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It is a rarity to first, find Ben Matthews in front of the camera. Second, Ben never seems to be without camera or a gaggle of awesome friends. Whether on the coast, in the alpine, forest, ocean, or desert, Ben surrounds himself with like-minded people who just can't seem to stay home for a quiet weekend. AllTrails has curated a list of trails inspired by our Adventurer, Ben's, latest escapades. This list features the top trails from Rialto Beach, The Indian Peaks Wilderness, Deception Pass State Park, and Joshua Tree.

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Short 1 mile hike. Gives a real feel for the park. Breathtaking rock formations and all kinds of desert plants. The trail is marked very well and has signs explaining what you're seeing.

6 days ago

Hiked this trail two weeks ago. Carried 50lb packs and camped about 5 miles out. Now maybe things are much different in the summer when the weather is a little more forgiving, but I definitely wouldn’t rate this trail as easy! Once you get out past “Hole in the Wall” the hiking terrain is constantly changing between different wet rock scrambles...some very slippery. It’s a lot of fun! But not something you can speed through, or ever want to do in the dark (my partner really didn’t understand why I wanted to get started so early, so our timeline was poor)

Tides are no joke. Get a tide chart along with a map from the ranger station. We did this in the winter, when the tides are their worst. There are points that are impassible during high tide if the sea level is high enough. Us being ignorant, we’re sure that we could take detour routes at these impassable spots. No. The rangers aren’t lying when they say impassible. We hiked straight up a mountain side probably steeper then a 45 degree angle for 20 minutes, slipping and sliding through thick temperate rainforest growth and still couldn’t find any passage way to come out around our road block. Waited 2 hours for the tide to lower just enough to make it by, and on the other side of our attempted detour was a straight cliff. So it’s a good thing we gave up on our detour climb.

Set up camp in a small cove on a soft sand beach about a mile past Chile shipwreck memorial. Ocean was hundreds of yards away. 2:30 in the morning I’m waking my buddy up because the tide is about to reach his tent. At high tide of 9.5’ that night, the entire cove that we camped in turned into the ocean. We had plenty of time to get to safe ground, but the situation easily could have turned bad if something like bad weather was in play too.

Don’t be the dummies like us, and prepare accordingly! We expected this to literally be a walk on the beach, and Mother Nature swiftly reminded us the price of ignorance.
Otherwise beautiful hike. The overcast wild beach scenery is something like off of a movie. Drift wood tree trunks everywhere that are larger then any trees I’ve seen before, and they just get tossed inland by the ocean like toothpicks.

I hiked this on 2/15. The first 3/4 mike was on the road. The test was trail. It snowed all day an even though my tracks were covered in snow it was relatively easy to find the trail in the trees. The lake was nothing spectacular. Lots of flat white and wind. The trail however was really beautiful. Snow shoes made it easier but micro spikes would have worked.

9 days ago

The view from the top, overlooking valleys in high (Mohave) and low (Colorado) deserts is breathtaking. The hike to the top is moderately strenuous to the point of being a very pleasant workout. The trail is impeccably maintained. The description here says it is moderately trafficked. There were a lot of people there today but not enough to cause a problem.

Great for snow shoeing ! Had a great time on this very busy trail!

11 days ago

Sped up and down this trail in less than one hour. Stairs make it a total workout, but the view of the desert and mountains all around are totally worth it.

12 days ago

A fairly tough climb up but great views along the way. Awesome huge boulders at the base to explore once you come down.

A great first intro hike to Joshua Tree! Very easy but with lots of great things to see. Takes less than an hour.

13 days ago

A very nice trail with great views! It’s a steady climb up but ok to stop and admire the view and boulders while you catch your breath.

Gorgeous rock formations and desert scrub. If you are at Joshua Tree for the first time this is a must visit.

14 days ago

Loved this little hike! Unfortunately, we couldn’t camp because there was a lot of washed up debris, but we enjoyed our campsite at La Push!

Really awesome, not too difficult hike. Did this at sunrise and it was worth it

rock climbing
16 days ago

This review is for the Chasm of Doom within hidden valley. Two people that had done this scramble through the rocks led our group. Several times occurred when foothold coaching was necessary, or there was complete darkness, or you had to lie flat and shimmy through narrow spaces. At one point, you come to a sort of window in the side of a mountain with big rock ledges where you can sit in the sun, take in the views and see activity in the parking area below you. I got pretty bruised up from this scramble but it was super fun.

Beautiful loop trail with some stunning rock views

Beautiful Hike. would go again in the spring/summer to get the best sunset view. went while it was raining. So awesome

Fun hike today 2/03, snowshoes not really needed as the trail is well travelled. The dirt road up is getting more challenging by the day, there was a stuck 4Runner and Xterra on the way out. Made it all the way to the creek crossing with a 4WD Honda Pilot and some momentum without getting stuck though, so it's still possible. Well worth the trip!

trail running
21 days ago

Wash running In a tight canyon for the first 4 miles. Took the turnoff to canyon view trail and back to black rock. Lots of up and down elevation change on canyon view. A challenging but rewarding 7 miles. Don’t step in the horse poop!

Loved it great hike

Used the trail today (1-26). For the foreseeable future use your snow shoes. Fun hike. Will hike it in the spring to see how different it is.

One of my favorite hikes in JT. Steady up; easy down. Beautiful views the entire way.

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