathtaking, the hike to and from just flat out isn’t. It’s merely hot, dusty, and littered with garbage that has either washed up on shore or is left by people making their way to the green sand beach. For these reasons, the hike is far from pleasurable and becomes quite the chore on the way back to the parking lot.

Avoid the lackluster hike by enlisting the help of a local and their 4x4. Or just drive it yourself in your rental Jeep (no signage as far as I could see citing any regulation preventing you from doing just that). Either way, save the energy for another more beautiful hike or for swimming at the green sand beach.

If you still decide to hoof it, I’d suggest AT LEAST 4L water per person on the typical 85-90 degree F day. Sunscreen is an absolute must-have, as there is ZERO shade.

5 months ago

Not a hike, to be honest - the Maui's road to Hana had a better lava tube. It's not as interesting it would seem at all. Definitely, don't go there just for the lava tube.

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