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Awesome hike. If you’re afraid of heights don’t do this hike and whine about how dangerous it is in the review.

Gorgeous hike! Yes, know your comfort level and your limits. We went to the top along the ride and up the middle, and I'm pregnant :-) I crab crawled back down to be extra careful though, but it was beautiful and worth it.

Really enjoyed this hike! Didn’t go all the way around the loop due to hiking in my birks (felt too sketchy on the cliff side). There is a really great view point about halfway in the hike. It’s at the first clearing to the left.

I wouldn’t recommend going to the top. It’s a straight drop down on both sides with loose rocks.

Great treail. Park toward the higher end of Logan and hike a shorter up and back.

It was great! One of my fellow hikers turned 64 today and he stood on top of God’s Thumb to celebrate.

Very nice. Trail was muddy, ended up wearing some on my backside. Rocky beach was a worthwhile payoff. Elk crossing the road as we left.

I really love this Trail. Great canopy, beautiful Lush Greenery, elevation, beautiful sights and sounds. Enjoy.

A pretty easy hike through old growth forest with views of the Pacific Ocean. The end point is worth it, only wished we had packed some snacks and wine to enjoy while there. Heading back we also took the short trail down to the beach and watched the surfers with the fog rolling in. Loved it!!

16 days ago

A beautiful trail with great views! The trail is a tad bit challenging with the number of roots crowding the path. Would highly recommend going during the summer time!

24 days ago

Did this a while back—will never forget getting down to the beach by rope. Had the place to myself. Very solitary. Saw a banana slug on the way back for good measure :)

Very steep to the top and very challenging specially with a toddlerette but definitely worth it! We did the whole loop and the trail in itself is super pretty! Shaded, cool breeze, lovely view!

A well maintained trail with beautiful old growth forest and amazing viewpoints near the top end of the trail. There are lots of roots in the trail so watch your step. The trail does have a steady gradual incline

26 days ago

A lot of roots, but lots of great views

29 days ago

Good for kids and pets. Easy for any age group.

1 month ago

Some technical sections, views are with it!

I read a review earlier citing several sources that reported accidents on this trail. It was stated that the trail is unstable. I didn't find it to be unstable. It has steep grades with loose dirt so I would advise trekking poles to aid in both downhill and uphill and to provide stability and support. I also recommend taking your time and knowing your limits. After reading the review that stated the trail was unstable I was concerned. I researched it as much as possible. Here is my take. I believe that in most cases accident and injury can be avoided if you follow basic hiking precautions. I hiked away from the edge. I had trekking poles, I had an emergency kit and plenty of water and layers. I checked the weather prior to going and I had familiarized myself with the trail. I wore proper hiking shoes and I knew I was conditioned for a hike like this. Additionally I viewed a youtube video that was taken by drone to get a feel for the actual size of the summit/peak to make sure it wasn't sheer dropoffs on all sides. It is not. There is ample space to be at the top and avoid the edges. I never encountered any "unstable" areas of the trail, meaning areas where it was eroding or could give way under you. It is uneven. There are roots and rocks to take into account and when the dirt is dry it can shift a bit under foot. If you are a cautious and careful hiker and have basic common sense this hike should be plenty safe. There are of course things we can't account for. But the hike and trail itself is fine if you respect your limits and the limits of what is safe to do there.

Absolutely beautiful; a majestic, fairy-filled wonderland! We parked a car at each end of the trail (highly recommend), and went from Indian Beach all the way to Seaside. Including our many stops for photo ops, and lunch break, it took 3.5 hours. There’s AT&T cell service the whole time, but definitely a good amount of mud. 81 flights of stairs, and about 14,000 steps according to the iPhone.

1 month ago

This was my first time hiking Cape Falcon. It was an easy hike with some stunning views. There were several areas with a lot of roots, so watch your footing. With that in mind, don't forget to look up an enjoy the sights around you. I will definitely hike this again, but only on weekdays. Fewer people and dogs since I bring my four legged sidekick with me everywhere.

Fun hike. Started at Indian Beach parking lot and did the Tillamook Head out & back. The trail is a little muddy in places but it’s a rain forest so no big surprise. I’d wear some sort of hiking or trail shoe/boot just for the added traction.

Hiked from Oswald west parking area to elk trail across the bridge, to devils cauldron, to north neahkahnie mountain trail, then went down on the west side and finished on the 101 going back to Oswald west parking area.

Beautiful views! Very busy trail and lots of tree roots to walk over. Inclines were not bad at all. Get there early because the parking gets full.

This was a lovely, quick little day hike with lots of shade and pretty views. We started at the parking lot which took us up through the neighborhood then onto the trail. It's mostly easy with a few steep parts, but totally doable if you're slow and steady. The trail becomes a little scary as you approach God's Thumb because you're hiking along the ridge and it's slightly disorienting.
We were not able to reach the top of God's Thumb though because someone had fallen off the cliff and was being rescued when we got there. Moral of the story is, be cautious!
We had beautiful views though, and we will definitely do this hike again.

1 month ago

Beautiful! Not very muddy, and what mud was there was firm. Recommend getting here early though, parking filled up fast! Only 3 other cars in the lot when we arrived at 9am, completely full when we left at around 12:30. Bathrooms are past the trailhead, across the street.

Great hike! Definitely worth it. Hard to find parking, but there is some street parking about 100 feet from the trailhead-- if youre lucky. There's a gate that says no trespassing, just go around it and follow it up. There's a house, but the trail starts before you get near the house. It's off to the side. Beautiful views! But my friend and I did get dive bombed by a huge hawk, so be careful.

1 month ago

great trail for taking kids and dogs on! View at the end is incredible

1 month ago

Easy hike with plenty to see and hear. Loved walking through the forest and hearing the ocean waves. Great panoramic views from the highest point, and make sure to head to the end of the Cape Falcon trail to view the secluded black sand beach. We got to the trail head at about 8:45 and only started encountering other hikers on the way back, so go early for more quiet time, as this is a popular route with families. My favorite hike on the coast!

There have been several people who had to be rescued from this trail due to treacherous conditions. The trail is unstable, the fog and wind unpredictable. Please research this before using the trail.




5 stars for the view at the end, but this trail wasn’t very exciting. There are also no signs at all so you have to know where you’re going. For those that may not know, if you open the map of the trail from this app while you’re hiking, you can follow along as a blue dot so you know if you’re on the right path! That feature really came in handy on this trail.

Fun little hike-run. Did an out and back, and the views were stunning all directions! Beware of the steep cliff at the top with children and or DOGS! There are no signs and a good drop off over the ridge! 

Great hike. They are currently cutting back overgrowth (which was needed) Moderate is a good description. There’s some steep bits but mostly easy. Towards the Thumb it gets narrow and steep and the dirt is loose and dry so it’s a bit scary at times. We were carrying a 1 year old and 3 year old on our backs. I think doing a solo hike this would have been less of an issue but carrying a tiny human- things get a tad scarier. Overall— stunning and we’ll do it again sometime. They do need some signage tho. There’s two great viewpoints and you might miss one.
FYI- park at the state park. We watched them driving rounds looking for cars to ticket that parked on the road when walking up to the trail head.

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