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2 days ago

Beautiful views, easy hike with kids!

3 days ago

pretty nice little hike, wouldn't recommend on a wet day. awesome scenery

Great hike going was easy and the snorkeling was amazing. Cool remains of an old village and lots of wildlife. Saw a school of Dolphins really close to shore.
The hike back up was a little strenuous but totally worth it.

Excellent snorkeling ! Easy to go down but a little more challenging on the way back since it’s 100% uphill (on the way back) and very humid at this time of the year. I would give a 4 for the hike and a 5 for the snorkeling.

Enjoyable loop. Lots to see, so nobody complained about the climb coming out.

The way down with proper shoes is fine. The snorkeling spot is fantastic even saw some dolphins. That being said we are pretty experienced hikers. We brought in 2.5L hydration packs and ate some granola bars down by the bay. I'm not sure if having a wet bathing suit on under our clothes or maybe dried salt on our skin, or even the Vog conditions, but I got really bad heat exhaustion on the hike back. You are basically walking up stairs that are made from loose gravel for about 1.5miles with no coverage whatsoever. The sun is just beating down on you and the UV index is considered extreme. We saw multiple people on the way back up in the same boat. Do not attempt the hike back up, during July/Aug btwn 12 and 3pm. I really can not stress this enough.

We were not dehydrated, we had plenty of water with us and we still experienced severe heat exhaustion. It took us 45mins to get down and over 90mins to get back out. There were a few trees around markers 5 and 4, they barely had any shade and they are covered in fire ants so you can't sit or lean. I honestly felt like we were in the hunger games and everything was trying to kill us. Again I'm from Florida and I live and hike in Colorado. I'm used to heat and high humidity. I hike in Colorado at much higher elevations and we are both in shape. We had done 6 other hikes in the past 3 weeks on Oahu and Kuawai that were double the distance and elevation gain with no issues. Be very careful attempting this hike in these conditions.

15 days ago

When you see pictures of Hawaii that aren’t just from beach resorts, this is what you think of. The black sand beach is spectacular and the hike is a fun in/out with the option to extend a little. If you can, plan to get in the water. Few places on earth as wholesome as being in the ocean on this beach

18 days ago

Enjoyable trail to visit and easily accessible -

20 days ago

Really nicely maintained trail with paved paths through lush and beautiful rainforest. It was a short trail, but I think it's a must-do if you're visiting Hawaii. You can only see the falls from a distance though, so don't expect to get too close... You won't get wet.

Cool if you've never seen a lava tube before.

27 days ago

Beautiful trail!! You may have to stop from time to time just to take in the views.

This was a great snorkeling stop, but the hike proved to be challenging with the loose rock and uneven terrain. Bring lots of water!

29 days ago

A family friendly hike, super easy walk. Very lush and green, waterfall is breath taking.

off road driving
30 days ago

My husband and I took our rental Jeep out to the green sand beach. It was the last day of our honeymoon and I have to say it was my favorite part of the trip! We didn’t hike the trail but we highly recommend you get a vehicle with 4WD and drive out there. Beware - it’s a BUMPY ride! But so worth it. The whole drive is along the coastline and is absolutely gorgeous. When you get to the beach itself you will be amazed. There are beautiful cliffs and you can go in the very warm water. Give yourself at least a half day so you have time to get there and back and to really enjoy the beach and go in the water. Honestly so beautiful and a spectacular memory that I will hold near and dear to me!

1 month ago

Short and beautiful. No rain .

Not for the faint of the heart. We are from Denver and hike weekly and I would say moderate is a good description but be ready to get your heart rate up on the incline back up. Our gps says the hike is over 2 miles each way. Bring water and snacks. View at the bottoms is gorgeous and the water is pristine. We saw lots of fish, a sea turtle and an eel. We managed to arrive in between boat tours so it wasn’t crowded. Best on an overcast day or early. I wouldn’t recommend this inexperienced hikers or be prepared to take it slow. Also wear appropriate shoes, lots of loose rock.

Definitely a “moderate” grade hike. Took 40 minutes down to the monument. First third is hard packed dirt, several places of good shade. Middle third gets steeper, mostly rock base and less shade spots. The final third is steepest and is mostly loose rock except the last tenth of a mile. Not much scenery until the final third. No water at the monument so pack enough for the hike back out. Long sleeves were very helpful when hiking through the tall grass areas. The snorkeling was excellent. Best spot is right off the jetty in front of the monument. Tons of sea urchins to the right so go straight off and on. There is a ladder to help you exit.

The snorkeling at the bottom was awesome! Didn’t see any dolphins or turtles, but the reef had lots of pretty fish. I definitely recommend going as early as you can, because the way back up is even more strenuous when it is hot out. With snorkeling included it took us about 4 hours.

we listened to advice and went first thing in the morning. best time by far. even on the way back at 1030am it was starting to get too hot. it was a fun trek and a great beach to see. going at 8am kept tourists and heat down which made it a great hike. sad to see so much plastic that's come from the ocean, but still a must do.

It was windy enough to stay cool but not so windy as to throw sand at you...worth the walk out especially if you meet some new people to walk with.

was muddy from the rain today but still a good time.

1 month ago

Amazing views

1 month ago

Beautiful! Very short trail. Might become difficult if it rains.

1 month ago

This is not a real long hike, about a mile or so up and down. It offers stunning scenery and places to wander, sit, and contemplate the beauty of nature. Much of the valley floor is off-limits, but one can wander the black sand beach and coastal trails. My wife discovered a swing hanging from a tree in the woods. She was delighted to use it for a moment. Best time to go is early morning as there is very limited parking. Also, be forewarned that the trail can be very slippery.
We wandered the shops in Kapa’au and Hawi, had lunch, then hiked Waipi’o Valley (about an hour from Hawi) in the afternoon around 2:30 as many people were beginning to leave there.

on Akaka Falls Trail

1 month ago

well maintained path to the fall. great views on you way and at the fall. worth a trip.
often overcast and rainy though
gives you a rainforest feeling

on Pololu Trail

1 month ago

Magical place! Mana-mana!

Great spot, keep your eyes on the trail hiking down loose rocks and gravel, you might miss a step. Close shoe's highly recommend, getting down before you go to the monument take right and you will find one if the famous benches and an amazing view. Snorkeling is great although there was a lot of people in kayaks and not all respect the reef. Save the water for the way up, I'm not in bad shape and can tell was challenging with some stops to catch my breath.
Overall, do it!

1 month ago

I can not recommend this hike. It is overrun with tourists and off-roaders who want to see Papakolea, or the green sand beach. This area suffers from neglect and exploitation. There are dozens of dusty roads rutted as deeply as six feet. Locals will drive you to the beach, about 3 miles away, in battered pickups for $20. The degradation of the terrain is depressing. The shoreline is glorious, but along many beaches heaps of plastic debris has piled up. It’s a sad site. The beach itself is beautiful and a unique site to behold. Thus the attraction.
If you go, go early to beat the crowds. It can be a hot, dry, dusty, and windy hike, so prepare accordingly. Leave the green sand behind.

Great hike and views. The hike back is not for anyone with physical limitations. I would say it was difficult but I might just not be used to the altitude.

1 month ago

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