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you would need a good ground clearance and 4wd

mountain biking
9 days ago

Lots of cool single track trails to ride on just off the main trail. Don’t be fooled by some of the photos that others have posted. There are no rivers or waterfalls. Those would be the Mary’s vill waterfall and a few of the others would be the St. Mary’s river. Regardless, it’s still a nice trail with some nice looking view points with some really fun and exciting single tracks for all mountain bikers.

I didn’t really enjoy this little stroll, although it was nice and easy for everybody to be able to complete. I went in early to mid September so it’s very possible that I didn’t get the full effect with full pools and differing colours.

The orange clay was kind of neat. But at the end it was just a couple very small orange pools (smaller then Ink Pots) and just didn’t seem to be worth the stop when compared to other short treks.

10 days ago

A super easy fast hike with a great view of some falls at the end. The canyon is fascinating, I really enjoyed this hike, I did it at dusk and got some gorgeous pictures.

I recommend everyone check this out. Easy to fit in after a long hike or while passing through!

Rad, challenging hike. I'm athletic enough but work a desk job and don't get out as often as I like, so the first 1/4 of this one was a bit of a winder - once you settle in to a good pace, though, just take in the beautiful surroundings and drink enough water, the views along the way and at the top are worth it!

11 days ago

It's a very nice hike. Definately well worth the trip. We went end of August.

Beautiful! Easy hike.

Beautiful views!!! In light of the sight restrictions due to all the fire smoke this summer, we had spectacular views today. The 360 view from the top of the first peak were great. We were a
Little surprised to see snow clinging to the tops of some of the more distant mountains but it sure enhanced the scene.

on Cheam Peak

16 days ago

Some easy off-roading (during summer time I guess). Need a 4x4 truck with high clearance. Nice views everywhere when no wildfires. Will definitely return.

17 days ago

Great hike, just as hard coming down as going up. Rocky and slippery. Awesome views.

17 days ago

beautiful color in creek. Cute, quick hike to break up drive. Turn LEFT as soon as you cross bridge.

18 days ago

Definitely worth the trek. Floe Lake was mesmerizing and so remote. Very few people were there when we arrived. Felt like we had the place to ourselves. Fairly easy hike for first 7-8km and then starts to incline. Only negative part of hike is most of trail is through areas where large forest fires must have occurred recently, so much of the trees are black, dead, or on the ground from an avalanche. Still worth seeing the lake! Round trip was just over 5 and a half hours with my girlfriend.

22 days ago

Great views at top.

Great Hike

23 days ago

Fun trail and amazing view at the top. Not really any bugs in early August. Quite busy though, and also very exposed to the sun. I went on a hot day with my dog and I’m lucky I brought so much water.

24 days ago

Nice hike once you get there. Last 8 Kms you need a SUV. Hike is wonderful with lots of steep climbs, flat area and small climbs. Worth the trek up there if you like adventure.

25 days ago

One of my favourite hikes of all time. You will need a proper 4wd truck/SUV with decent ground clearance to make it up.
Hike took around 3.5 hours round trip with stopping for photos in between and at the top

27 days ago

Great views but too busy not worth doing summer weekends. Early morning during the week or in the fall. Dog friendly when not too busy. Great views.

28 days ago

Really short trail (45-50 mins), but there’s not much to see until you get to the top. The trail is pretty sandy, which is a little annoying. Overall, an okay hike but probably wouldn’t do it again.

I wish there was "Godlike" rating for this trail. "Hard" rating is kind of injustice to this trail. We went in on this trail thinking if we could do mason lake and serene lake this should be doable too but we were wrong. I took us around 3 hours to reach the summit even though its just 4.5 miles.

The hight of this canyon is impressive, the walk in the Johnston Canyon is prettier but this Canyon itself is more beautiful. The water's colour is unreal. The end is beautiful, come around noon to have the best light. It's not too crowed compare to the JC.
The walk is super easy, it's not even a hike. Perfect for smoky days like today.

1 month ago

Good change to an alpine hike from more typical lower mainland trails. Nice flowers, butterflies and birds as well. The views at the top are supposed to be great but visibility today was limited due to smoke. It was still really good even though I didn’t get the “full experience” at the top. The trail itself is in excellent condition though the same cannot be said for the road. The road has a lot of washout but they are really solid bottomed so you don’t need to worry about anything but clearance.

1 month ago

Just did this hike yesterday, August 5th. We spent a total of 5 hours to complete the hike including an hour at the top, and stopping every few minutes to enjoy the views.

I would recommend accounting for an extra 1.5 hours for the drive to and back from the trailhead. The drive isnt super bad, any 4x4 pickup truck or a jeep would do.

Views and the hike is worth all the effort.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Real beautiful, good workout, 1h 45 up, 1h 20 down from staging area, 4x4 or walk to trail head.
Took too much water but always prepared.
Lots of people and trucks , but friendly,
Highly recomend

1 month ago

Snow is gone on the road and trail. Some rough road here and there. Somebody asked if a Forester would make it - I’d say it can - just be wary of some of the runoff sections. Keep to the sides and you shouldn’t have an issue.

Trail has two muddy sections around the middle section. Was slippery in spots but there’s enough dry spots to get through.

Easy and nice!! You can even camp at the far end of the trail!

Beautiful hike. Most beautiful views. I love endurance based ascends that get the heart pumping but there were a couple of sections where my heart was pumping not because of cardio... a couple of sections need ropes and have none. Didn’t enjoy that scramble. Otherwise I’d give it 5 stars but I think safety could be improved.

MAKE SURE TO BRING MOSQUITO REPELLENT. Their were so many mosquitos and horse flies up there we couldn’t stand still for more than 12 seconds without being swarmed by over 30 mosquitos.

Bugs aside it’s a great little hike with a moderate but constant incline to the top. 26 and moderately fit here we along with other hikers took a few breaks on the way up. The lake is beautiful at the top. A great light teal blue.

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