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Take lots of water with you

I did from beginning of 4×4 road took me 29.2 km 7 hours elevation 1926m round trip was great. P.s. I didn't have 4×4 vehicle

terrific day of hiking to floe lake. last 3 km were a little difficult as it was a jot jot July day but what a surprise to get to the camp site and e experience a day in the area. played around with a released chunk of ice that floated along side the lake like an east coast iceberg. magnificent day, and met some tremendous folks from all over. Fallen burnt out trees allowed us to experience what heavy winds the previous night can do to change the character of trail. This after considerable work was done with a chain saw the previous to clear the trail. I'd do this again in a heartbeat and will certainly do it again this year.

Very challenging rrail, half of it not well marked. Bring lots of water and food! Beautiful place!

Had a great hike in , through the pass and down to the tarn. Lunch there then back to junction to ridge trail. Got part way along ridge, but weather started to turn so headed back. Lots of fun.

5 days ago

My daily walk / hike from our summer place. It’s a great family hike for kids, adults and seniors. If you’re moving you can get to the top in about 15 min and down in about 13, but what’s the rush? Take your time and enjoy the nature.

Before you hike it, look at the hoodoos from the highway or the Hoodoo gas station / campground so you get a sense of where you’re going to be heading and what it looks like from below.

Couple notes to help out: 1) there are no garbage or recycling bins along the trail or at the trailhead. Bring out what you bring in. 2) stay on the trail. Can’t emphasize this enough. Watch out for children and pets (on leash) at the top. 3) relatively speaking, the toughest section is the 400m after the gate. There are many flat spots after this. 4) enjoy and stop at the Hoodoo gas station for an ice cream afterwards. The kids’ size is $3.50 and plenty big enough.

Super nice! Was very windy at the top, I recommend having some sunglasses as the sand picks up easy. Easy hike

8 days ago

Very good reward but challenging hike.

8 days ago

Full disclosure--I probably wouldn't have stopped here but my wife suggested it on a cloudy day when other more iconic sites were obscured. I'm glad I listened to my wife--the pools of yellow, orange, and green are incredibly vivid and reflect the shadows of the surrounding trees like some kind of psychedelic artwork. And we had the place to ourselves, which was rare on our trip to the area in July. Your shoes/boots will probably get muddy on the trail but I liked it as a reminder of the interesting colors in the sediment of this area.

8 days ago

June 30 2018: very rough road in, thought we missed it but kept going and eventually found the parking lot. I would rate this hike as easy-moderate, not difficult. It was short with beautiful views and a nice ridge walk!

on Mount Seymour Trail

9 days ago

A moderate hike but the amount of bugs and the fact that there is still snow on the trail made it more challenging. We turned around after the first peak due to the unbearable bugs. If you go, I recommend to wear a bug net and long sleeve top and pants.

9 days ago

According to comments from last month, this trail seemed to be great, family doable and fast enough to do it on the afternoon. I’m sure the view really worth it and a few weeks ago we would rate it 5 stars.
But unfortunately, it appeared that this was not the good period to do it since more and more bugs were flying around us and the snow was melting. The path was sometimes so slippy that it could be dangerous, and 400m before arriving to the first peak, people comming back told us the bugs and the slippy path were getting worse. There was so much flies attacking us and we had no snowshoes so we decided to give up before the awesome views... it’s too bad because the trail is so beautiful !
So if you plan to do it in july, better come well prepared for melting snow and maybe begin on the morning so the flies won’t be such a lot !

The best hike. Kids and dog like it too. Took gondola down , pay 15$ for adults and dog. So worth of money than knee pain.

Great hike, well marked, food and drinks at the top, epic views and a ride back down...no excuse to miss leg day.

13 days ago

Favourite hike in the lower mainland. Spectacular views. Baker always looking good from up there too.

nature trips
13 days ago

Incredible rush of blue water through narrow, deep cracks in the rocks. Got a brief window to visit on an otherwise cloudy rainy day and this was a highlight when other scenic sights were obscured by clouds. Well worth a stop.

un Trail veramente particolare, breve ma molto suggestivo. Vale una camminata!

{June 23 2018} • CAR: Drove in with a Tucson SUV. Definitely quite bumpy. A low car wouldn’t likely make it up without some good scratches to the belly of it. Just go slow and strategically dodge the bumps and holes. • WEATHER: Don’t be discouraged by cloud cover the day you go, we hiked right out of them and the wind up top keeps them moving out. • DIFFICULTY: Don’t be discouraged by the *hard* rating on this one. Ratings are subjective, but I get why they’ve rated this way. Certainly some moments are decently steep and get your heart rate up. However, these parts don’t last long and are very well balanced out with very moderate and easy spots. • DIRECTIONS: It seems like you’ve driven way too long, and you doubt whether or not you’ve missed it. So if you follow the directions, you’ll be good! (We did at one point come to a fork with arguably 3 options. The left was a thinner path that we debated about but it went up the cliffside to our left. So we stayed with the center option - which was correct! • PARKING: There is a parking lot near a quarry - this is NOT the parking lot you stop at. You’d be hiking for hours just to get to the actual parking lot if you stopped there. Well marked signage and a dead end at the correct parking lot. • DOGS ALLOWED: Brought our dog and she loved it. • FOOTWEAR: Boots or shoes with good traction highly recommended. • LOOKOUT + LAKE VIEW: Once to a directional split (I believe it says left lookout and right a trail) left is the lookout area and it isn’t far to get back to this sign. Come back to the sign and keep following the path right at the split to continue along to the lake. About 30 mins from that sign to the lake. Note: the lake isn’t going to jump out at you visually, until it does! I’ve uploaded some photos - which just don’t do it justice!

18 days ago

This is a fantastic break spot to get in a quick hike. Easy with really spectacular views. Better than Johnston Canyon in my view. Not crowded and we were there on the Friday of the July long weekend.

20 days ago

Best at the end of summer but went up the beginning of June! Be prepared for all of the different elements. Had to hike a couple km’s to the trail head. Only made it to just above the meadow and turned back due to weather. Incredible during the winter!

off road driving
22 days ago

4x4 with good clearance is a must.

amazing views, challenging trail, less crowded than most local trails. trail is 7.5km one way and would be a challenge going down so the tram down is worth the $15. dogs could do the trail but keep them on a leash, especially near the falls. sadly a sign to leash your dog had to be made because an owner didn't have common sense. dogs are not allowed near the Cafe building either.

Well marked, surprisingly busy hike and a very good workout. Took us just under3 hrs with a couple stops. 7.5 km one way. Took the gondola down.

Great hike! Very well marked, and definitely not a boring hike! You get great views and close to Shannon falls, hike under the gondola at some points. There are short rock faces where there are ropes to assist. Quite steep but parts where it evens out.
We are relatively fit and it took us exactly 3hrs one way up. Best part is there is ice cream up at the top of the gondola! And an awesome view obviously :)

26 days ago

Gorgeous views and an easy hike with moderate inclination - you could see the mountains almost the entire way up.

The snow is all gone now and the mud mostly dry, so basic hiking shoes should do you well here. It's pretty popular, so if you can go before 10am it's nice and quiet.

26 days ago

Went June 21st 2018 still areas with snow, our dog loved it. First 10mins of the hike was pretty muddy. Make sure your shoes have good grip. We made it to the lake. It was beautiful and cold. Over was a great hike. Took us 3 hours with stops and a lunch break!

28 days ago

Easy trail, but not much to see until you get to the top. Nice views from the top, though. Worth the walk.

29 days ago

Nice short walk through some varied landscape - there’s small wetlands, a river, a small waterfall and the paint pots. The ochre-coloured mud is very pretty, and something you don’t see everyday. It was warm when I was there, so I sat by the river for a bit and just enjoyed the scenery. Nice, easy walk. Definitely family friendly.

1 month ago

Definitely need a 4x4 to get to mount cheam. If you don’t like we didn’t we walked the road 12km in. We didn’t get to the peak not enough day light and or time add on another round trip of 4hrs to the peak and back down to the car it would of been late. Traveled June 15th. Lots of snow still up at cheam.

The view at the end was FANTASTIC!! Super easy at the start, however the trail was littered with fallen trees at the last several kms. Feels like you’re playing that dinosaur game on chrome when internet shuts down. Also, last 1-2 km had waist deep snow. My buddy and I trekked through it so maybe you can follow our tracks to the lake!! The Lake was frozen.

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