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The lake is suuuuuuuuuper low right now but still very pretty. Perfect hike for my family (which includes a moody 4 year old). Excited to go back when there’s more water. Trail is empty. Only ran into one other person.

Easy and super informative trail. 4-year-old loved it and the parents learned a lot too. Maybe bring more water - it’s the high desert and wasn’t hot but coming from high humidity we are feeling the dry air!

Beautiful hike, fantastic scenery. Completed this hike in September 2017.

3 days ago

Garmin InReach tracked this at 5.9 miles. This hike is a great workout, unfortunately it was cloudy and I didn't get to see what the views were like. Scree makes it fun, but I wouldn't recommend this trail for dogs.

I saw some hikers walking up the road at the beginning. Not sure if this was on purpose or they didn't see the trail. There is a trail, it goes to the right and into the woods. Don't take the road, that's lame and not as scenic.

4 days ago

We took the Pine Marten Lift to the PM Lodge, cut across Sunrise to Summit Trail and scrambled to the top. The spectacular views at the top were worth the hike which was definitely “arduous.” It was very rocky (essentially, the hike was entirely on lava rock), exposed, and occasionally quite steep. Trail was fairly easy to follow in spite of very little signage.

Beautiful views, strenuous hike which is worth every step.

6 days ago

Lovely area. Can't go wrong with any trail around here. I went from Green Lakes Trail, camped at the base of the mountain, and summited the next morning. The walk is pretty straight forward. There is one 20 foot vertical wall at the top. It is recommended to use ropes on this wall. Be careful!

Here is a video showing the summit route:

We hiked this a few weeks ago, and it was a great experience. It was hazy in the valley and views were limited at the summit, but it was still awesome. It was so fun to point out the runs that we normally see during the snowy season. We read somewhere that the trail is marked by orange flags, but we only saw 2-3 of them tied to the trees. The trail is very well maintained and easy to follow from the Sunrise lift. There were several other people on the trail. We pretty much followed the chairlifts up the entire way. Our group consisted of 4 women and 2 girls-age 7 and 9. The kids did great and stuck with it the entire time. Bring a good supply of water and sunscreen on a warm day. Will definitely do this again!

The trail reopened recently after the Milli Fire in 2017, so we took the opportunity to hike it on Thursday. The trail itself was very defined, but a large portion of the forest is completely burned. Although an interesting sight to see, I was definitely more on edge worrying about snags falling..so I was eager to get past the fire damage. Unfortunately, it was hazy the day we went, so our views were very limited at the summit, but on a clear day this hike would be absolutely beautiful. There is something so cool about walking through the burned sections and seeing the wildflowers and nature growing back. We only passed one other person the entire hike. Make sure to bring sunscreen, as the tree cover is now gone. I had never hiked this trail before the fire, so I have nothing to compare it to.. but I think it is still worth doing now after the damage.

Great trail , really easy beautiful area
Lots of trout in the creeks

11 days ago

Nice hike with beautiful views. We were afraid the smoke would ruin the views but we lucked out. Only drawback are the tons of yellow jackets. I am allergic so I’m probably more aware then others but they were at the trailhead, on the trail and at the top

12 days ago

Wow!!! This is an incredible hike! Waterfalls, a creek, the lake and stunning views along the way. I didn’t use trekking poles but saw many who did. Moderate hike. I will definitely hike this trail again. Bring plenty of water.

This is a great trail, but boy it kicked my arse! I’m not very fit, and I have bad joints, so I’d either of those aren’t a problem for you it’s definitely doable. It took me about an hour to get up, and 45 minutes to get down the ridge itself; the river trail is quite pretty afterwards. I did the ridge first, which was easier for me as I can’t climb down stairs very well - if you’d prefer to go up stairs, go the ridge first, and if you’d prefer to go down stairs and up a hill, do the ridge last. There is an incline without stairs on both sides, but there are a fair few stairs up doing the ridge first.
You really have to watch your footing - I saw a lot of people fall, and I nearly slipped a few times myself, even with poles and hiking boots. Just be careful :)

Pretty easy hike, took about 2 hours total. Moderate elevation the whole way. Unremarkable forested scenery on way up, but pretty spectacular panoramic views at the top, but a bit smoky today (9/5), so giving it 4 stars for now. Enjoy!

14 days ago

My friends and I didn’t actually hike the loop start to finish. Ended up starting at Green Lakes TH on accident, but we made it to Golden Lake the first night. Great views of The Sisters and Broken Top the whole way and at the campsite. Turned around the second day and back to Green Lakes and up to Small Creek. Took most of our gear off and went and summited Broken Top. I recommend not using the app and stick to the trail signs if you are coming from that direction (soda creek, green lakes) it ended up taking us basically straight up part of the mountain without a visible trail. Hiked about 20 miles the second day. Spent our second night towards Green Lakes and then hiked out of Soda Creek in the morning. We didn’t do “the loop” by a completionist standard but I’m told we did all of the good parts.

The actual mileage I tracked was 7 miles, 3.5 up to the summit. Took me about 2 hours to get up to the top at a slower pace and 1.5 down. Was tough but the views are so worth it! The trail was well maintained and marked.

Amazing views, well maintained, fairly easy to park even on a holiday weekend (Labor Day)

Nice family walk with the dog. Great views of the lake and Mt Bachelor.

We did this hike on September 1 and the trail was open, albeit with a warning that snags could fall on your head. The bottom 75% of the trail is completely burned to charcoal and the trail, although obvious, is very dusty/ashy. Upside: It's marvelous seeing how small plants are already hard at work re-colonizing the ashes. Downside: The dirt is very fine and gets kicked up into a lingering cloud when hiking in a group. If you are sensitive to particulate matter you might want to bring a scarf or mask at least until the winter rains have gotten a chance to damp down the dust. However the view at the top is worth it if you can stand the slog! Clear views of Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Three-Fingered Jack, Mt. Hood, the Sisters, Broken Top, Little and Big Belknap craters, and some amazing lava flows. Great places to eat lunch with the views at the top.
We're a moderately in-shape group of mixed ages and it took us 4.5 hours round trip included multiple geology nerd breaks and lunch.

This beautiful hike takes you through some of the best areas of the park.

We did the route counter clockwise, and the first segment up Misery Ridge is pretty strenuous. The rest of the hike was all very moderate.

This is not a moderate hike...it is completely uphill the entire way with solid elevation gain. It has great views but don’t bother going on a cloudy or semi cloudy day-you can’t see anything. The trailhead is located at Dutchman snow park by the way-we drove by it!

Outstanding views from the summit

23 days ago

Great hike, lots of places to take breaks along the way. We weren't going fast but reached the lakes in 2.5 hours with one break about half way. Trail is in excellent shape and was lightly travelled on a Friday. Had an excellent lunch on the NE side of the lake. There is NOT a trail all the way around, it looks like there is one but it runs out shortly after it separates from the one that goes on. There is a small trail that is right along the lake on the SE/E side, it is not that easy because of the mud and the climb up to the trail above in gravel(25 feet, using a fallen tree). Overall, will definitely hike it again and throughly enjoyed it!!

Love this hike. Along the river there are so many fun detours and awe inspiring rifts and ridges, huge facing cliffs. Going up misery ridge is tough (duh) but amazing at the top.

Beautiful hike! There is now a log “bridge” that has been installed so you can cross the river without difficulty.

Great strenuous hike. It doesn't have the scenic beauty many of the nearby hikes have, but the payoff at the top is worth the trip. About half of the hike is above the tree line so expect wind. Took about 4 hours round trip.

26 days ago

A hike that included a little bit of everything...a creek, waterfalls, mountain peaks, lava flow, flowers, and a beautiful lake. Not too strenuous in terms of steepness. I would consider a moderate hike only due to length of trail. It took me about 3-4 hours including a 1/2 hour break at the lake. Easy trail to follow. There are a few foot bridges to cross and a couple areas to cross over streams by stepping on rocks.

29 days ago

Hiked up on the evening of July 3 to stay through the holiday and only a handful of campsites were occupied. Mosquitoes were pretty bad - we were thankful for our head nets.

Incredible views, plenty of water the whole way. Trail is a superhighway and very well maintained.

We got to the trailhead at 6pm and there was plenty of parking - just us and a few trailrunners taking advantage of the long days to go up & back before dark. Hiking out on Friday morning we easily passed 100 people coming in; this is one of the busiest trails I've been on in Oregon. Definitely one for weekdays & evenings if possible.

Long but rewarding hike. Lots of little water falls on the way. Great views of South Sister and Broken Top.

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