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enjoyed this hike

10 days ago

My boyfriend and I did this trail yesterday. The gravel road was longer than we expected to get to trail head. The actual hike was great for being not an avid hiker. It was dry and very well kept. I’d definitely do it again! The waterfall look out is a plus as well!

well maintained, easy walk. bugs are bad in the evening.

The trails are not CLOSED. A section washed out has a detour & works very well. The Trails are NOT Closed.

11 days ago

Drive across the bridge and park in the small lot on the left. Walk back over the bridge and on the right hand side (on the other side of the guard rail) you will find a steep hill. There is a cable attached with "handles" to help you get down and back up. Head left at the bottom of the hill.
It's fairly flat unless you decide to take one of the side trails (there's what's left of an abandoned 57 or 58 Fury at the bottom of one of the side trails). Even with the dry summer we've had there was mucky mud in a few places but nothing horrible. At a certain point you will come to a Y in the trail and apparently you head left (or up) to see the old school. We accidently went the other way...oops.
Supposedly it's kid and dog friendly but you would probably have to carry them down the steep hill from the main road. Also, there are nettles if you wander off the trail (and some along side of it) so be careful.
Bring water and comfy shoes with good traction and enjoy the outdoors!

The beginning of the trail is really hard to get to and very steep. Once you get on the trail it's very nice.

19 days ago

Green lake and Chenuis falls combo

Temp: 55 degrees. Clear and sunny
Start: 8:04am
End: 12:20pm
Total distance: 11.5 miles
Green lake trail condition: Good, but some overgrowth due to low traffic.

Arrived at the trailhead just before 8:00a. Trailhead parking lot was full (10 cars), so I parked along the road 100 ft away. Based on how many people I interacted with during the hike (very little), I suspect most of the car belonged to campers at the Ipsut Creek campsite. TH parking should be day use only.

The Pre-Hike: As most have mentioned, the trailhead to the Green lake TH is a 3.0 mile walk along forestry gravel road with minimal incline. Yes boring, but very peaceful.

Green Lake trail: Upon arrival (9:02a), there is a makeshift wood bike rack and large TH sign. The trailhead starts right off with an upward jaunt (10% grade). But will level off a little in about 200 ft or so for a bit then upwards again. The grade cycles various time (5%~20% grade)...keeping in mind the TH (2180 ft) to the lake (3320 ft) is roughly 1200 ft in elevation. At about 1 mile, you can see the clearly marked Ranger Falls viewpoint sign. Nice falls. Continuing: Upward again for another 0.7 miles to the crest of the trail. Soon you will see the bridge and in a few hundred feet, the trail goes down a little to the lakes edge (arrived 10:05a). You will see logs all bunched up where you can walk on them for picture taking. I didn't see a perimeter trail to vernture further, but did see LOTs of water mosquitoes floating. Ickkk. I had tons of DEET 40% lotion on and Permethrin treated clothes, so they didn't bother me much. lol. After about 10 min, I headed back down. Overall a good hike. No grand views though.

Chenuis Falls: Back at the Green Lake TH, headed east again for 0.5 miles to the Chenuis Falls TH. Immediately, you will go down to the rivers edge and cross a long wood bridge. Its sturdy. If nervous, don't stare too much at the high river flow beneath...you'll get dizzy and get off balance. Once crossing that, walk along the sandy, rocky path to waterless bridges #2, #3, #4. You'll soon be at the other side. You'll cross couple more as you enter the woods again. But within 75 ft, you will see the falls pool. You're there. Enjoy. Go for a swim. Its not deep, but very clean and clear. Cold too.

The walk back to the car was so exciting. Not. Took my time and took pictures of the massive trees.
Overall a nice hike. Bring a bike (with family) and you can ride all the way to Ipsut Creek.


Trail is a nice loop, walked it with my dog. All dogs I came across were on leash. Park and restrooms are clean. Nice playground. Lake is good for fishing, paddle boarding and floating but too gross for swimming or wading.

Make sure you know where the trailhead is! The other spots are dangerous! If you park in the small gravel lot, walk back across the bridge on the same side of the street and you'll see a yellow street sign, climb over the guardrail, and there's a cable to grab onto with pegs to grab! if that's not there, you're at the wrong spot! Other than that, the hike is fairly easy. at the bottom of the cable, go LEFT if you want to see the old town. When you get down you'll 1st pass an old wall on the right. The next thing you'll see is the dynamite Shack on the left, then up ahead on the right, off trail, look down & you'll see an old car. Go up a little further, at the fork, go left up the hill to see the old school Foundation. After that, you're on your own. We went back down the hill and went left and went for several more miles of nothing but Trail. Apparently up ahead there's a fork where we went left but if were have gone right we would have hit the river. Great family hike! Dog friendly! Looking forward to going out again! (Also, i do not believe this is a loop.)

25 days ago

Great trail with the dog. The best access is 2.4 miles before the bridge. There is a large sign on the right side of the road and a small area on the shoulder for parking. I would have had a hard time getting my dog down the steep and rock path if we had stopped at the bridge.. Perfect for a hike on a warm, sunny day.

25 days ago

This is a fun family hiking trail with just a couple of short hills. There are a couple of view points on an otherwise wooded trail. Great for just a walk in the woods. The trail was in great shape with just a bit of brush encroaching in a few places. Bugs weren’t bad hiking mid morning.

25 days ago

First 3 miles is flat and on gravel path, the mine trail to the right about a mile in (.3 miles) is a great way to warm up for the hike to green lake. we shot over to the river for a bit too before the hike up (stunning). Green Lake is 1.8 miles and fairly steep. Ranger falls is gorgeous, we went down to the bottom of the falls and there is a path to go right up next to the falls before you even get to the ranger falls sign (a small makeshift log bench marks the trail) Green lake is just a few 100' past the log foot bridge over the river, such an amazing hike. Would recommend going early for a peaceful time at the lake lookout.

We’ve biked and walked this one. Very nice trail, but can be a bit crowded. There is a fun playground about a quarter of the way in from the south end.

road biking
1 month ago

Nice bike ride with a few hills. Paved for the 11.5 miles. Easy to moderate depending on your level and bike training.

Beautiful hike! We hit some pretty bad mosquitoes while down in the trees, but they were absent up in the meadows and higher.
Great views, fun glissading, a chilly polar plunge and very patient Park Rangers made for a very rewarding hike.

great hike with my parents, husband and stepson!

I'd give this a 5 star, but the bathrooms at the entrance are still closed due to vandalism. I bring my grandkids here often, we love all the trails and especially the center trail on the boardwalk out to the marsh overlook. My granddaughter loves to take pics of the swallows and my grandson just loves the peace and quiet.

Beautiful hike we did Friday. Once you get to the trail's beginning (3 miles down the now closed-to-vehicles Carbon River Road), it is 1.8 miles with a significant elevation gain to Green Lake. Nicely maintained trail through the woods. You pass Ranger Falls about half-way, and cross over a log bridge (not as scary as it might sound) before getting to the lake. Others had brought their hammocks and hung out there for a while.

Went May, 2017 - was beautiful with lots swallows and some marsh wren along extended boardwalk.

It was a great place to do some laps when you want to be out in nature and chat while walking with a friend. We got some miles in with great scenery.

Amazing peacefully

1 month ago

Great family hike! The not so haunted trail was a little disappointing. We could only get to two of the buildings because that part of the trail is very overgrown and not maintained. Depending on where you come into the trail it is easy to miss. We followed the GPS directions coming from the south. We walked right passed the trail leading to the buildings. You have to take one of the offshoots to get to the buildings but there are many offshoots. Luckily other hikers pointed us in the right direction only to climb a rocky and steep trail to find a lot of overgrowth making it very difficult to go any further.
Overall, the hike itself was great! The trail is well maintained and the scenery is beautiful!! The entrance/exit were not as bad as I thought they would be from other posts. The cable is very easy to use.
Would recommend as a leisurely hike!

The first 3 miles were walking on a gravel road which was nice and beautiful but was a little boring. Once we reached the trailhead it was like stepping into another world! Loved the 1.8 mile trail to the lake. Would definitely recommend because of that part.

trail running
1 month ago

A decent out and back. Some beautiful old growth and some views that sneak out later on in the trail. You can get down to the river earlier on in the hike, but it definitely requires some creative scrambling. As everyone before me has said, MUD! The main trail was deeply muddy from 1 to 2.5 miles from the trailhead. It made the side trails that much more appealing.

1 month ago

I was not to impressed with the first three miles of fire roads, it was a beautiful walk and pretty easy. Once on the green lake trail I was pretty happy! It was a beautiful hike! The lake was absolutely breathtaking ❤️

1 month ago

Gorgeous solo trip and first up of the day.... Love the falls too!

1 month ago

Lots of families on this Fathers Day. Very flat as indicated & exposed somewhat. Go early to avoid the burning rays. The falls do have a trail but we only attempted did not go all the way as we had a Sr doggy with us & didn’t’ feel safe. We drove down 410 on the way out & took a look at the actual falls from a distance

Nice hike for early season conditioning. Ranger Falls is a great stop on the way to the lake.

2 months ago

Pretty flat trail for the most part. Trail features 2 waterfalls which is nice, walk along some rushing water during some of the hike. Wish you could get closer to the falls, we tried but could only see from a little bit of a distance. Would do this hike again.

2 months ago

We just moved to Washington, and our home goods are still being shipped here so we chose an easier trail that didn’t require much beyond our tennis shoes and workout clothes. We got there at around 9:30, and it was very quiet.
There was an increase in hikers when we were almost back to the parking lot, and there was very little parking there at about 11:30.
I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to get out and do a hike that won’t take up your whole day.
The falls were gorgeous, but I wouldn’t recommend the last scramble to families with little ones or anyone who can’t do a steep climb on rocks.
However, the whole trail until then was so beautiful and I loved the river views and clear forest streams.
Don’t let rain or an early rise stop you from getting out!

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