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One of my favorite big bear hikes. Done it in the summer, spring, fall and winter. Always great. Not super easy, but not very hard.
Great view at the top.

We did several trails this weekend. This and Bertha peak are pretty close to each other. I think this is harder than Bertha. It’s a pretty lengthy steep climb for about the second half going up. I got pretty winded. Still a great hike. I had done it once before and will do it again. Great view from the top.

We took a wrong turn and turned it into an 8.2 miler...but still I think 6.8 is short. I think it’s more like 7.5.
Great hike. Very easy until the last mile which is a very steep uphill climb on a fire road. Beautiful view from the top.
For me, even though it’s longer, it seemed easier than the Gray’s Peak trail.

Nice gradual ascent in the pines.Beautiful autumn colors.

Great hike with nice views at Grand View Point. A nice way to ease myself back into hiking!

8 days ago

Nice hike most of the way until the end where it becomes a very steep fire road. When you get to the top it is a very pretty view but not much room as if it covered with radio towers. Not quite the peaceful peak we had imagined. But there are some small trees so we hung the hammock and made the best of it watching a beautiful sunset.

Nice trail. Started at Serrano camp ground. There is a tunnel under the road to the trail head. Nice view over valley after first couple miles. last turn to peak steep rocky access road. view from top worth the climb.

Pleasantly surprised to see fall colored trees. Beautiful views. Started around 3pm so got caught up in the dark on the way back which made the hike even more fun. Not strenuous at all and Grand View was peaceful and grand. Highly recommended if your looking for a short beautiful hike.

15 days ago

Great trail, gorgeous views. Can be a bit difficult if you’re not used to the altitude, or a bit out of shape.

It’s a bit difficult for new players and you need good hiking shoes. The trail has clear signs showing right direction. The view is beautiful and different during the trail. It took like 4 hours to out and back.

17 days ago

Great hike. Not too difficult. Perfect day and great trail.

This is a strong hike, including the lower loop option in my track. The eastern leg of the loop (Pine Knot Trail) has no double track, while "my" western leg of the loop is about 50% good double track. The things that make the "western leg" of the loop strong are the following: the single track portions are really great and the trail making very imaginative for both hikers and bikers. The best lake views were from the "western leg" of the loop. Also note that the Alltrails suggested track as of this date does not go all the way to Grandview Point. The view at the point is one of the best views of the Santa Ana River Valley that I know of.

20 days ago

Great hike - well maintained and generally well marked trail (tho the All Trails app was definitively helpful); gorgeous views along the way, nice diversity of plants trees rocks and bushes. We had a bald eagle soaring above us for a while which was awesome. Took us 2 hrs to the top and maybe 1:40 back. Nice mix of sun and shade for us. You need an Adventure Pass to park which costs $5 and is available just a mile up the road at the Fawnskin Market. Highly recommended hike.

Hiked in mid October. It was raining and cold but overall hike was great. We only made it to the creek before heading back up about 7 miles there and back. It's all uphill with no breaks on the way back. Saw lots of evidence of bears but didn't encounter any thank goodness. So be prepared for that. It's a beautiful hike over all.

1 month ago

Very pretty path, easy to follow and frequently marked with blue diamonds. Trail had plenty of shade yet was open so you could see clearly. The marked section stops short of grand view point - it ends where the seven oaks and skyline trails intersect. Continue the extra 1/4-mile:m to the view point itself. The trail was relatively busy with hikers and bikers, but you can also drive up there and several of the people we met had actually done so. You need to display an adventure pass while irked at the trail head. We measured the path at just over 7 miles (including the 1/2-mile out and back to grand view) and it took as about 3 hrs, 40 mins

1 month ago

A mostly mellow hike to one of the smaller peaks near Big Bear. Lots of trees. Trail is well maintained. The best panoramic views are actually to the west / north on the final mile or so to the peak. An Adventure Pass is required to park at the trail-head.

on Grays Peak Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Not very shady. Can be quite hot during midday. We went in the late afternoon. A good option to consider.

Excellent trail to see the fall colors. Worth it to the top for the view of the valley below and mountain range. Lots of cyclists. Can get very crowded and noisy though. Bring plenty of water and a map as the trail forks several times.

1 month ago

Started this trail at 8 am on a Thursday and had it to myself! It wasn’t an extremely steep trail with lots of ups and downs with a super nice views at the end!

on Crafts Peak Trail

1 month ago

The access to this trail is either through a campground, which you have to park outside of and walk through to get to the trailhead; or, you can take a left less than a quarter mile before the campground on forest road 2N13 [a 4x4 vehicle is strongly recommended for this road]. The trail head is the beginning of road 2N13D, and there is ample parking to the right [not paved].
The trail itself is quite easy for the first 4 miles, as it is basically a regular gravel road. The trail/road is fully drivable for most 4x4s until the last mile, in case you want to shorten your on foot trek.
It is possible to drive even the last mile if you have a serious off-road capable vehicle; if you’re not alone and very experienced, you can do this last mile with a X-Terra, TRD, or a Cherokee Trailhawk or better, emphasis on better.
Back to hiking; the last mile has two steep parts, but still not technical. The trail only gets technical on the last hundred feet or so.
I really like this trail for its flexibility and for being very dog friendly.

Nice hike. Steep elevations though. Only saw two small groups of hikers the whole trip.

Gorgeous trail. A perfect late afternoon hike. The view from Grandview Point is incredible and even better at sunset.

Beautiful trail but don't go mid day. Hanna Flats all the way up to Gray's Peak is not worth the view at the top.

Took the whole family including a 6 year old and 9 year old. We have not been actively hiking lately and this was a great trek. The first 1/4 mile is pretty much a straight up incline and at 7000 ft elevation you feel it. After that it was a great day and found a nice picnic spot near the lake.

2 months ago

Hiked this trail today with our 8 and 5 year old kids. We made it about 1.5 miles up (elevation change of about 250 feet). We stopped at the turnoff for the Gray's Peak trail. Kids complained, but that's what kids do. I'd say it was a moderate hike. Nice way to spend an afternoon. Lots of views of the lake along the hike.

2 months ago

Steeper and loose rocks last mile of the hike. Peaceful and beautiful! At the closed gate bear right then at next fork bear left. Took 2.5 hours up and 1.25 hour back

One of the best scenic view in all of Big Bear Lake.

The view is breathtaking

2 months ago

Loved this trail. Hiked with my 16-year old daughter and my black lab.
Fun and great views!!!!

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