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This Saturday, October 7th, 2017, is the second annual Bay Day! In honor of San Francisco Bay Day and Save the Bay, we have complied a list of trails with the Bay's most stunning vistas. With trails all over the Bay Area, find a trail in right in your backyard or opt for a new adventure offering a different perspective of the Bay. No matter where you are in the Bay Area, the views will not disappoint. Get outside and celebrate the wonderful community we are fortunate enough to call home! Click 'View Full Map' below to filter by activity type, rating, difficulty, length, etc and find your perfect Bay view trail. And of course, don't forget to share your adventure with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #alltrails Happy Bay Day!

Best Bay Views Trails Map

Extended trail loop: clockwise from Rodeo Lagoon, 8.5 miles, 1400 ft elevation, 3 hours 4 minutes .

6-20-18 hike with my son and had a great day. Took to 10am Tiburon Ferry ($15 each) and started trail by 10:45. The trail going up to 788 feet is about what you would expect, except the views of the bay were spectacular. Also, went to the immigration station as a point of interest and history. Saw a mole on the trail, it was dead but still cool. This hike is all about the views.

I love this trail

Amazing views. Yes the uphill is very steep and a bit of a challenge but so so worth it!! Definitely will be back

We hiked from Rodeo Beach to Muir Beach. This trail is definitely recommended for people who enjoy ocean views while getting some kick ass workout. It’s a hard hike but it feels wonderful afterward. Lots of going up and down interval along the trail.

5 days ago

The views of the city and ocean is great. Not really a hike though.. you park your car walk up some stairs and you're there.

6 days ago

Don’t be fooled this is a short hike but it could leave you out of breath especially if you’re hiking and talking/laughingg with a friend you haven’t seen for a while. The views were superb. And the labyrinth was a hidden surprise. I’ll do it again.

6 days ago

Great view. Easy trail

Hiked it and biked it. Great scenery and the occasional history lesson regarding the islands, days a fort.

Awesome hike with lots of pretty views.

6 days ago

Beautiful hike! It’s so nice to get some quiet time away from the city. The breeze feels wonderful as well. There are gorgeous views of the bridge so as to truly appreciate its scale. There are also a handful of interesting plaques posted describing the history of the area. Definitely recommend that you check this out, and it’s easily accessible by Muni.

This was an amazing hike! I definitely agree with the hard rating. My husband and I hiked the route starting at Rodeo Beach up to Muir Beach. Lots of Beach scenery and lots and lots of hills, including two very steep hills! We packed a lunch for the halfway point and ate before we returned. We also too 3 liter camelbacks of water each and pretty much killed it off. Layers of clothing is a must as well. The Beach is cool while part of the hike that is away from the beach is warmer, plus it heats up in the afternoon. I would definitely do this hike again!

Simple walk and nice views

Nice incline, with dope views. It’s hella rocky towards the end I suggest hiking kicks over running sneakers.

This hike exceeded all expectations. We took the ferry from San Francisco which is about $5 more than Tiburon and much longer while giving closer views of Alcatraz. Angel Island was beautiful and provides panoramic views of the city I've never seen before. My favorite was being able to view SF as a bridge sandwich with Alcatraz on the sea below. The history is another added bonus. Will definitely come again with visitors.

12 days ago

Solid hike - most elevation gain at the start but not too tough. A little boring the last few miles - ton of bikers

Great hike. Pretty steep in stretches, but the views are worth it! We went counter clockwise which seemed to be less intense.

One of my top favorite Bay Area hikes!

Be advised! Saw a medium sized rattle snake right as the quarry trail meets the lower big spring trail- sitting right on the path. Didn’t make any noise as I passed & slowly went on his way into the brush- gave me enough time to confirm it was certainly a rattle snake! ~6:25 PM

Great hike, beautiful views of the city from the peak, make due to bring water and snacks.

19 days ago

On a sunny clear day, this is a beautiful hike! Now one of my favorite places to go.

20 days ago

Beautiful views and a great walking trail. We had a lot of fun!

20 days ago

Great day on the trail with awesome views.

20 days ago

Hiked this on Memorial Day - wow did we luck out with weather! Clearest day I've ever had on these trails. Great hike and the elevation is broken up across a few big hills throughout so it doesn't feel so bad. Be careful about sun protection and water as there is no shade at all on this trail. Also the part by Tennessee Valley is very overgrown with lots of poison oak so wear pants or be prepared to scrub your legs well after the hike. Worth the workout and the views!

21 days ago

Expanded this loop to get some extra distance. Hiked clockwise starting at east end of Rodeo Lagoon - Miwok Trail - Bobcat Trail - SCA Trail - Conzelman Road rounbadout- Julian Trail - back to starting point. Total hike: 8.5 miles, 1,391 ft elevation, 3 hrs. Great trail. Refer to recorded map.

23 days ago

Beautiful views!

Great views and steep but there is no signage along the trails. Near Grizzly Peak the trail was covered with poison oak and overgrown so we turned around instead.

24 days ago

Nice hike.

Hiked this in April. Beautiful coast line, generally an up-and-down trail so no long continuous climbs but still a good trek.

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