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11 hours ago

It took us 2 hours to complete the round trip from the parking lot to the 3rd lake (we sometimes run). Although the route from the first lake to the second may be steep, the view of the second lake is totally worth it.

20 hours ago

The lakes are as beautiful as I expected. TURKWAZZZ blue colour. No snow on trail. Definitely go on a sunny day, as the lakes will be at their bluest with the sun shining on them. Took a couple minutes from parking lot to Lower Lake, followed by 40 min to Middle Lake, and 25 min to Upper Lake. Time estimates to each lake are definitely on the conservative side, so if you're a decent/fast hiker, it'll be much faster than what's posted. Get here early because it's a very popular hike, even on weekdays. Started at 7:45am and spent 6 hours here. On our hike back, there were lots of people at the lakes/hiking up.

Lower and upper falls are beautiful, but busy. Go early. Ink pots are amazing and much quieter.

Scenic, challenging and worth the effort. If you’re looking for a place to test your trail running skills and stamina, this is the right choice. Muddy holes, rocky ridges to climb up and over, and enough roots and boulders that it’s a constant challenge not to roll an ankle.

GET THERE EARLY!!! (Latest 9am or else there will be no parking!!). Very heavily trafficked but beautifulllllllll.

One of the most wonderful hikes ever!

4 days ago

I’ve never been on a hike with so many people. It was like a parade.

4 days ago


June 17, 2018 - left the parking lot at 6:20am to an open trail and clear skies. The beginning is a good set of switchbacks up to the valley where is opens up to amazing views. The trail is completely free of snow until the approach of Sentinel on the east side of the ridge above the lake. We turned back before the switchbacks on the north due to the snow. Amazing hike and panoramic views. Do it early and have the valley to yourself.

Beautiful views at both falls, upper definitely worth the trip and the crowds thin out.

This was a great trail to hike. The waterfalls were the highlight of this entire trip. They are beautiful!! My husband and I opted to hike up to the ink pots which took us another Hour and twenty minutes to hike back to their location. The trail was mostly up hill going out with a downhill decline to the ink pots. We aren’t your everyday hikers and we managed to complete the entire trip from start to finish in about five hours with a few rest breaks here and there. You know the saying curiosity kills the cat? Let’s just say we were whipped!! Although very interesting to see the ink pots I think anyone could enjoy this hike just viewing all the waterfall stops and views of the canyon along the way!! Have fun out there be safe and enjoy Gods creation!!

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done, did this is the fall which was gorgeous!

Heavy traffic with people that do not grasp the concept of single file, but the Ink Pots were beautiful as usual. Ignore or shoulder check the ones that won’t walk single file,

7 days ago

Great trail well marked and well groomed. saw lots of wild life. Go early in the morning mosquitoes are bad but lots to see. I'm going to do this trail again.

Anyone going July 7/8ish weekend? Just for a car key swap yo get back to entry...?

8 days ago

Not much in the way of rapids but a nice little walk. Some areas are muddy and need to step carefully. Wooded area and can be best with bugs.

Great trail with beautiful view of West Hawk lake. The trail is hard. Pleasant views make it worth.

9 days ago

Tried this one a couple of times. Weather changes quick up there and started up the pass (it looked like something out of the movie Alive, as almost no one expected the blizzard of snow -bring yaktrax). Larch Valley is stunning. This whole area has great views and sights to see

Love this little gem in the mountains lots to see and explore have done in all seasons its one of my favs, ink pots are beautiful good for kids but wear good shoes lots of photo opportunities

10 days ago

I've done this hike at least 4 times. If not tight on time, this is the go-to hike I took my friends to who were out of province/country and/or shape.

The views are incredible for the relatively short hike. It gets pretty muddy near the third lake, so I recommend some good waterproof hiking boots or even some short gaiters.

And please remember to pack all your belongings including garbage. This is an amazing, beautiful place and it's heartbreaking to see it littered by careless jerks.

Family vacation brought us here. Great times and not terribly taxing. Make sure to take it slow and explore bits not quite on the beaten path. My favorite experience from the hike was around the corner of a fence and down from the path.

Once you pass the upper falls it's a fairly steep climb to the ink pots. The trail is very well maintained, with just a few small, muddy patches that were easily avoidable. Even though the trail is mostly forest there are wonderful views the entire way. My partner did the whole trail in running shoes with no complaints. The ink pots are cool and the view there is amazing. Very satisfying!!

There were a lot of tourist that don’t actually hike. I literally saw a lady wearing heels. After about two miles of that, the herd thins out and you pretty much have the trail to yourself. There are some great views right before the ink pots as well. Worth the hike on a rainy or overcast day.

Awesome hike

Completed this trail in May 2018. Extremely busy with traffic to upper falls . Less so to the ink pots. It’s a climb up but a walking climb, no scrambles. Prepare with lots of water, had a lovely lunch at ink pots and bring stuff for feet if prone to blisters. Beautiful scenery.

This was a great way to spend my Saturday! Definitely not an easy hike - but well worth the gorgeous views! Just keep in mind that there is LOTS of climbing, so wear good shoes and take it slow if your not used to that kind of activity!

Also fell off the trail twice, so I wouldn’t suggest going alone, but as long as your close to the water (not the loop side) you should be fine!

If you are a somewhat avid hiker I suggest going early in the morning or late in the afternoon once the crowds have thinned out. The trail to both the Lower and Upper Falls is very narrow, and there are too many people who do not understand hiking etiquette since technically it is more of a walk on a paved trail. Once you get to the Ink Pots trail, the crowd vanishes and you can actually hike. The Ink Pots were not as impressive as the waterfalls so unless you feel like getting in a somewhat longer hike, don’t feel like you’re missing out on much if you decide to skip this trail.

What a great hike! A friend and I did it and even though we couldn’t find the end of the loop (which I am noticing in comments we weren’t the only ones) we had a great day. This hike is challenging and really takes you away from the Manitoba flat land feel - and it’s not that far away from the city!

I wouldn’t recommend going alone unless you are good with navigation just because it is poorly marked and easy to fall off trail.

I hiked Sentinel Pass yesterday June 7, 2018. there was still a bit of snow at the foot of the pass, but it is manageable. I made it to the top and so did a few others, but if you aren't very sure of yourself in snow, you may need another week or so before it's accessible to you.

There are awesome views on both sides of the pass. I sat up there and watch/listened to avalanches from distant mountains. There is no avalanche danger on this hike anymore.

Amazing! You really have to do the full trails to Ink Pots: worth it!

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