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Just do it!!

3 days ago

Very pretty scenery through woods ending at mountains and a glacier. Had lunch at end and took in the views.

Nice hike with 2 waterfalls and hiking along a river to the ink pots. Very crowded however. Get there really early to get a parking spot. At the ink pots, eat a lunch along the river. Mountains in background are very scenic.

View was way better than Big Beehive. Well worth the extra 45 minute scramble to the top.

This is a gorgeous fun trail. Make sure you go early to avoid crowds. We did this in September and not many people went to the Ink Pots, so much less crowded, but coming back was very crowded around the falls. The ink pots are very neat. Love this trail.

7 days ago

First trail we took on our trip to Banff. What a way to start! So much for easing into things. The reward at the end was more than worth it. Tea was wonderful. The return trip seemed to be more difficult, but was worth every step.

Did this trail today, when it's still snow from the parking lot all the way to the ink pots. It was just above freezing. Really lovely. Sheltered from the wind, and the sun was warm enough that I was able to get down to just basic insulators. Spikes are a must, though, and poles recommended!

Beautiful in winter, slippery on uphills but fine with good winter boots and warm clothing. The upper falls are beautiful when frozen.

Amazing hike! make sure you bring crimp-ons. The waterfalls ate breath taking!

Easy, beautiful but very crowded.

Beautiful winter hike! But if you're not a very active person and just starting out then know that the full hike can be pretty harsh. It was my first hike of the year and I'm not a very active person and I walked out exhausted and in pain. But pushing through it is definitely worth it! But please, please, please BRING CLEAT ATTACHMENTS ! It is very icy in some spots and there's nothing worse then having your hiking vibe on and you're being held up because someone thought it was a great idea to wear Uggs or sneakers. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Can't wait to go back and do a summer hike.

Great variety and beautiful winter terrain

3 months ago

Snow covered trail was fun, unique experience. The trail from Mirror to Lake Angels had about 2.5 ft of fresh powder. We didn’t use snow shoes or trekking poles but they would have been helpful..

The best hike I’ve ever done. Even better, it ends with food, and delicious food at that! I’d do this trail a hundred times over.

This is one of my favourite places in Banff NP. Yes, the canyon can get really busy so make sure you come early.
We did the hike up to the ink pots in late October and started at 9 am and saw maybe 10 other pairs of people on the trail as we made our way up. When we came back down around 1:30 pm it was already much busier, especially in the canyon. Contrary to what many people say, the hike up to the ink pots is definitely worth the extra effort! Although the trail is not super interesting after the canyon, the view at the ink pots is amazing. Make sure you come on a clear day so you can see the surrounding mountains. When we did the hike there was some snow and ice on the trail so microspikes definitely come in handy, even during fall.

Amazing trail and not to difficult even in the snow. Although the tea house was closed the surrounding scenery was great.

4 months ago

stunning views and easy hike!

Easy peasy but beautiful.

Really beautiful both is summer and winter, but also very busy. The canyon is great for all ages, getting to the inkpots is a bit tougher but they are really interesting.

Nice trail. We did not get high enough to see the lake from the mountain or to the tea house (only 2.5 miles up) due to a bear sighting on the trail. Crampons not needed yet, but poles should be used as there are some icy/snowy/slushy spots.

5 months ago

We did just hiked from Lake Louise up to Lake Agnes and the Teahouse and then back down. There was about 2-4 inches of snow on the ground which made it challenging. Be prepared, and know that the views are definitely worth it. It's an incline essentially all the way to the top.

5 months ago

The trail is a beautiful hike.
The Lake Agnes tea house has been serving since 1905. It is small and gets crowded but be patient and you will get a table. The tea is geat and their mountain bar is a must. Take your time, relax and enjoy the experience. Take the time to walk the trail along the shore and get a view from the other end of the lake

Great views and a really unique walk up to the falls along the canyon, on a well kept trail. But the trail is narrow at times and it extremely busy.
Best to get here super early as getting a parking spot later in the day is next to impossible.

We did this hike along with the other tea house. If you had to choose between them, this one is the way to go. The hike is less busy, more scenic, and the tea house itself is nicer as well. Easy hike; crampons might help for some slippery parts (early October).

Early October - Rent or bring crampons as this trail is busy and the snow higher up gets hard packed and slippery. We saw people struggling along in runners or city boots and had to help a woman who was stuck and couldn’t go up or down. The tea house was very busy and is close to closing for the season. If you had to pick one tea house, I would go for the Plain of Six Glaciers instead - the hike is nicer, the view sweeter, the tea house bigger, the food better, less busy.

5 months ago

While the hike up between Mirror Lake and Lake Agnes was extremely slippery, the views from the tea house are breathtaking and the tea at the top made the chill of the day worth it. It was snowing when we went up but it wasn’t too cold.

5 months ago

Fantastic trail up to the Lake Agnes Teahouse. It's quite steep from the start and mostly in forest but once you get to the top past Mirror Lake the views are spectacular. It was very icy and slippery on the way down so I'd recommend cleats if you are going towards the end of the season.

beautiful all the way to the top! will do it again

The trail covers both the lower falls and the upper falls. Go further up the upper falls for about 200m to another viewpoint. Beyond that I'm not too sure if it worth the walk (about 1h) to the ink pots. I'd recommend going up all the way only on a sunny day. Views are majestic. But on a cloudy day you probably wouldn't be able see the mountain peaks.

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