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10 hours ago

Started with light rain. Trail has many spots that could use water bars. Lots of water on the trail. Bring your waterproof boots. No snow from TH to Lower Lena. Light traffic. Bring oxygen mask and TP if you use the TH bathrooms. Ugh!

One of my favorites! It was pretty soggy today. I wore rain boots and my fiance wore some sturdy hiking shoes. We were both just fine :) The only difficulty was directly after the bridge was under a couple inches of water, but there were some logs laid down for you to walk on. Beautiful!

Unreal. Easy access, fun hike. Feels like summer in mid January.

3 days ago

Awesome view. Definitely worth the steep climb and ropes to get to the top.

easily completed within a few hours, great for the whole family.

This is a great easy hike for anyone. My kids love it and I I enjoy on my own. There are multiple trails that connect so make sure you stick to your trail or better yet, take a photo of the map. Trails are clear and maintained.

My own negative comment is the amount of people who ignore the “dogs must be leashed at all times” sign. Every time I’m here I have multiple dogs run up to me. I haven’t been hurt by one yet, but it’s not enjoyable having a large dog run at you and the owner yelling at it to stop.

It was a nice hike except for the motorcycles. The views were amazing.

No snow, no ice. it almost felt like spring. some water on the trail, but nothing anyone can't manage.

on Rocky Brook Falls

7 days ago

Great short hike for any age and skill level. Waterfall was breathtaking!

An amazing hike. Easy parking access. Great views and multiple trails to explore!

I’ve hiked this trail several times throughout the year. The trail is in good condition and easy to follow. There are a few inches of snow at the top but it’s still safe to scramble the shoulder for the view.

Avoid the upper goat path. I is thick enough to be a hazard but to thin to work with just under 1/4”. Fall protection gear is highly recommended. For above the continuation.

Hiked January 8, 2019

Good trail, very pet friendly. Great views of the surrounding area.

13 days ago

mud boots recommended for occasional ankle deep water and mud today. thanks to the person who made this suggestion.

14 days ago

Beautiful falls

this is my favorite option for when I don't have the time to drive far, but I'd really like to be surrounded by trees.

Signage easy to follow, and an easy trail to walk or run, as your preference.

Nice hike. Good if you want something that’s not too difficult. Winter so it wasn’t to busy but even still on our way back down we saw many people on their way up. Beautiful views of waterfalls and the lake is lovely. Only specs of snow at the moment.

Loved this hike. It tested not only my physical strength but also mental strength. beautiful views and worth the rope climb to the top!

16 days ago

Be prepared to get wet if you go in the winter! The falls were incredible. It was a very easy hike and took us about an hour to get there, take in the falls and relax a bit, and get back to our car. Some tourists in running shoes and umbrellas managed it just fine, too!

17 days ago

What a gorgeous hike. I hiked this on December 24th and you begin in a lush forest even during winter, there is a lot of green and a lot of huge trees. I didn’t encounter any snow but there was snow present on slopes further up past the trail. It definitely deserves the hard rating if hiked all the way to the top. If stopping at the first viewpoint it may be a moderate. There is a lot of elevation gain quick. The last part after the end of the maintained trail is a little sketchy, some ropes are there to help up but I wouldn’t place all your weight on them. The view from the top is definitely worth it.

Damn I loved this hike. One of my top 3 for 2018, along with Angel’s Landing in Zion and Old Rag in Shenandoah. If you feel confident in your balance and climbing skills, you need to go all the way to the top. If not, I wouldn’t risk it. Once you go past the end-of-maintained-trail sign, things get pretty hairy ... and fun. The ropes are fine for balance, but I wouldn’t trust them with full body weight. Another reviewer said one snapped. Take a pair of heavy gloves, even if it’s hot, for navigating the rocks at the top, and especially on the way down from the peak. I took a couple long breaks and several short ones on the way up. It’s a great workout. This is a bucket list hike for me.

Really easy hike! Most people go for the stump house but the beach offers beautiful views, as well. Especially in the fall.

Graveled path for most of the way and beautiful forest.

12/30 What a gorgeous hike! Just a little bit of snow near the lake but the trail is definitely wet. Bring waterproof shoes! There's so much to see on the way up. The restroom at the lake was locked but someone had broken into one of the stalls. I feel guilty for saying this, but Im really glad they did.

Beautiful hike

Very short hike, but amazing

Very easy trail that meanders along a river and a smaller stream. Last few hundred feet to the waterfall are very steep and require a climb up a few dozen stairs. However, the end experience is well worth the effort.

23 days ago

Great hike! Conditions last week of December were good. A few muddy spots. A few down trees, but nothing serious. There was a little snow at the top, but none on the trail.

The climb starts off very steep. If you have a hard time at the start, expect the same difficulty for the duration of the climb. I would say the last .5 miles is a pretty narrow trail and probably isn’t the best for people with a fear of heights. It also gets a little steep, I would call it a scramble. There are fixed ropes in place but note these aren’t the best ropes. One broke on someone in front of me on the way down. Overall, I would say this a difficult hike. Proper gear, water, and snacks should be used.

Not really a hike, but a beautiful spot! It’s raging right now. Quite a sight.

Pretty hike! I’d love to come back and camp sometime. Some bugs, not too bad. Popular trail, parking fills up fast.

28 days ago

Trail was soaked in water

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