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Started from the Carderock Recreation Area, combined Billy Goat Trail A, B, and C with the Overlook Trail, made a nice 10 mike hike. Carderock has a lot more parking spaces than Anglers.

just beautiful...watch your ankles...but.just beautiful

Just a lot of fun. They've done a great job if incorporating a lot of hiking into a relatively small area. You could spend a lot of time loving it!

Just finished hiking the 10.25 loop here today. The trails were very well marked but for longer distances you saw some of the same things. To call this a moderate hike is a bit much if you have done any hiking before. Still a gorgeous place to go and see the waterfall.

Went on a gorgeous early March day. Saw tons of birds and the river/canal/falls were all beautiful. Unfortunately section A was closed due to flooding, and sections B and C were fun but pretty easy. All in all a nice day!

one of my favorite places I have ever ran.

I really enjoy the trails at Manassas. Great place to take the dog on a weekend.

Hike to the falls is easy, mostly on a gravel road and not incredibly scenic. The falls itself is beautiful but unfortunately covered in ugly graffiti.

It's a great trail with beautiful views. It is important to know to go to the Billy goat trail you must enter from the Maryland side of the park and not Virginia side

Beautiful trail, very enjoyable hike. Please note - trail loop as shown on this app is NOT possible with high water. We had to back track, luckily found a bridge to cross, and then crossed again through the creek at a low and slow part, to return to the trailhead. The loop shown assumes you can cross where the falls meet the creek / river. Water too fast for that. Might save a couple new to the area hikers from a similar predicament, with daylight quickly running out. ;)

1 month ago

Easy walk to falls. Follow the trail to the right (as you are looking over the falls) to reach the bottom. Use trail to access the area underneath the falls, then continue to follow trail until you reach the second falls. You can exit on the opposite side of the second falls and follow old logging road back to original falls. Fun, easy hike.

This was a beautiful hike. I loved the waterfall! I used the map in this app to track where I was on the trail. I’m not sure I would have known where to go without it, so I’m glad that feature is available. When you get to the top of the falls, turn right and then make your way down after you go down the trail a bit further. Once at the bottom of the falls, if you cross over the creek and follow it down stream a bit until it curves around to the left, you can turn left at that curve and follow that upstream to another smaller waterfall that’s beautiful and very peaceful. This one is marked kid friendly. I wouldn’t take my small kids with me (ages 4 and 5). Older kids would be ok. It’s a little tricky getting down to the falls and back up to the trail if you’re inexperienced or for littles. Overall, beautiful, short hike and totally worth it.

1 month ago

A great hike and friendly people to meet along the way. Did run into a few snakes, but nothing to worry about if you are aware of your surroundings!

Difficult for sure, but well worth it. Just be expecting to be sore for the next few days afterward if you aren’t in great shape.

1 month ago

The hike was vary fun and challenging, but not too hard when it came to the ups and downs.

1 month ago

Great trail. Loved scrambling on the rocks. Nice river views - especially beautiful with remnants of snow and ice.

Had a great time hiking this trail! Beautiful water if you go down the rocks near the waterfall

we spent 3hours doing Section A plus one of the spurs and it was very beautiful. Heavy traffic buy everyone was respectful of one another.

Great Trail. Super Easy or super boring depending on how you look at it, well the first part anyway. you take a don't path that leads to the top of the falls.once at the top you'll notice a little stream, don't cross over if you wanna get down to the bottom ( and believe me you will want to go.) The top of the falls is quite senic with a couple good spots. To get down to the bottom take a right at the top and not the LEFT, to the right is easier to get down there area few small paths that take you down the side into the canyon. Once down it's pretty spectacular to see a 90 foot drop. We went this past weekend and even saw it frozen down at the bottom. It is well worth the trip and can add another to the list.

Nature at it’s best!

2 months ago

One of the best hikes in the DMV area for sure.

Keep in mind, the trail is around a historic battlefield. Given that it is a battlefield, it is mostly cleared, with not that many trees. But it is beautiful, hilly, and with the mountains off in the horizon. It can be hard to distinguish the path from the hills because it is a flattened grass trail to preserve the original look. The nearby roads are also unfortunately a bit loud and an eyesore.

Not overly challenging couple mile loop, only difficult part is the trail is mostly on rocks that can be somewhat difficult to navigate, beautiful views of the river. Super crowded trail so if you want a hike to get away this isn’t for you.

section A offers some challenge and sections B&C are good for fun easy hikes.

So much biodiversity on this trail, and a bit of a challenge! The rock scramble is kind of intimidating and once you get to the high area with big rocks at the top of the trail, it can get tricky. I wouldn’t recommend this trail for dogs or children. Amazing views, so many opportunities to sit and take it all in with a lunch break. A short day hike, and worth the work! I would strongly recommend against doing this trail in slippery conditions.

2 months ago

This was an awesome loop. We had to park outside of the park because snow had the road closed...just added 1.4 miles each way. The rocks were slick and icy. The 50 foot wall was interesting but a lot of fun!

fun, nice views. towpath..not so much

Great trail

I loved this hike! I wish I lived nearby because I'd come to this park everyday if I could! It's so serene and the trail is beautifully shaded. Great for my pups too!

3 months ago

This trail was so fun to do and I felt so accomplished after. I wasn’t expecting a 50 ft rock climbing wall in trail A which really intimidated me but I was really proud I was able to go up with ease. Pack lots of water. Wear appropriate shoes. You’ll want to bring a camera for the amazing views. The trail is marked really well with blue markers and the trail was really clean and quiet on the weekday afternoon I went. Got some really gorgeous pictures with my boyfriend.

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