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The area between the first set of stairs and the summit is in poor condition creating difficulties on the descent. Avoid in icy conditions unless you have good micro spikes.

2 days ago

Wow... probably one of the most beautiful hike that I have ever done in my life... without my friend’s truck I would never be able to get there. Want to buy a 4x4 just so I can come back to here one day.

2 days ago

I went yesterday (18/Nov/11). I ran into snow about 3k before the main parking area so had to park and begin our hike there. This was my second time hiking Cheam and first time in the snow. I didn't expect as much snow as we encountered. Snow was very soft and the trails of course were self made. I summited without poles, crampons or snow shoes - so it's possible, but not recommended!

November 9th, 2018.
There was light snow starting at 7km into this hike, I made it to 9km and turned back as visibility had gotten to the point where I no longer felt safe to continue.
To the 9km mark and back to the Parking lot took me 7.5 hours

The snow will slow you down, and winter park hours may make this hike not possible unless staying the night.

Hike on

Great hike. 2 hours 40 minutes round trip. Fairly easy except near the top when there’s snow on the ground. Gets a little slippery and would recommend something to put on your boots for grip.

Nice area but lots of horse poop. Horses have right of way and riders can be unpleasant towards pedestrians. Will not be returning.

8 days ago

even it is short, in the trees, lots of root, wet that day, i still enjoy walk into the beautiful lake's backyard.
i took a super beautiful picture before sunset that the light just falling on the lake side.

10 days ago

Did this hike with my dad today and ventured on past Chadsey to the East lookout. Such an amazingly dense forest to wander through! The light shining through the forest and fog looked magical. I will share some pictures from today too.

Do this hike ATLEAST once!

Very good length and mostly calm. Right now there’s a lot of mud and puddles though, so your shoe definitely get dirty. For anybody!

10 days ago

This is a beautiful trail that we have walked a number of times but it is now tainted by the fact that someone broke into my vehicle yesterday (Nov 3/18) and stole my wife’s wallet. The lowlife also emptied the change from my ashtray. No windows were broken and the vehicle was locked up afterwards which leads me to believe that it was done with a slim jim (tow-truck driver’s tool).
I should mention that this was at the lot off McKinnon Cr.

Be cautious out there folks. We are seasoned hikers who slipped up and left something of value hidden away and not on our person. Nothing was left in sight. This was the job of someone who probably frequents this location looking to rip off hardworking families. Hopefully this headache doesn’t happen to you.

22 days ago

Top section is steep and very slippery. If you are afraid of height, you might find this section very challenging at times - more so on your way back. Hiking poles help. I suggest an early start, it gets really busy in the afternoons.

Hiked it twice. First time was on a rainy morning. Second time was on a hot sunny day. The second time around, with the heat and exposure, the hike felt so much harder. If hiking it in the summer, make sure to have plenty of water.

23 days ago

Best place for great time with newborn. Easy and calm.

24 days ago

Have done this hike a couple of times over the summer - love it! Quite the workout near the very top and loose gravel makes it bit tricky coming down. The view is beautiful! Make sure to pack lots of water for you and your four legged friends!

24 days ago

We made it up in our Ford Escape but I wouldn’t recommend going up without a decent truck. The hike on the other hand I would definitely recommend, stunning views and pretty easy going the whole way.

What a beautiful day to hike Elk. first time and I will hike Elk again and can't wait to snowshoes Elk.

Very fun trail. It has a few challenging activities. Prepare for high stairs and ladders.

25 days ago

Hiked this trail Oct.20th. Elk View road was closed leading to the trailhead. Not sure of when it will be re opened but we found a way to get there from the back roads. This hike was unreal!!! Amazing views highly recommend!

The hike up to Lindeman Lake is worth every second. The lake is stunning!

Spectacular views on a clear day. Good family hike that will tire the kids.

1 month ago

beautiful day to enjoy the fall colors on an easy walk/ hike the a few nice views of the lake, clean outhouse at south end

it was a nice sunny day☀. We did the 3 peaks all in 1 day. it was scrambling and steep. The chain was very helpful to climb up. I recommended this hike.

You need proper shoes and no need poles.

1 peak: scramble and ladder.

2 peak: Very challenging. Lots of chains to climb up. There is a shortcut to go to peak 3. It is a very short distance and simple view.

3 peak: from the top...You don't need to go back to the 2 peaks. You can climb down and turn right going to the parking lot. there is no chain or ladder to climb down but steep and lots of rocks.

The rocks are big and steep. You need to pay attention to yellow marks from 3 peaks going down to the parking lot.

1 month ago

Tough trail but great views. I stopped near the peak because I felt uncomfortable doing the rock scramble alone. I passed several people on the trail, especially near sunset. Recommend!

It’s was nice out so that made it better than anything else I’ve done lately

Great road bike area for my 7yr son while I walk the dog. A little noisy close to the highway and kinda bland scenery but not busy and still quite enjoyable

1 month ago

Love this hike! Done it with my kids and dog a few times. Challenging but so worth it!

Super hike to the 3 chiefs, 3 separate summits, with super flat rocks on each for a snack and take in the views. Good stepping practice to start the hike. The alternate route back quite steep in places, take slow.

on Sumas Mountain Trail

1 month ago

Great workout. Gets real steep after chadsey lake..there are 2 viewpoints- the original is lookout is ok but go down to the left about 500 feet and the view is breathtaking.

1 month ago

One of the best due to ease and convenience of location, grade, and rewarding view.

Stunning view of the valley! Love the hike up; however, your knees pay on the way down.

Loved the hike to Lindeman but got tired of the rocks pretty quickly on route to Greendrop. Unfortunately we went on a wet day which made trekking the rocks a slippery and slow process. Will do again but on a dry summer day.

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