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Big bend 2017 Map
10 days ago

Beautiful views all the way up as the sun rises through the early morning. The views from the top offer long distance vistas as well as much closer interesting geological shapes. The volume of trees growing in the shaded canyon to the east of the very top trail was an interesting surprise.

on Lost Mine Trail

11 days ago

Beautiful trail with open, unobstructed views. Trail well maintained even with heavy foot traffic .

13 days ago

Start before sunrise for amazing views.

20 days ago

started hike at 7.30 p.m. reached the chimney just as sun went behind the mountain . cactus was blooming and scenery lovely with the sun low on horizon. trail easy to follow by starlight. did not need headlamps until last .5 mile.

Amazing views. My favorite part of the hike was the nice beach in the shade. Cool boulders along the way too.

We hiked this trail right after completing Devil's Den and the canyon walls were worth it.

Really well designed building at the fossil exhibit.

Hot/exposed at first but leads into a wooded area with lots of shade!

25 days ago

Absolutely breathtaking. The drive up to Santa Elena canyon is amazing and once you park and start walking towards the canyon, your jaw just drops at the sheer majesty of it. Definitely a Big Bend must see/do hike.

It’s a great hike great views!

Just a beautiful view of the Rio Grande river flowing through the canyon. One of my favorite parts of Big Bend NP.

28 days ago

This trail was very well maintained and marked. The views were very nice especially about a third of the way up. But the best view was at the top. We were in no rush to come down.

1 month ago

Best moderate trail in Big Bend National Park. Great views from the top. Limited parking at TH. In peak season, lot fills up early (an hour after sunrise). We did the hike on 3/24/18.

A wonderful family hike to Balanced Rock. Kids between ages 4-10 all successfully completed the hike. The gravel road to the trailhead was a little rough the last few miles. Big family fun!!!

Fantastic trail with great views!

This was a fun hike for the kids. Lots of big rocks to climb over. Started to get a little warm in the afternoon sun but that is to be expected

Nice walk to introduce you to the plant life you will see around Big Bend.

My family loved this hike! The climb up to balanced rock was a highlight for them.

Not really a hike. Just a walk to a sign where you can’t really even see the river. The landscape is beautiful but was hoping to see the river.

Beautiful hike! The whole family loved this one.

This was a great hike and our kids (6 and 9 years old) loved running through the canyon. We decided to hike up and out of the canyon at the end rather than backtrack. The rock was a little loose but we all made it up to the road without incident.

Perfect hike to start our time in Big Bend with. Upon reaching the end we went barefoot and walked up the river until we reached the first bend in the canyon. That probably added another mile to our hike. River was shallow (no deeper than 3 feet) and slow but did become rocky the further we pushed. Definitely be aware of weather conditions and be careful wading if you choose to go barefoot. Views in the river and around the bend are awesome, and really made the trail worthwhile!

1 month ago

This is a phenomenal trail. The view at the top and along the way is awesome. Parking is limited so go in the morning. Also there's almost no shade so go early to avoid overheating.

1 month ago

I was nervous before doing this and reading all reviews. I am a 30 year old that is a smoker and overweight and haven’t worked out in months. I did this trail had to stop a few times but other than that an overweight smoker can definitely do it! Totally worth it! Lots of stopping points to enjoy views. The best one is definitely from the top!

We are new to the hiking game and a little out of shape in our late 40’s so it was hard on the legs trying to keep up with the teens. That said the views were stunning!

on Pine Canyon Trail

1 month ago

Lovely canyon. Green oasis in the desert. Few visitors. Bear present.

1 month ago

Great family hike. On the trail at 8:30am. 8-10 year olds all made it without complaints. 3 hours round trip. Big fun!!!

This trail was absolutely gorgeous! A short hike, but absolutely beautiful.

Enjoyable enough..a little too crowded for my taste, but worth enjoying the hot spring :)

1 month ago

Slightly challenging, awesome views at the top. Worth every second.

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