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10 hours ago

Did this yesterday, August 18. Got to the trailhead at about 2pm, the parking lot was quite full but managed to find a spot. Trail was very busy leading up to the Upper Lake, but still beautiful. The best part was going past the campground and hiking up to the glacier. Even with the smoke the views were beautiful, and got to see the glacier calve which was incredible.

In total it took under two hours to get to the campground and less than an hour back (since the trail was quite empty on the way back we ran most of it). Spent a lot of time up by the glacier checking out the area, so if you're comfortable with scrambling give yourself lots of time to enjoy that area! Bugs were only an issue up by the glacier for us, and even then it was nothing too bad.

The only reason I'm not giving this a 5 star is the fact that it's such a busy trail during the day with large, slow moving groups that barely take notice of their surroundings including the many people wanting to pass them. Plus the amount of people listening to loud music while hiking does kill the peaceful aspect of being out in nature (can only assume this is a city thing to do).

Pretty amazing experience, even with the severely diminished views due to the smoke. Pay close attention to which trails you take up to the summit, some get very hairy very fast. A couple who turned back ahead of me stated that they got charged by a bear, and while I didn't see anything, bear spray and a big group would be very helpful!

It’s totally worth it to go all the way to the Ink Pots. They were so beautiful and fascination, as was the nearby river. As with most trails in Banff, it pays to get there EARLY!! We were there by 7am and had the trail to ourselves and more importantly got parking. When we passed the falls on the way out are around 10:30am it was a parking lot of tourists with a line to even get on the walkway to see the upper falls. It was worse than the mall at Christmas and parking lots were completely full.

Beautiful. However, the cave, which was my #1 must see, was closed to endangered nesting birds.

Must go early to avoid the mass amounts of tourists at Johnston Canyon! Easy track overall.

Its hard to capture the beauty of this place with pictures

Beautiful! Great loop. Love the board walk down.

1 day ago

Beautiful views and well maintained trail. We took the service road back down which is definitely the easier way to go as it is less steep.

Fairly easy hike, good for stretching the legs and getting some air, perfect for a smokey day. Lots of people! Recommend very early morning or very late in the evening to avoid the crowds. Views from the ink pots are nice. Wouldn't recommend this if the weather is good, spend the day elsewhere.

Can anyone tell me if you need a park pass for this trail? Will delete this after I possibly get a response :) thank you!!

2 days ago

The Lookout Trail is an excellent climb just above the visitor centre that offers spectacular views of the fjord and nearby tablelands. While the majority of the walk is there-and-back (the bulk of the climb to the top), there is a small, mostly flat loop at the top hat offers you a choice of a short and steep ascent up a set of stairs or a longer, gentler hike along a boardwalk to the top. However, this trail has a tendency to be especially muddy (though this may have been at least partially due to the construction that was being carried out at the time), with many smaller dogs ending up looking like they've been dragged through the stuff like a mop: by all means, ensure you've got sensible shoes!

Gros Morne mountain is a wonderful trail with spectacular views and a fairly difficult climb that should be attempted only under the right weather conditions. When we set off, cut example, clouds obscured only the top of the mountain, though it had trained the night before. However, roughly three km into the four km walk in, it began to rain heavily and fog descended, turning parts of the trail into a literal river. We continued onwards to where the scramble through 'the Gully' begins, but due to the thick fog, we opted to wait half an hour for the fog to clear before attempting.
After sitting for what seemed like an infinite period of time at the base of the rock field, watching a handful of other groups make the ascent, we finally decided to give it a try. The scramble was steep, but not too bad, though the fog remained heavy throughout our climb. The more vertical parts made finding the path a tad difficult, but it's generally well-signposted and has enough of a well-worn path that you're able to make it out; we only had one real struggle when it came to which side of a streambed to walk on. At the top, however, there are large cairns with neon signs stuck in every ten to twenty feet: a distance that may seem ridiculous to those who hike in sunny weather, but a lifesaver in the fog.
Whether or not the views from the summit are worth it want clear, since we weren't able to see anything more than a solid bank of grey and the wind shelters that were a helpful shield against the incoming drizzle. Nevertheless, we continued on, along a trail that, while mostly rocky, does gradually begin to cross more and more patches of marshy tundra (helpfully covered by boardwalks) until stunted trees finally make an appearance. Not long after that you'll find a set of steep stairs; the rest of the trail is a gradual downhill of several kilometres back to where the trail branched off (this is the way Parks Canada instructs you to hike, though a few do it the other way round).
This is a hard section, made worse by the pouring rain that had descended, simply because the trail is rocky to point of sections feeling more like a rock scramble than a hiking path, especially in the weather conditions we found ourselves walking in: the drizzle from the top had long since turned into a downpour. There are, however, open-air toilets belonging to the campsite roughly a quarter of the way along this stretch, though they didn't offer any worthwhile shelter from the skies that had opened up above us.
Finally, after roughly two hours of hiking from the summit onwards (with a snack break in the middle), we ended up back at the 'stem' of this lollipop-shaped trail and took about an hour to return down the moderate (and very wet) trail, taking about an hour to do so. This meant we ended up with a five and a half hour hike, with two hours dedicated to the four km hike in and out, one to the scramble up the Gully, two to return to the trail junction, and half an hour of waiting for fog to clear (though it instantly returned).
So, wind, rain, and fog, as well as a hard scramble up the rocks and a few slips down: I certainly didn't have the typical Gros Morne experience (or at least the one recommended by Parks Canada). And though this wasn't an easy trail by any means, it certainly says something that it still gets five stars; in sunny weather, this would have to be a six. Exquisite.

on Hunt Lake Trail

2 days ago

beautiful trail, went late April there was still snow in the majority of the trail which made things slippery. Suggested good footwear with good grip if going at this time of year.

2 days ago

absolutely gorgeous. quite heavily trafficed with tourists. if you're a fast hiker, I'd aim for later in the day, the crowds disperse a bit by then. perfect light around 4:30pm at upper lake (summer)

Nice easy trail. very few people past upper Falls on the way to the ink pots.


Feels longer than 2.3 km, can be a climb at some times. Very picturesque and relaxing.

A nice accessible walk with a few lovely views.

Pleasant hike. waterfalls are beautiful.

We reached the top in 3.5 hours. it's a hard hike if you are not fit. but if you are in a good condition you will be able to see the amazing view on Banff in few hours. Just be careful, you have to turn on the right just before the false summit. You have no sign on the trail and that's pretty sad. the way back into the forest is very boring. it will be challenging and you may be able to see some bears.

3 days ago

Pretty great!

absolutely beautiful and worth the walk.

Go early. Easy hike, i was really hungover and managed fine haha. It's mostly in the trees and the ink pots are pretty cool so it's worth doing. Make sure you get an ice cream from the little shed when you return from the hike, cheapest you'll find around Banff!!

4 days ago

would have given it 5 stars but the mosquitos were horrific in July.

joffre is as picturesque as anything you could ever wish for.

plan being there early... it fills up in q hurry!

Nice trail, very easy. The swim in the lower falls was brisk but refreshing and the view of the upper falls was beautiful.

Amazing! Sad to see visitors trespassing on the areas clearly marked as no go zones. Pleased to see authorities tracking down violators. Remember it’s not all about you, it’s about appreciating and preserving nature.

The canyon was really cool, but crowded. There were lines by each of the falls viewpoints to wait to take your picture (about 2pm weekday), and some folks seemed completely oblivious to moving with the flow of traffic on the narrow walkways. Once you get past the upper falls, the crowd thins out a ton and it's a nice quiet hike to the ink pots. They were pretty cool and the surrounding views were nice, but if you're limited on time, I wouldn't consider the ink pots portion of the hike a must-see. Definitely go up to the upper viewpoint though.

5 days ago

Great hike! Stunning views! Beautiful lakes!

Beautiful! Easy trail with a waterfall as your destination!

6 days ago

We had two kiddos and a husband on crutches, so we only managed to get to the first lake, which is practically outside the parking lot, and even that was stunning. I can't wait to go back and do the full hike to see the other two.

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