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my husband and I arrived around 8:45 am this morning to hike this trial. it must’ve been a good day to go, because there really weren’t many people on the way up or down! the hike up was really nice since it was still early, the temperatures were perfect! we didn’t stop much, so we arrived at the hot springs a little over an hour. the hot pools were smelly, but beautiful, the water was super blue! my only complaint was that one of the only people up there at the same time as us was a middle aged man, all alone, ass naked wallowing in the pool with the double waterfall. I expected to see some naked teenagers, but seeing this guy was actually pretty creepy, we didn’t appreciate that he kept standing up and exposing himself either. it was much hotter on the way down but it took only 45 minutes or so, it’s a really good hike for all skills levels with a great reward!

2 hours ago

Pretty walk.

Nice short hike, a little steep. Cave is kind of a let down but the river and waterfall are worth it

fun easy hike with and it's fun to play in the water

We loved this little place. The trail is easy enough for a wheelchair or a stroller for most/all of it. The cave is more like an overhang, but still fun. The waterfall is the best part. It's refreshing and great to take picture with!

11 hours ago

The trail on its own is a great introduction for inexperienced hikers. My 5 year old son could accomplish the trail without needing any assistance or requiring a break. It has a few log bridges that cross the waterfall's stream that kids enjoy. The stream's size fluctuates depending on the run-off, but I have never seen it go above ankle deep.

This trail seems to attract a big crowd. plan accordingly around peak times or you maybe disappointed.

The first part of the trail can accommodate groups rather nicely as it is wide excluding a few passes. It felt like a relatively safe trail for children to be lightly supervised.

If you decide to keep hiking past the initial waterfall the trail starts to increase in difficulty considerably. More water and incline conditioning is required.

We went mid July on a Sunday at 7 am. And very much worth it. The parking is insanely limited, so arrive early.

The hike was great! Not too difficult or easy.

The Hot Springs do have a smell, but that’s expected. We did come across a ton of trash, including half a watermelon, that we packed out of there. Otherwise, I’ll absolutely be back!!

The easiest hike I’ve done it is short and so pretty with all the pine trees around. The water fall is small but a really nice place to go . I recommend it to go really early in the morning so you can enjoy the place to yourself.

Very steep hike. Beautiful views. Paved with lots of resources at areas but little shade. The caves are very cool and feel good after a hike up in 90+*! My kids ages 4-11 all did it with a few piggy-back rides for the 4 year old. Definitely a bucket list hike!

A very clean and uncrowded area. People complaining about it being to hot are the ones who can't force themselves to get up before 9:00 am. It's a beautiful temperature through 6 - 7 am. Beware it gets more crowded around 9 am. The falls where beautiful and there is a small stream that comes from the falls that you see 1/4 the way there. The trail goes on past the falls, and leads to a pretty view of the city inbetween the mountains. I went at the perfect time as was able to see the sun rise over the mountains near the end of the trail.

This area is dry and hot this year. I started out about 9am. 30min in it was hot. We passed by the first waterfall and found the trail nice and empty. It is very busy the first .5 miles to the falls.

One other complaint is the bathroom at Kiwanis park at the trail head is disgusting, toilet paper smeared all over the ground with brownish liquid all over them., no toilet paper on the rolls. Stinky with allot of flies. There is a park behind the high school on road you come in on that is so much nicer.

The water was really stinky like rotten eggs. It kinda made the hike not enjoyable. I might have gone at the wrong time of the year. I’ll have to come back in spring

Fun hike for the family. The walk in has shade and the area near the falls is a great place to sit or walk in the water.

Easy 1/2 mile hike to the first waterfall, but going past that gets pretty difficult. Very steep. We made it 2 miles in and turned back. We thought the 4 mile estimate for this trail was round trip, but later learned it is one way. Also, many people said they took their small kids on this easily - maybe to the first Falls. Past that, I cannot see a child that size getting terribly far (I have 2 small children myself). Overall though, we enjoyed it...challenging & great scenery!

This hike is great. The trail is indeed, busy and heavily trafficked. Unfortunately, there is trash and dog poo. But... once the trail begins to run alongside the creek, it’s beautiful. Then, the falls. It’s a fun and safe hike to the falls.
If you hike past the falls, elevation climbs drastically. For those of us who are not from Utah... the elevation really affects the lungs. But it’s beautiful. Take lots of water, and prepare for an uphill climb in... and a steep downhill out.
Also: the trail goes much farther than the 4-miles in, as it merges with a couple other trails, including Dry Canyon. There appear to be rustic camp sites along the trail...

3 days ago

(As of 7/10 the main entrance is actually closed!!) Fun hike with my dog. There's a few spots where it's rocky and steep so it can be a little tricky to scale, but other than that it's a pretty easy hike. It took us like an hour round trip. The top is very scenic. You can see the windmills facing the canyon and pretty much the entire valley. Would be a good evening hike, there is no shade on the trail. There's actually several different little pathways you can take. If you go up Spanish Oaks drive towards the gate, but you take the left turn right before the gate and head all the way down that road, then take another left it'll take you to a crossroad where to the right it's a dead end and to the left it continues curving down. Park in the dead end and hike up the little dirt trail and it'll put you right on track to walk straight up to the cross. You have to take this route because they closed the other route as they do construction around the reservoir.

An amazing geological site! Great for young kids!

great fun, kids had a blast. we brought them in their swim suits and shorts on top so they could play in some of the little pond formations. overall, we had a great time.

We truly loved this Trail. It was beautiful. once we made our way to the falls, it was easy to walk through the shallow or parts of the Little River to be able to see all sides. Highly recommended.

One of my favorite trails in this area. Go early because the trail is mostly in the sun. I went the first day and turned around (started to late in the day). The next day started at 6:30. Incline is not too hard, scenery beautiful, and trail clearly defined. You get all kinds of scenery- cliffs, wooded areas, meadows. It’s just lovely.

The hike is beautiful! Very easy for anyone, in that there is only a slight elevation gain, and it’s heavily shaded for most of the trail. Lots of red rock, trees, and people kept talking of snakes, though we didn’t see any, unfortunately. The reward at the end are the hot springs. Which, smell really bad. Some parts are boiling hot and should be avoided, while most of the areas is perfect temperature and a great place to relax. If you’re lucky enough to get the first pool, before reaching the small waterfall and remainder of the hot springs, take it. It’s the deepest, largest, and most private of all. And surprisingly, there weren’t many people for a Saturday. Highly recommend the hike!

Fun and easy it does get steep. the waterfall is beautiful.

Vey easy hike, until you get to the falls. If you want to hike to the top, plan to get your feet wet. Totally worth the effort, it's even great for kids!

I love this trail. It was easy. It is a little bit hard to get to the donut fall. I went there in the evening around 5pm so there was not many people as people mentioned.

on Cassidy Arch Trail

7 days ago

If you don't do the rappels this is an easy, well marked trail that is great for all the family. And a view of the arch from above is unique. My nephews did the rappel route and they loved it.

8 days ago

Overcrowded and unsafe.

It was packed with people and little kids. Someone above the grotto dislodged a bolder that came crashing down into the area below. It was a miracle no one was killed or seriously injured. It was a hot day so everyone was in the shade around the edges around the edge of the grotto. If a kid was in the sun or crossing from one side to the other they could have easily been crushed.

My sister in law's ankle was hit by rock fragments. We did some quick first aid, packed up and left.

There are dozens of other great hikes in Payson Canyon. If you do go to the grotto, I would suggest avoiding crowded Saturdays during peak summer. In any case, keep your kids close and be hyper aware of who and what's above you.

Great time killer, bring a picnic

Beautiful! 5 and 6 year old did it with no problem.

It is a short hike. I went with my 4 yr old and he did great. Pretty falls and scenery.

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