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Wonderful hike! Just enough water to make the crossings interesting and challenging.

Very cool trail that takes down into the canyon along the Rio Grande. The rock faces are amazing when you get down to the river and into the canyon. Nice hike!

Very nice trail. It is well maintained and beautifully constructed. The views at the top are magnificent!

19 days ago

Fun trail and beautiful views

Go at dusk. The sunset is majestic. Hiking back in the dark is good fun!

Very good hike. Stream running enough to make getting to end both wet and enjoyable.

You can string multiple loop variations onto the South Rim - you can't go wrong. This is still one of my favorite hikes out there, gazing hundreds of miles across Texas and Mexico. Be sure to start very early and keep a good pace so you are done before the afternoon heat sets in. Carry at minimum 4-5 litres of water, if not more. Keep in mind, this is the desert. Hydration and sunscreen is key! Watch out for rattlers, too.

Great views!!! Worth it even if it's drizzling and muddy.

Tons of fun and amazing views! I had to wade through the river at the very beginning to get to the incline, and then the canyon itself was so beautiful.

Interesting when getting close to the Window, but the first few (and last few) miles can get really hot and feel pretty long.

Absolutely gorgeous view from the top. Super worth it!

Short easy trail, beautiful rock formations!

Beautiful hike! Bears are sited!

Moderate difficulty but exquisite views. Backpack in for solitude when the day hikers have returned to the basin.

on Lost Mine Trail

1 month ago

Gorgeous view

on The Window Trail

1 month ago

It’s was a really fun trail to explore. Beautiful scenery.

Careful this hike is very hard but very rewarding. The views at the top are spectacular. Barely saw anyone else on the trail when we went. Little shade and we ran out of water near the end of the trip. Make sure you pack sunblock, hat, water, snacks, lunch.

1 month ago

Amazing views. Great trail

1 month ago

Nice trail leading to the canyon but very hot with limited shade.

Didn't get to complete the trail due to high level of water, but the canyon was pretty. It was also pretty hot even when going early in the morning.

1 month ago

Good trail with great views. Also saw a black bear from a distance, but it didn't get close.

Magnificent views, and a good chance to see a black bear.

1 month ago

A good decent workout with great views! Saw a black bear sow and cubs. Signs of Moutain lion. Clouds swirling around Casa Grande at sunset were sublime.

Incredible hike. Great for morning. Make sure to wear good footwear and be aware that you may get wet!

1 month ago

Today was my second time attempting this hike. Last year, I hiked it at the beginning of August and it was about 72 degrees. It was breezy, so it was bearable! Amazing views the entire way. The top was the best part. Today we encountered a lot of clouds/ mist, so we only went up to the mile mark. However, just before we got onto the trail, we came face to face with a bear just past the parking lot. Due to the excessive rain/ time of year, the bears are more active (an abundance of berries etc)! One of the best hikes in the park!

1 month ago

This is a crazy amazing place. The end.

Good trail - sat at edge of window - was dry at that time

Too much cloud and fog - I need to try it on a clear day

Good views of Pine Valley Canyon and waterfall

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