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Great hike! The water is very cold, so don’t plan on swimming! Worth the trek!

Such a fun and easy hike. Great for the whole family. Breathtaking views

Awesome hike. Some parts are windy and slippery. It can be challenging at some moment but the view at the summit totally worth it. We did it in august and were completely alone on the trail.

10 days ago

Easy hike for families with great views and scenery. Make sure you go down the canyon to the water and get a family photo! Well worth the stop. Not a lot of people in May.

Make no mistake, unlike many other hard-rated hikes on this website, this one is actually hard. An information board in one of the ranger centers rated it as extremely strenuous, and while I'm not sure about the "extreme" part, "strenuous" is definitely an apt description.
You start straight off with the hardest part - very steep switchbacks through a forest that feel almost endless and offer absolutely no views to take your mind off your misery. While you gain a lot of altitude in this section, on the map it looks like you are making no progress at all, which can feel somewhat discouraging. It was warm and really humid when we did the hike, which made the first part even worse.
Once you make it beyond the switchbacks, you finally get some views, which gradually open up until you have full 360 at the top. The final push again comes in the form of a few steep switchbacks but this time they are fairly short.
Mid-July, there was still a lot of snow at the top, so sturdy boots and hiking poles are a must.
During the whole hike, we only met 3 or 4 other people, so if you want some quiet time, this hike is definitely a good place. We saw some ground-squirrels and bear footprints but no other wildlife.
In sum, this is a great hike with stunning views at the top, definitely worth the effort.

22 days ago

A beautiful pit stop that could be very easily overlooked! A short walk down the hill gets you to the canyon with gorgeous falls. You could make this a 30 minute stop, or carry on exploring the trails along the river.

28 days ago

Amazing hike! We hiked this in September 2017, the trail is easy to follow and offers spectacular views the entire time. It passes through dense forest and open valleys, waterfalls and great views of the glaciers. We started early in the day and only saw 2 other hikers. Bring lots of water and a sandwich and snacks. Carry bear spray. The trail passes through prime grizzly habitat, so make lots of noise. The views of Iceberg Lake are amazing and there is another lake right before Iceberg Lake that is stunning as well.

great trail. there is some down trees blocking the trail just past the small bridge over bear creek.

1 month ago

This is a simple trail and the views are phenomenal! There’s the glaciers, mountains, river and if you’re lucky...a heard of mountain sheep to walk past! The sheep are really tame so there’s nothing to worry about. They were curious about my pup, but my pup isn’t phased by wildlife so it was fine. This trail is just a fun way to take a break from the more challenging hikes while still having gorgeous views. You just want to get there early though to avoid the crowds!

2 months ago

Great trail. A fairly easy trail with spectacular views. Was there at end of August 2017 , was a bit warm but not bad. Still had plenty of icebergs to see and water was beautiful, would love to take the Oru Kayak up sometime . Take plenty of water First half of hike more in the trees so more blind corners on the trail , just keep talking , leave the bell at home .

2 months ago

Easy trail with amazing views

3 months ago

Have gotten up here three times now and always a good time. The gully is a tad sketchy, so take care and bring a helmet.

Amazing! There were still icebergs in the lake in August

trail running
4 months ago

Great trail for fat tire biking and trail running

4 months ago

Loved Iceberg Lake trail! The trail is long but not extremely difficult. Through binoculars, we saw a mother grizzly bear and her two cubs climbing the mountain across the ravine. Luckily we were a safe enough distance away. Once we got to the lake, we climbed on the icebergs and walked across. Very busy but very beautiful.


5 months ago

hiked on Friday for sunset, still no snow and very beautiful

5 months ago

great trail!

Went mid-September. There was snow on the trail but no icebergs in the lake. Still spectacular.

I think this map doesn't include the path to the summit. The summit you start to see from below treeline is not the summit, there is more way to go from fake summit. But if you could make it plus 1.6 km to the top, you can see 360℃ views of mountains from Banff to North of Jasper. My friend made it, and his picture from the summit was beyond description.

I was a tourist from sea level, and already stayed Jasper for 2 days before Mt. Edith Cavell, yet it kept making me heavily out of breath after treeline. After treeline, it will be very steep and loose gravels. But it shouldn't be too tough by steepness itself, if it was your daily neighbourhood walking for 1 or 2 hrs, but you feel very tired easily at several steps if you're not used to this elevation (the start is already 1700m). Near summit (close to sunset, at the end of September), it was very cold in wind, I couldn't feel my fingers in globe. But all the way you can see the rocky mountains on your side and which is very beautiful and therapeutic.

I took 2h40m to 2100m, and turn back and less than 2hrs to parking lot. As of 18/Sep/2017, you need a parking pass with assigned time slot from tourism centre due to entrance restriction.

Some of the greatest views I have ever seen.

5 months ago

excellent photo spot with fantastic views

Easy hike with a few great lookouts

Good hike we went to Indian ridge which is further then AllTrails map goes, you climb then descend and climb again, when we did it it had patches of hard icy snow which made it more challenging. It was very smoky also when we did it but I could see that the views would be very good from the top.

super steep nice view at the top but it's a climb.

Ok easy walk just busy, still nice to do.

5 months ago

We’ll maintain trail - moderate rated due to length no bouldering or severe pitches to hike. Views are amazing start to finish.

beautiful! The lake is amazing

Good walk, this is not a hike, so good for those that need paved pathways. Beautiful lake but very, very busy.

Easy scramble up a connecting ridge until you reach the base of Roche miette where it becomes a moderate/difficult as some routefinding is required. Loose rock and steepness on the crux. Be very careful of other parties above and below while scrambling the crux as loose rock is everywhere and easy to knock down. Great views!

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