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Absolutely breathtaking hike with a HUGE payoff.
Unfortunately I lost a wedding band somewhere on the hike between the lake and the parking lot on September 11th. It would have been in a red silk zipper bag. Please please please let there be a good person in the world!

Great family hike. Be sure to wear clothes for a dank/dark 42-degree trek. Also bring lanterns or headlamps for everyone. The start of the path is paved but then gets a bit rocky so you need to see where you are going! Went with 4-year-old and 2-month-old (in a carrier on my chest).

Beautiful hike, fantastic scenery. Completed this hike in September 2017.

Has all the different types of terrain to see in the area; forest, swamp, desert with lava rock, ect. Absolutely beautiful!

I take issue with the AllTrails description saying that it is near the Klamath River, it is not. The closest river would be the Deschutes.

If you leave from the Broken Top TH (not Todd Lake) you’ll want a high clearance vehicle that you don’t mind beating up.

That said, Broken Top, the Bend Glacier and the amazing lake is by far the most rewarding hike in Central Oregon.

Hiked this morning from the boat landing. A bit nippy and our first frost sighting of the year. Hike was great. Fantastic views and good morning of exercise. Best of all, no cars at the top.

we loves this hike and constantly said wow for all the views.

I agree with the other reviewers. Wear sturdy shoes and bring your own flashlights. The cave trail is a mile in and a mile out. The terrain is rocky and uneven and, obviously, dark.

Such a unique trail! Be sure to wear hiking boots!

13 days ago

Wow!!! This is an incredible hike! Waterfalls, a creek, the lake and stunning views along the way. I didn’t use trekking poles but saw many who did. Moderate hike. I will definitely hike this trail again. Bring plenty of water.

This is a great trail, but boy it kicked my arse! I’m not very fit, and I have bad joints, so I’d either of those aren’t a problem for you it’s definitely doable. It took me about an hour to get up, and 45 minutes to get down the ridge itself; the river trail is quite pretty afterwards. I did the ridge first, which was easier for me as I can’t climb down stairs very well - if you’d prefer to go up stairs, go the ridge first, and if you’d prefer to go down stairs and up a hill, do the ridge last. There is an incline without stairs on both sides, but there are a fair few stairs up doing the ridge first.
You really have to watch your footing - I saw a lot of people fall, and I nearly slipped a few times myself, even with poles and hiking boots. Just be careful :)

Great hike as always! Definitely don’t recommend letting dogs drink from the stream that comes down from the no name lake, as there’s one of the dead elk right at the top; which you can smell hiking up the stream.

Amazing trail with eye pleasing views.

Amazing views, well maintained, fairly easy to park even on a holiday weekend (Labor Day)

If you are a photographer and you enjoy shooting water this is the hike for you!

Need a 4 wheel drive for upper trail head. Possibly my new favorite hike!

23 days ago

A great overnight if you are used to putting in 10+ mile days. Went clockwise getting most elevation out of the way on the first day, then Camped at Wasco lake and cruised to the parking lot through the major burn areas on day 2. First day was almost completely caught in a cloud with a steady rain all night, but the second day was full of sun and incredible views of Three Fingered Jack, Black Butte, Mt. Washington, and even glimpses of broken top through the clouds!

This beautiful hike takes you through some of the best areas of the park.

We did the route counter clockwise, and the first segment up Misery Ridge is pretty strenuous. The rest of the hike was all very moderate.

Tough hike, but so worth it! We went counterclockwise, departing the parking lot at 3:30 on Friday, stayed the night at Booth Lake, put in a tough slog on Saturday, and camped at Summit Lake Saturday night. A parking permit is required at the parking lot, but there didn't appear to be anywhere to buy one. We have a NW Forest Pass, but you could probably buy a parking pass at the Detroit ranger station (the lot is regulated by Willamette NF, but the trail is regulated by Deschutes NF). The second half of the hike was extremely dry - load up on water at Wasco Lake. Highly recommend dog booties - lots of hot sand and sharp rocks. Finally, for the love of god, PLEASE pack out all your trash. I came across used toilet paper and a bag of dog poo.

24 days ago

Great hike, lots of places to take breaks along the way. We weren't going fast but reached the lakes in 2.5 hours with one break about half way. Trail is in excellent shape and was lightly travelled on a Friday. Had an excellent lunch on the NE side of the lake. There is NOT a trail all the way around, it looks like there is one but it runs out shortly after it separates from the one that goes on. There is a small trail that is right along the lake on the SE/E side, it is not that easy because of the mud and the climb up to the trail above in gravel(25 feet, using a fallen tree). Overall, will definitely hike it again and throughly enjoyed it!!

The NF-370 gate is open, follow it up. (Really rough drive though). When you see a parking lot on your right, turn left onto NF- 380 which will take you all the way to the trailhead and parking lot. Lake is 2.5 miles from trailhead. The dead elk are still there but on the other side of the lake so it didn’t bother me. One elk is in the water so you can’t drink the water. Amazing hike. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Love this hike. Along the river there are so many fun detours and awe inspiring rifts and ridges, huge facing cliffs. Going up misery ridge is tough (duh) but amazing at the top.

Would like to hike this whole trail. It’s a serine lake with a variety of vegetation. Peaceful and enjoyable.

Beautiful hike! There is now a log “bridge” that has been installed so you can cross the river without difficulty.

27 days ago

A hike that included a little bit of everything...a creek, waterfalls, mountain peaks, lava flow, flowers, and a beautiful lake. Not too strenuous in terms of steepness. I would consider a moderate hike only due to length of trail. It took me about 3-4 hours including a 1/2 hour break at the lake. Easy trail to follow. There are a few foot bridges to cross and a couple areas to cross over streams by stepping on rocks.

Dillon Falls is just a short walk to the north of the parking area and is powerfully amazing! Benham Falls trailhead is Southwest of the parking area and there is no sign, although we had no trouble finding the trail (on the left). We hiked in August and began at 8:30am. We only passed by a few bikers and one couple hiking. We had the trail to ourselves! The trail had a little more traffic by the time we ended our hike at 11:00am. We ran into a small section of the trail that met us with mosquitoes. A couple bites each! Easy hike with our 3yr old labradoodle. Beautiful scenery and the river kept changing, so never a dull moment. I’d recommend this gorgeous hike and I’d recommend doing it early while it’s cool and sparse of people. Oh, and one more helpful hint...there is a pit toilet near parking area and another pit toilet on the way to Benham Falls!

1 month ago

Hiked up on the evening of July 3 to stay through the holiday and only a handful of campsites were occupied. Mosquitoes were pretty bad - we were thankful for our head nets.

Incredible views, plenty of water the whole way. Trail is a superhighway and very well maintained.

We got to the trailhead at 6pm and there was plenty of parking - just us and a few trailrunners taking advantage of the long days to go up & back before dark. Hiking out on Friday morning we easily passed 100 people coming in; this is one of the busiest trails I've been on in Oregon. Definitely one for weekdays & evenings if possible.

Long but rewarding hike. Lots of little water falls on the way. Great views of South Sister and Broken Top.

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