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1 day ago

Started this trail at 8 am on a Thursday and had it to myself! It wasn’t an extremely steep trail with lots of ups and downs with a super nice views at the end!

on Crafts Peak Trail

4 days ago

The access to this trail is either through a campground, which you have to park outside of and walk through to get to the trailhead; or, you can take a left less than a quarter mile before the campground on forest road 2N13 [a 4x4 vehicle is strongly recommended for this road]. The trail head is the beginning of road 2N13D, and there is ample parking to the right [not paved].
The trail itself is quite easy for the first 4 miles, as it is basically a regular gravel road. The trail/road is fully drivable for most 4x4s until the last mile, in case you want to shorten your on foot trek.
It is possible to drive even the last mile if you have a serious off-road capable vehicle; if you’re not alone and very experienced, you can do this last mile with a X-Terra, TRD, or a Cherokee Trailhawk or better, emphasis on better.
Back to hiking; the last mile has two steep parts, but still not technical. The trail only gets technical on the last hundred feet or so.
I really like this trail for its flexibility and for being very dog friendly.

Nice hike. Steep elevations though. Only saw two small groups of hikers the whole trip.

Gorgeous trail. A perfect late afternoon hike. The view from Grandview Point is incredible and even better at sunset.

Beautiful trail but don't go mid day. Hanna Flats all the way up to Gray's Peak is not worth the view at the top.

18 days ago

Hiked this trail today with our 8 and 5 year old kids. We made it about 1.5 miles up (elevation change of about 250 feet). We stopped at the turnoff for the Gray's Peak trail. Kids complained, but that's what kids do. I'd say it was a moderate hike. Nice way to spend an afternoon. Lots of views of the lake along the hike.

19 days ago

Steeper and loose rocks last mile of the hike. Peaceful and beautiful! At the closed gate bear right then at next fork bear left. Took 2.5 hours up and 1.25 hour back

One of the best scenic view in all of Big Bear Lake.

off road driving
23 days ago

Drove this road in a stock Tacoma Off-Road. Only a couple sections where the 4WD was really needed. Lots of switchbacks and ruts. The view from the top was awesome. We had a really clear day and could see for miles and miles. If you’re in Big Bear definitely take this trail.

The view is breathtaking

25 days ago

What a great trail! The gate was open so we drove in for about a mile so our entire hike was closer to seven miles, instead of ten. We parked on the side of the road in a dirt patch and then hiked the rest of the way. There were several cars passing us along the trail. It is a fire road the whole way up and then there is a trail through the rocks to get to the lookout. The trail isn't too steep. No one was was there when we got up there. Really great views all around.

25 days ago

Loved this trail. Hiked with my 16-year old daughter and my black lab.
Fun and great views!!!!

28 days ago

This is a really good hike. Only reason why I give it 4 stars is because it’s all fire road until you get to the Ranger Station then it’s a short scramble up some switchbacks to a really cool lookout point. Would be perfect if it had a little more varied terrain. I went very early on a weekday morning and it was desolate. Didn’t see another soul the entire time. Very good workout and steady elevation gain. This is an excellent hike if your training for something more substantial as well. Worth the trip for sure. I parked at the very head of the trail but there are some areas you can park once you enter onto the road. I assume you probably need an adventure pass as well. The GPS directions lead you right to the base of the fire road/Trail. Rewarding views from the top!

This hike checked off almost all the boxes:
° Gorgeous Trail Views
° Climactic Destination
° Plenty of Shade
° Dog-friendly
° Good mileage and elevation
° Well maintained and clearly marked
° Breezy
° Green
° Peaceful

Definitely worth a repeat hike, even for backpacking to the Pine Knot campground to explore more trails, or taking a sunset hike.

1 month ago

Upon arriving at the camp ground I was confused as to parking and where the trail was so I parked back down the road in an open field where 2N13A starts which took us around the camp ground. Once we got to where 2N13D split I noticed the route though the camp ground so we took that on the way back and it all made sense. The hike was easy going with beautiful views all around. We saw to deer ahead of us cross our path. There were also lots of birds and chipmunks. Toward the end the climb became rocky and we exerted more energy in our climb. Upon arriving at the peak we were rewarded with views of lakes, a ski area, and the other peaks in the area. We sat and enjoyed our snacks and then took in the view a little more before heading back down. One thing I really liked was being the only ones on that trail. When we started we passed a man and his dog and on our near the end we passed three young men who were just starting their hike. It was so peaceful and quiet. On our way out we drove through Big Bear and they had a popular hiking trail by the road that had tons of people coming and going. I was so happy with our choice.

this hike is long, but has equivalent elevation gain to nearby hikes and so is actually a fairly mild hike. there is very little steep climb, and the views at the end are gorgeous! and to clarify, it's ~6.5mi round trip (despite being out-and-back). trail markers aren't super clear, so make sure you reference a map and don't end up on the fire roads and down the wrong trail!

with many breaks and pauses for photos, this hike took us about 3.5hrs. perfect hike for dogs!

went up today July 28th, trail was closed. also read to her to trail was a bit rough would not recomend if in a regular 2 wheel drive car.

It was very hot and dry, so carry plenty of water. Trail is well maintained with great views. The last half mile or so was very steep. My GPS recorded 7.2 mile to the top of Bertha Peak.

1 month ago

Great views and it helped having trees for shade when we needed it. We got up partial way in our car and hiked the rest. Volunteer rangers at the top were really friendly and loved talking about the terrain. I highly recommend this hike.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice hike. More easy than moderate. Many people seen wearing only very simple shoes. Than it can't be very difficult. Great views but the lake disappointed a little.

This trail begins with a moderate and steady rise (~400 ft) over the first mile and is semi-flat the remaining 2.3 miles to John's Meadow campground. I say "semi-flat" because there are numerous elevation changes, but nothing sustained for more than a quarter mile or greater than 100 ft and most are short drops and rises of 10-20 ft as the trail navigates the contour of the side of a mountain, avoiding steep sections, large rocks, trees, etc. The defining quality of this hike is most of it is on the side of a mountain, which results in a narrow trail with smallish fixed rock and thus requires attention for about half the hike. It's the north face, so the vegetation is denser than other areas and there is even moss and ferns in some sections. Most of the views are of the peek-a-boo type, shrouded by trees, but in a few areas there are open vistas of the expansive green valley below and Big Bear mountains on the other side of the valley. Just before reaching John's Meadow the trail drops to Forsee Creek. Crossing the creek in August was not a problem, although it was clogged with wildflower and tall dense vegetation. Up the creek is a lovely rising valley framed by San Bernardino Peak in the background, which is part of a prominent mountain ridge that includes San Gorgonio. John's Meadow campground is no big deal. It's situated on a hillside with many tall trees standing and scattered logs and other debris from fallen trees on the ground -- it's not my picture of a meadow. I hiked out about a third the way with my wife and six-year-old daughter then continued on alone. I returned from the campground hiking pretty fast and even jogged some of the downhill sections for a return time of 51 minutes. If the distance is correct (3.25 miles each way), that's approx. 15-minute per mile. Round-trip time was 2:05. Beside my family, I did not see another person this Saturday afternoon. While it was great to be in the mountains and nature, I rated this hike 3/5 because when I hike on the side of a mountain for a considerable distance I hope for more than limited views much of the way and because on an out-and-back of this length I hope for something worthwhile at the far end (e.g., waterfall, lake, outstanding view, summit, etc.).

Fun hike, great views.

love this trail. I've both hiked and MTB it

Great hike, took the entire family, lots of shade

off road driving
1 month ago

Super easy trail. Don’t even need 4wd. Just a standard truck with decent ground clearance can make it through if you keep the momentum going on the longer rocky parts.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! The first mile is the most challenging but will eventually flatten out. When you get to the meadow I recommend going the extra mile to visit the Champion Lodge Pine. There are many great selfie opportunities too! ;) Difficulty is moderate. Small lake. Fun!
-ANANI Hiker 1

This hike is fantastic! It runs along Castle Rock Trail. Castle Rock is amazing, wish we had time to climb that beast! So many beautiful views, pictures don’t do them justice. The lake was low but still worth going too. Hope this helps, I promise you won’t regret it. ;)
-AMFXR Hiker 2

Beautiful forest hike. View is spectacular but it needs to be very clear to see the ocean and Catalina. Nice view of San Gorgonio peak. Went at 6am to avoid the mountain bikers.

off road driving
1 month ago

Very easy trail with nice views. 4wd not necessary.

1 month ago

Back your car into an open space near the sign for Green Valley Campground and walk through the campground. There are several restrooms at the campground and the trail head is at the far end of the campground past the closed rd sign. At the first fork stay to the trail on the far right to 2N13A. Take that trail all the way to the peak. The last mile or so was covered in shale and kid of slippery especially on the way back down. It takes a bit of a rock scramble to get to the actual peak and there were plenty of angry red ants near the top so be careful where you sit. There were also a lot of gnats in the morning and a fair amount of shade. Not some much shade or as many gnats on the way back down. You can see Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake at the top and there are some other pretty views along the way. Counting the walk through the campground and on the closed rd to the trailhead we clocked about 8 miles to the peak.

Cool trail and very peaceful but we were surprised that the grand view point at the end actually faces away from the lake. Was a lot of work (3.3m)! .5 mile or so into the trail has the lake views, we didn’t realize that from all the pictures and assumed they were of the end!

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