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Very pleasant and leisurely ride on a sunny fall afternoon from Coronado to IB and back. We brought our bikes and found free parking easily by the trailhead. Went out and back around sunset. It took us two hours.

5 days ago


Great trail! Hike this trail a few times a year

The visitor loop is a great short little 1+ mile trail run. Gorgeous views and perfect weather!

Absolutely beautiful hike. Yes, much of it is along the beach. Yes, there are plenty of naked people passing by. But the seaside cliffs, ocean views and Torrey Pines trails are gorgeous and worth the trip. Watching the paragliders was fun too. I went on a Sunday. It was very easy to find parking in the early to late morning. It gets very crowded by the afternoon.

Nice little stroll don't expect an actual hike during this time. You can walk down to the beach and dogs are welcome.

beautiful path, has helped me to get my fitness goals, nice scenery, vegetation, sea breeze, birds and the ocasionally chopter that does not bother me at all.

Amazing Views along the coast

3 months ago

It's more of a stroll than a hike. The views are gorgeous and there are several spots that you can stop and swim at a little beach. We went on a Sunday afternoon and it was heavily crowded. You can rent those bike carts that allow four passengers to pedal and the path was littered with them, and they rang the bell provided them and yelled and hollered at walkers and cyclists to move instead of sharing the road. Very annoying and aggressive at times.

I think this would be a lovely sunset stroll.

Iconic, love it. Fav surf spot in town too!

Trail is super easy and it is under construction. The pass is closed however if you look hard enough you will find a hidden trail, scale down the edge of the mountain and it leads to a rope, climb down that rope and you have a beautiful beach that is secluded and private and all to yourself. That was the best part!

I would like to say it was hiking, but it was more walking along a nude beach for most of the stretch. Be forewarned there are a ton of clothing optional ladies and gents out there, mostly gents. You will probably feel very much out of place and over dressed but once you get past the first 3 miles of nudity (mostly males) there’s a good 3 or miles of terrain trail. Let me be clear as I should have read more of these reviews before I went. It’s not really a hike as much as it is a beach walk/run with a decent terrain at the end. If you’re reading this and it’s too late and you’ve already encountered too much skin exposure for a day you can take the roads back to the trail head.
Best of luck my friends.
P.S. I gave 2 Stars because I’m still recovering from the views.
But credit to the last 3 miles of the actual hike trek there were really good views of NATURE there.

Great and easy trail when your on the go and want to escape the city life. Park on any side street. There’s a little coffee shop at the start made out of a trailer camper. Enjoy!!

Easy, flat, very easy to navigate. Took the Bikeway from Coronado all the way to downtown SD. Labelling the whole way-- only difficult piece was along Harbor Dr where there's only a bike lane.

4 months ago

We live close to these tide pools! Absolutely beautiful!

However, this picture is of cabrillo national monument tide pool area that is off limits.

This picture is not of la jolla tide pool area.

4 months ago

All cement trails. No issues with stroller on trail.

Very basic

First place I went after I made it into San Diego and it did not disappoint. Watched the mist clear and the sunrise into a beautiful sunny day. I'd recommend it to anyone. The seals were my absolute favorite part!

Is under construction. Nothing but the dusty field(( All passes are closed

6 months ago

so beautiful and peaceful

beutiful this place

Beautiful views but yes be prepared to see naked people. We walked 6 miles in and out

We were in San Diego for a conference and stopped in the evening. A bit busy but everyone had there own thing going: yoga, surfing, dog walking, photography. Stayed to watch the sunset of course- was not disappointed.

A gorgeous overlook of the ocean at sunset, but not so much a hike.


beautiful spot! there will be crowds, it’s popular :)

7 months ago

Beautiful beach walk. If you're looking to enjoy some sun and the sounds of the ocean waves, this is the perfect place. Coronado is simply beautiful!

Dolphins, ocean, sand and nude dudes.

Nice run overall starts atop cliffs and onto the beach.


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