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on Mount Seymour Trail

2 hours ago

Loved it.

20 hours ago

Mount Seymour hike was a great but technical hike. Make sure you take comfortable shoes that don’t slip your feet will ache by the end of the hike. Take bug spray. They were everywhere. Great views through out the entire hike. The last peak is worth every drop of sweat.

1 day ago

Amazing! There’s 3 lakes, the first is a very easy 10 min walk, the second is a pretty tough hour up hill (but so worth it) from there it’s another 15 to the waterfall then about 20 to the last lake. Overall, you spend 3 to 4 hours there. You can also swim & there’s a log to walkout on the second lake. Moderate to intermediate and about 14k round trip.

I survived the Grind! It is a workout so be sure to bring sports clothing rather than jeans. Bring lots of water and be prepared for a lot of sweat. At the last part I could hardly lift my feet anymore - however you will be so proud of yourself when you have made it! There are washrooms and eating options at the bottom and at the top. I bought a nice the Northface t-shirt at the top reading „2.830 chances to step it up“ as a souvenir ;-) The way down is only allowed by gondola (which you have to pay for) or you take the BCMC trail down. However when I did the hike there was a long queue for the gondola and some people ignored the one-way policy of the Grouse Grind trail and climbed it down (I would not recommend it though as it seemed rather dangerous to me.) Have fun.

We went to the second peak. It was my first time. Took us about 1 1/2 hours.
Breath taking views. Neat that you have such a variety of terrain to travel :)

2 days ago

Great hike with hard and easy spots, wonderful workout, beautiful scenery. I wish everyone followed the dog on leash law on this trail, as some of the narrow lanes can be difficult to tread when dogs come running at you.

Beautiful mountain but it makes you see everything around it that's bigger and you feel like a sissy...

3 days ago

Quite a number of stairs (nothing like the Grind ofc), but a nice easy hike w/ a pretty view. Would recommend for beginners.
There’s also a flat wood railing near the top set of stairs where people can write their names!
Make sure to grab the staple donut at Honey Doughnuts & Goodies after your hike as a reward (:

3 days ago

Super fun! Definitely try to at least make it to the 2nd peak if not 3rd. Rocks can be slippery so be careful. Chains & ladders are provided to help with the steepness of some parts.
There is one ladder where people have stuck their stickers on if you wanna bring a sticker along!

Did all 3 main peaks + Mystery Peak today. Trail was fairly well marked, though I did accidentally stray from it a couple times - it was never hard to get back on track. There was a bit of snow in a few shaded spots, but it was never an issue - though if you did it in runners they might get wet.

Bugs weren't nearly as bad as I feared. There was basically one horsefly with me for the entire trip out and back, but he became more like a travelling companion than anything. There were no swarms or masses of bugs like others have experienced, though I used basic DEET bug repellant.

Regardless, the trail was in pretty good condition. The scrambles at the end for the Seymour summit were moderate, and I had to rest for a minute a few times, but it wasn't too terrible for a somewhat out-of-shape 35 year old. Was about 6 hours out and back, including all detours and stops. 8.7 miles according to my watch.

Did 3 peaks took me 2.5 hours was so beautiful

Scenic beauty along sea wall

This is my favourite hike

loved the hike, not a fan of all the stairs lol

5 days ago

We hiked the trail this morning to all 3 lakes. The trail to the middle lake is the steepest but there are lots of places to step off and take a break. if you make it to the middle lake definitely push on and go to the 3rd. Make sure you take a camera as the views are stunning.

There is a high amount of foot traffic. Arrive early to find parking, and prepare yourself for lots of stairs. All culminates to a lovely view.

The town offers simple parks and gardens by the waterfront through which you can wander with ice cream, gelato, cinnamon buns, or doughnuts. Grab a seat after the hike and enjoy a beer and pizza, or rent a kayak for a few hours if you're up for more activities.

Worth a trip.

5 days ago

Really great hike with an intense uphill, but definitely worth it for the views at the top! Trail can get super busy as it is very popular, and definitely worth going to the 2nd peak since the top has a lot more room for groups to have their own space to rest and have lunch. Definitely need to be in shape to do this hike especially since at the top you need to pull yourself up using a chain on the rocks.

Long hike, lake was packed with campers and hikers, took the loop up through the meadows by black tusk, flowers just starting to come out. I imagine in a week or two the colours will be lovely.
View to the Barrier was taped off as part of the bridge warning and kept many from going to see that view, however lots of toilet paper on that part as people now use the unused path as the john. Common people leave no trace and bury your leavings if you must go on the trail.

Very challenging rrail, half of it not well marked. Bring lots of water and food! Beautiful place!

The view along this walk is amazing. Lots of great sights and many places to stop for a few and relax. A walk you shouldn’t pass up

6 days ago

Please don’t miss this hike. Get there early, be ready for a strenuous first half of the hike. Incredible beauty will be your payoff! Take the time to hike through the campground and up to the second waterfall. It’s heaven!! Pack water and lots of bug spray. Enjoy!

Lovely trail, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

I did peak 2 & 3. The stairs at the beginning were pretty exhausting for me as I just started going on hikes, but after that it went well. The view is amazing!! The way down was hard on my knees and ankles and I was sore for two days, but I would definitely do it again!
Great hike

One of the most beautiful places I’ve been!

Crowded but unbelievably beautiful. Pack bug spray!

8 days ago

Good first hike of the season, just enough incline to make it feel like a hike. Haven’t done this hike for a few years and was surprised by how busy it was in the middle of the week. Be ready for every other person hiking to be gripping their phones or texting as they are hiking. Also passed a few people with music blaring which just doesn’t seem to fit the surroundings.

8 days ago

Amazing. Since drugs are not aloud. Haha

Beautiful and easy

9 days ago

Great views!

10 days ago

Visiting Canada for the first time and this did not disappoint as a challenge. No wonder everyone here looks ridiculously fit, if this is what they do for fun. Lots of stairs and crowds, but it's a really nice shady and woodsy area which is my ideal type of scenery. Hanging out at the top, enjoying the view, and checking out all the activities is super rewarding after the climb.

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