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Easy trail. The falls are crowded in the summer. When you loop back, you see some nice boulders.

23 days ago

Ok trail - took us 90 minutes to finish a brisk walk with our dog. Very little foot traffic on a chilly day mid week. Parts of the trail are very wet and muddy (had rain earlier in the week) and poorly marked. Plenty of horse manure as well. Beautiful walk along the river with various vantage points. I would say the trail is moderate because of some steep stairs at the end, but it’s listed as easy. I may try it again when it’s dry!

Great trail for a beginner like me. So many shortcut trails within the main loop you can cut your trip short if you find yourself unprepared.

Many sections of trail turn to flowing water or ankle high puddles after a rain/snow melt, so be prepared.

Overall a great trail I recommend.

Ok trail - took us 90 minutes to finish a brisk walk with our dog. Very little foot traffic on a chilly day mid week. Parts of the trail are very wet and muddy (had rain earlier in the week) and poorly marked. Beautiful walk along the river with various vantage points. I would say the trail is moderate because of some steep stairs, but it’s listed as easy. I may try it again when it’s dry!

A pretty casual hike. A bit busy sometimes. Kids loved it.

Trails not clearly marked, but plenty of them. A great hike finding them way.

My family loves this trail for a quick workout and great scenery and views. The trial has a moderate climb in the beginning and flattens out near the top. Wonderful sights of water, and forests with a spectacular view of the valley and of the river of rocks below the outlook.

This was a very nice hike, walked along the river for a majority of the trail. Some spots that get rocky and some spots that are pretty muddy (due to the excessive amounts of rain this year).There is incline at the beginning and end of the trail and mainly flat in between. This would be a very nice ride on horseback as well. I can imagine it gets pretty crowded in the summer time. We passed lots of dogs along the way as well.

Absolutely gorgeous! Landscape changes abound. A great hike when you’ve been stuck inside for way too long.

Really nice trail to the water falls. Cliff trail was great and is dog friendly. Trail is a little wet and muddy in places.

2 months ago

Nice trail, mostly flat except for the end, pretty view of the river and its rapids. Passed horses and other families.

3 months ago

I did not think that the trail was moderate. I took the cliff trail up to the falls, which had nice terrain and was a good workout. The falls trail was easy.

3 months ago

*** Warning: Hornets are active along this trail ***
On September 1, 2018 two hikers/runners were stung by hornets(?). A week ago, a horseback rider was stung 25 times.

Very nice easy trail. The train came by twice and tooted its whistle! Bikers campers and runners all passed us by as we strolled our way by the river.

Very pleasant surprise to find this well maintained, easy trail with river, woods and cows grazing within 10 minuets from Francis Scott Mall.

Enjoyed very much: especially view at top!

Wonderful trail. We’re traveling to Baltimore and were looking for a trail to hike that would not take all day. We loved the stream. The outcropping of rocks at the top was worth w hike. We heard rumblings of thunder and got soaked in a thunderstorm! Thanks to trail locator for the hiking information.

Parts of this trail are beautiful but we kept saying how it would be a lot better on a horse. We had to cross streams without any rocks to step on numerous times to stay on the 3.5 mile loop we were following. It was tricky to find all the trails and we never would have gotten out without GPS. I may go again but would wait until the ground dries because the trails were also super muddy!

4 months ago

This is a great network of trails. Saw where reviewers had trouble with app. I did a web search, downloaded and printed a trail map. The trails are wide and well defined but poorly marked. We had no trouble finding our way. Trails on the app are only what someone has hiked and supplied to the app. Basic woodcraft beats GPS everytime.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Huge muddy puddles left by ATVs. Tho no ATVs seen on trails that day. The name of the stream is Gillis Falls. However, as other reviewer’s note there are no waterfalls on these trails. I recommend accessing the trails about 1/4 mile south of the equestrian ctr and just going out and back on the main gravel road that parallels the stream. Park at the 90° turn before the road goes up the steep hill.

Good time to go in summer especially after the rains when the fall has good amount of running water. Had a great time climbing the rocks along the fall. I wouldn’t say it is an ‘easy’ hike but a moderate to hard one. You can also sit by the river which is near the parking lot and enjoy a picnic. Will definitely go again.

5 months ago

Easy trails but lots of horse feces. Not very scenic

The climb up to the overlook hidden behind the graffiti covered bridge abutment was steep and overgrown in most spots but the view once at the top made it worth while. Be careful crossing the train tracks, they are active and heavily used.

There are two trails here at two different farms. One Farm is Worthington Farm and has a nice trail of about 3-4 miles depending on where you park. If you park right off the road and walk down the gravely path you add about 1.4 miles to a less than three mile hike in the woods.

The second trail is the Thomas Farm trail. It has a separate parking area/entrance from Worthington Farm; just a little down the road and it’s a much shorter and easier trail of a little less than 3 miles.

These two trails are part of the Monocacy National Battlefield.

Beautiful views. Serene trails. Historic farms.

Loved this trail. There are also lots of conjoining trails that allow you to make this longer if you want to. It’s fun to go down to the river in hot weather too.

5 months ago

While it was a nice little hike, we were all very disappointed about the state of the trail. I guess there are people that go horseback riding on these trails so they were pretty messed up in some sections from the horses going through the trail when it was wet and there were some sections that were very soft from the horses ruining them and my husband almost lost a shoe. Would expect things to get soft if it had rained recently but it has been weeks since it rained. Overall an easy well marked trail that my kids didn't have any problem with and there were some nice views of the Patapsco River.

I really like this hike. Nice variety of trails and mostly pretty flat - nothing too strenuous. It can be a bit muddy, especially at the beginning, but not enough to prevent me from doing it. No spectacular overlooks or anything, but some great views of farmland and streams.

Today I did the whole loop (over 10 miles) and saw more deer than people! Only saw two people the whole way and they were workers towards the beginning. I guess that's the advantage of doing it on a Friday :)

Good amount of hills. Hard to find on GPS. Was at the back of an equestrian park. Park at gate and walk to the trail head behind the horse area. We had to keep checking our phone maps because the trail isn’t marked and we did find ourselves lost a bit. Muddy in areas because lots of the trails is down by the stream. We even had to get our feet wet crossing streams here and there. But a fun trail. Saw many deer.

Easy access and well marked. Great views with a rocky wet start.

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