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This hike was not too difficult. My wife and I are both in our sixties and found the level of activity just right. Beautiful meadow at the top of the loop.

The trail itself was mostly sand and gravel so you were not constantly walking over rocks and uneven terrain.

Went here on a Friday afternoon, no one else was at Aztec falls, was beautiful and surreal. Very steep hike down to the falls; I basically sat down and scooted whole way down, and climbing up was a bit hard, had to find rocks and branches to pull up on. The falls were very worth it! While hiking on trail by bridge heard a noise, looked down to see a huge rattle snake less than a foot from me! We also saw other small snakea crossing the trail! Easily got to Splinters cabin parking area in Nissian Maxima! Beautiful, would highly recommend! Defiantly check out the waterfall, was the highlight of the hike! Very special when no one else is there! Was weary about some of the reviews stating that there was trash all over by the falls. There were a few cans but that's about it, still very beautiful. One of the best hikes in the area! Very much worth it.

This is a great trail, with lots of shade along most of the route and loads of beautiful vistas. Take a lunch and have a meal at Grand View Point before heading back down.

Great hike!!! But it’s Splinters trail to PCT. Legit 7 miles of uphill both ways.

Absolutely gorgeous lake. Only saw the ranger up by the lake on a Tuesday morning. the crossing in the beginning is a bit dangerous, but the trail is nice. Steep initially until you pass the castle rock then it is completely flat. MUST DO, lake is so beautiful.

good hike with great views from the peak. very steep near the top. my dog also liked it.

This trail is across from the Snow Valley Ski Resort. The TH is "Little Green Valley" TH. Can go either direction on this loop. Little steep in a few places, but "not on your butt stuff". Our loop was not "rocky". Fair amount shade, and at decent altitude - i.e. can do this hike when it's a bit warm out other places. There are better 4 star hikes around (like in Big Bear, or Deep Creek in Lake Arrowhead) in the area, This is an easier hike than Keller Peak. This is an easy hike. All the trails are in decent shape, including "connector trails" not visible on Garmin Base Camp or all trails. About 15% of the loop is on a somewhat attractive double track road. Lots of view points. A lot of bike tracks in the "Bike Park", but we saw no hikers or bikers while we were there. It's not a problem walking through the parking lot of the ski resort to get back to your car. The alternative is to do a little bush-wacking near the end to get back to the start, or walk on the side of the road (the car go fast by here).

This trail was awesome! i went with my friend we are both beginners and we had a great time jumping in the water is so cold and refreshing. It is a very short hike to get to the main pool we did not go up the whole trail we stopped at the main pool in the pictures and explored downstream a bit I recommend this for hikers age 2-adult I saw a 2 year old trooper there and some older crowds this hike is great for all ages just watch out for rocks and snakes. Also you need a parking pass but I think you purchase them in town somewhere? There was no office there to purchase them and there is no cell service.

Lovely trail. Fantastic views

The view is a valley..for such a harder trail. Shade and peaceful on the way though

15 days ago

Completed today, 4th July! Repeat to all reviews. Hot. Drank 3 Liters out. Wore good Light weight pants an sun shirt. Really help with all the thorns snags and biting things. One 4’ king snake. Great training hike.
Hike out no joke.

My son and I did Pine Knot Trail and really enjoyed it. The trail was well marked and the shaded. The views are amazing! It was a great way to start the 4th of July!

There is no place to park near the trail. You can maybe park at the ski resort down the street and cross the four lane highway but I decided to skip this trail and look for another trail with reasonable parking.

I chose to park where the pavement finally ends, and walked in. The road is too rocky for my car, and it’s not a far walk to the trail head. I would recommend going in the cooler months though, because we were surrounded by people who came just to hang out at the river and drink. However, once you continue past the bridge, and go about a mile or so, you’ll find yourself alone with nature again. The trail follows the river from high up on the canyon, but it eventually “ends” at the river, where the water is pooled up — and there’s a sign where you can read about a rare species of toad that lives there. If you do plan to go during the hot months, just remember to bring a hat and plenty of water and you’ll be fine!

Got dropped off at icehouse trailhead, picked up on lytle Creek Rd. Has some dangerous areas. Was very fun. no foot traffic at all until middle fork rd. total of 7 hrs 10 minutes.

Nice view at the top. Well marked trail and and fair amount of shade. We started the hike at 8 am on a Friday and saw about 20 people total during our hike. It took us about 1.5 hours up and 1 hr down. There is a campground about half way up with a vault toilet which was a pleasant surprise. The ascent was easy but I would say this trail was moderate due to the length which we clocked at over 7 miles. Would go again.

great hike. once you're at Grandview, beautiful view of the big bear valley.

This trail was really nice. A lot of switchbacks at the start but levels out towards the end. Really nice high elevation rocks and pines towards the lookout. Would absolutely do it again.

I did Bertha Peak about week or so ago for the first time, and it was a good hike up until you get to the climb for Bertha itself and then it becomes challenging. definitely a good workout and climb, and the view of the lake once you're up there is pretty badass. definitely recommended.

1 month ago

Nice trail the last 1/4 miles is pretty tuff worth the view though

Loved it. My app tells me I went 7.6 miles. Took over 4 hours. A little hard on the wife but she managed to pull through

Above tied stream crossing is some tricky screed. Too hot today for me

1 month ago

This is a very solid hike in the dry Southern California Mountains. We did the Exploration Trail from the TH near Hwy 18 going uphill one way to the intersection of Keller Peak Rd. and the Exploration Trail ending point . It was a car shuttle (one car at the bottom, and the other near "Children's Forest"). We then drove to the top of Keller peak for some additional views. Note - the road gets very narrow from Children's Forest to the top of Keller Peak, though worth doing once. Avoid the drive on weekends. The 3,500 ft drop-off to the southwest near the top is impressive in spots. We saw no hiking trails there independent of the paved road, i.e., if your hiking to the top, your on the paved roads from Children's Forest to the top pretty much. Your welcome to climb the final fire outlook station once your at Keller Peak if personal is there (they are usually there). Our hike was just 4 miles long with 1440 ft elevation gain one way. Nicely kept trail, nothing "ledgy", and hard to go wrong. More Mountain bikes than hikers though. Some variety in scenery. Note - to go from "Children's Forest" to the peak, there is no clear trails to avoid the road, at least on the southern side, and we were looking for them, regardless of tracks on alltrails.

I set out to do this hike as part of my training and exploration. I hiked out to Third Stream which is about 2.5 miles with my camping pack on. I rested there and explored the area a little before heading back. I cannot mark this trail complete yet because I have not made the saddle but I will be back. Lost of ladybugs in the Stone House area.

Amazing hike!!! We had to park 1.5 miles away since the road gets tough. Lots of sun but beautiful views ! We couldn't find he waterfall but had a great time nonetheless! Didn't see one hiker out there!

Beautiful view. Awesome hike. It look so perfect it looked fake or staged.

great hike the last 1/4 mile a killer

2 months ago

Good workout trail. Beautiful at the bottom with plenty of water and huge deep pools and waterfalls. Worth a visit. Trail is steep and slippery in places due to sand, but manageable if you take your time. We measured it at about 7/10 of a mile one way and about 900 feet of elevation loss to the bottom. That, of course, means 900 feet of gain hiking back out. Figure about 30 minutes going down and an hour or more going uphill. Take your time, rest when necessary and you will find it a moderate challenge. The trailhead is at the end of the dirt road that continues when the pavement ends. Probably 3-4 miles from Hiway 18. You'll know you are there when you get to the parking area with the "Fisherman" sign next to the beginning of the trail. The dirt road dead ends at this sign, so you know you are there.

very hard trail over grown shrubs and trees on trail .. you better be in good shape if you do this its a true but kicker .. last thought watch out for ticks i got one

Amazing, scenic, not hard, along the river, a very good hike

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