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12 hours ago

I am giving 4 Stars because we have only been on BI for a week and this was our first hike. It might actually be a 5-star trail. We love that it is dog-friendly, 15 minutes from town, and a totally different landscape than Kona. We only did the short trail, but will be back to do a longer hike soon.

3 days ago

Beautiful trail!! You may have to stop from time to time just to take in the views.

4 days ago

A family friendly hike, super easy walk. Very lush and green, waterfall is breath taking.

6 days ago

Short and beautiful. No rain .

You can make this trail quite a bit longer by taking offshoots. Beautiful surroundings and quiet. The loop back up is a bit of a workout.

8 days ago

Excellent trail with beautiful surroundings

Gorgeous Flowers.

Just what we needed to escape the 90+ degree heat! Temp dropped by 20 pts on the drive up from Kona. The trail was lush, beautiful and a bit slick in places. Don’t wear sandals,

was muddy from the rain today but still a good time.

15 days ago

Amazing views

16 days ago

Beautiful! Very short trail. Might become difficult if it rains.

This place is everything you picture Hawaii to look, smell, and feel like! I’m in shape and a regular hiker, but that hill was very challenging up and down; however, it’s very beautiful and absolutely worth it. Down in the valley is peaceful and gorgeous. Go left at the bottom of the hill for great views of Hi’ilawe Falls at the back of the valley. Do not trespass on anyone’s property, especially the trail that leads to the falls. Come back and take the other fork to the black sand beach. Road down and beach are accessible by foot and 4WD ONLY, but if you want to go down to the far end of the beach, come at low tide so you can cross the freshwater stream by foot. No cars are allowed to ford the stream. Look for 2 waterfalls pouring into the sea, within view of the beach, one on either side. PRO TIP: get there early as day use parking is limited, have suitable footwear, and be prepared for spontaneous downpours!

Great experience- the trail is more of a road, but we hiked down- out to as close to the falls as we could and then back to the beach- over all wonderful- great views and people- would do it again!!

This is the second time I’ve done this hike. It’s very steep going down from the lookout and a lung buster going back up, but it’s a great workout! The valley floor is beautiful territory for exploring with lush tropical forest, a river that meets the sea, and black sand beach. Some drive keeps down, which is a good way to go if you want more time and energy on the coast.
We hiked Pololu Valley that morning and drove over to do Waipi’o in the late afternoon. Then hit Waimea for dinner!

23 days ago

This is not a real long hike, about a mile or so up and down. It offers stunning scenery and places to wander, sit, and contemplate the beauty of nature. Much of the valley floor is off-limits, but one can wander the black sand beach and coastal trails. My wife discovered a swing hanging from a tree in the woods. She was delighted to use it for a moment. Best time to go is early morning as there is very limited parking. Also, be forewarned that the trail can be very slippery.
We wandered the shops in Kapa’au and Hawi, had lunch, then hiked Waipi’o Valley (about an hour from Hawi) in the afternoon around 2:30 as many people were beginning to leave there.

I had a blast hiking this trail! The hike back up the steep incline was definitely the hardest part. This trail does not allow you to get close to the waterfalls. Myself and some of the other hikers I spoke to were unsure of how close the trail could actually get to the falls. Still beautiful views tho! Much of Waipio Valley is private property, with gates and No Trespassing signs blocking off much of the valley. If you follow the much longer trail into Waimanu Valley (which I did not do this time around) you can explore the whole valley and get right up next to the falls.

I walked about a mile of the trail from Waipio to Waimanu and turned around as it was getting late and I did not have a camping permit. This consisted of about a quarter mile up very steep narrow staircase, some amazing views from the other side of Waipio Valley, a beautiful walk through the woods, and three small waterfalls. From the little that I experienced I definitely want to go back and do the whole trek to Waimanu!

One thing to note is if you do want to hike to Waimanu or to the other side of the Waipio Valley, you have to cross a river, maybe 10 feet across? On the way there, the water level of the river was at my hip level and a couple hours later in the evening the water level was up to my chest. So be prepared... You will get wet! :P Well worth it tho!

on Akaka Falls Trail

25 days ago

well maintained path to the fall. great views on you way and at the fall. worth a trip.
often overcast and rainy though
gives you a rainforest feeling

on Rainbow Falls Trail

25 days ago

Quick and Easy walk with nice view of the fall and surrounding

on Pololu Trail

25 days ago

Magical place! Mana-mana!

1 month ago

1 month ago

5/27/2018-This was a nice place to visit and easy to walk through. It was overcast and rained on us towards the end but it was awesome. Parking in the lot is $5.00 and admission is waived for Hawai’i residents with driver’s license.

1 month ago

Gorgeous. Be prepared for drastic weather changes even though the hike is no longer than 30 mins! Our family had a lot of fun on the rope swing near the beaches.

This is a quick and easy loop on a paved trail. Once you hit the junction you can either go left or right, doesn’t matter. Left is directly to the falls. The falls are monstrous!

Not hike - just a lookout point. You’ll see the beautiful rainbows if you arrive in the morning, when the sun is behind you.

1 month ago

Breathtaking view! It’s a short hike, and well worth it.

Not a difficult hike. We had a four year old hiking with us and he hiked the whole trail. Just need to be cautious when it has rained because the trail gets very muddy in areas and can be very slippery.

Dodging trees on uneven ground the entire trail. Petroglyphs are the saving feature.

Lagoon is a little cold but refreshing after the hike. lots of sea turtles basking.

Our absolutely favorite place on the big island.

Great hike. Must do. One of our favorite hikes. Great camping spots at the bottom as well.

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