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Great trail, but due to the weather some parts of the trail had fallen trees blocking the trail, also I recorded this exact hike and Strava recorded it as a 12.7 mile hike. So beware..

i actually really enjoyed this trail. it was an interesting hike because most of it was barely moderate — easy even. around the 8th mile (of 10 total) i thought to myself, ok, i actually am getting a little tired. then the incline got drastically more challenging for a great workout after all the mellow mileage that preceded it. nice trail! it took me 3:20, with jogging a few of the first miles in.

4 days ago

This trail is savage for all runners out there: hardest 2.2 mi up a trail anywhere in California. (please let me know if you have another contender). I would park where Summit terminates. You have to run up Fern Canyon Rd. for <400m and you will notice a hard cut back trail from the road. This will take you directly to the trailhead (signage also clearly visible off of Fern Canyon 1/6 mile from its intersection with Summit)

Quick note: the trail cuts directly through a dirt service road about a half mie in. Go stright through it into what looks like a washed out ravine. This is also the exact moment when the word, 'fuck!' will enter your thoughts.

4 days ago

First of our moderate hikes of the year, but it ended up being a hard moderate. Really close by - takes less than 30 mins to get there; half moon bay bridge and then on to skyline blvd.

Parking is extremely limited - maybe like 25 cars inside, but you can park street side and prolly on both sides of the street. Restroom is a common one and is ok.

We did counter clockwise for easier elevation. The trail heads and markers can be slightly confusing but it’s easy to track on the app.

Terrain is extremely uneven - there are constant downhills and uphills throughout. Ends up being around 10 miles with the last 2 miles being the hardest part. Oh and the purisima creek was beautiful to hike next to, which is what we did for a couple of miles when we got to the bottom. Guessing that it’ll be beautiful in summer coz you can basically sit on plenty of tree trunks and have lunch or take breaks.

Pretty and diverse. Offers scenic views as well as intimate forest setting. Both wide trail and narrow in different sections. I did it by bike yet that's officially not permitted. Midweek the trail was almost empty.
Going counter clockwise, the ascent is very moderate until the last 0.3 miles.

Highly recommend this trail for its diverse terrain and there’s so much more than just the falls out there. If you decide to take the challenge I would suggest going counter clock wise and avoid the annoying crowds congregating at the falls area, you won’t see them until near the end. Most of the trail is downhill this way, and way more enjoyable. Once you make the falls area, sit and rest and enjoy the scenery .... it’s a nice payoff.

I’d recommend hiking shoes, with good grip and comfortable insoles .... your feet are going to thank you!

Very shady trek, wide trail, multitude of trees. Overall a great little escape only minutes away. A restroom along stream trail, nothing on west ridge portion.

Depending on the weather it can be killer in the heat or cold (during winter)

Make sure to wear proper hiking shoes, as I saw a vast majority of people wearing running/sneaker shoes. There are a few patches of loose gravel. You’ve been warned

I’ve done this trail twice: once in September and once a few days ago in December. It’s a great workout and quite a challenge! The scenery is beautiful the whole way up but particularly incredible at the peak. There was a little Christmas tree at the summit in December! Bring plenty of water and sun screen. If you don’t stop, you can get up and back down in between 2-2.5 hours. I recommend bringing a snack to eat at the top and enjoying the scenery before your hike down hill. I’ll definitely do this again!

It is really windy today and lots lots of people. It took us, two adults, five kids 4 and a half hours to finish the entire loop. My phone showed we actually walked 6.8 miles, not 5.8. One of the hardest trail we walked so far.

We started at 8:45 am and finished by 10:30 am . Hard hike but Felt great after done . This year achievement has been successful . :)
It was freezing up on the peak , can’t feel my ears and arms . so sensitive hands ,please carry gloves .

Amazing views. parked at ohlone, used peak trail to do a loop and I clocked in 10 miles!!! So make sure you have plenty of time. One of my fav hikes in the bay. Beautiful sunset though it is crowded. All in sun

Hard hike, awesome views but BE AWARE where you park. There are low lives prowling around looking for unsuspecting victims. My car was broken into. Really heart breaking when you accomplish such a hike and come back to realize your car was broken into

Great workout. Saw lots of cows, make sure you avoid their dung on the trail. View is incredible

What a great hike! We took music stand to cut off some of the elevation. Not one complaint. Definitely worth it.

Beautiful flat hike! Best for winter months with cold winds and mild sun. Cows are pretty friendly, just stay away from young ones, they feel threatened easily.

great singletrack in some sections and trail is clearly marked. My watch marked the gain at 1550 and was 7.1 miles. didn't see many people on a weekday

awesome hike and almost had to carry my mom down. great views

did the loop once last spring it is more like 12 miles the fall are alot better after a heavy rain

Hard but worth it! Feeling accomplished and view is beautiful!

Definitely hard. No shade. Wear a cap or some sort of shades. Take water and snacks. Beautiful views from the top.

Did this hike on November 11, 2018. Started the hike at 8am. It was a cold and windy day. Although it’s pretty steep from the beginning itself, make sure not to give up in the first 45 minutes. The last 0.3 miles towards the top gets exciting by making a path to the top amidst gravel incline. The view of the Bay from the top is just wow. Uphill and downhill can be done in 1.5hours each. Total time taken was 3.5 hours with a 30min rest at the top.
Do not forget to carry a liter of water and some energy snacks.

I’ve done this loop dozens of times and it’s always nice. Wonderful views of the Bay! The section to the south is far less traveled. The peak can be a bit windy and/or chilly, so bring a light jacket if you plan on hanging out.

Definitely a hard trail with little shade and the sun coming down on your skin. Arrived at the entrance at 6:30 am and it was the best decision because by 8 am the sun was beaming. Beautiful views with a great feeling of accomplishment afterwards. I Recommend getting there super early no later than 7 if you want to avoid the sun and enjoy the sunrise

Was a difficult hike but the views along the way is fantastic specially seeing clouds beneath you!

Beautiful Trail! First half is downhill, second half mostly up. I ended up coming back on the West Ridge Trail instead of the French trail and this worked out fine, just a bit of extra elevation. Plenty of spots to cut through back to the French section if desired. Not too many people on a weekday and nice and shaded.

This is a beautiful trail with scenic views. Followed the suggestion and went anti clockwise because that helped. This was almost a hard hike.

The distance shows 9.4 miles but that’s wrong. It took about 11 miles to complete. So be aware of that discrepancy. Also make sure you carry plenty of water. You will need it.

Tough but quick. Good training hike.

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