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1 day ago

Gave it a 3 because it was so snowy/cloudy/foggy that we couldn’t even see the water. Trail was snow/ice covered and very slippery. Definitely not worth the drive when it is snowing as the roads were snow covered with sheer drop offs with very few guard rails. People were driving with their flashers on and cars/buses were backed up (ie, at a stand still) trying to get up the mountain road. Cars were turning around to go back to Banff on a very narrow mountain road with curves and very limited visibility. We made it to The Crossing, spent the night, and with more snow being forecasted decided not to continue onto Jasper, but to go back to Banff. Disappointing.

2 days ago

Easy walk, minimal to no elevation, no equipment required.

Beautiful view! Saw the fox outline and mountains surrounding it so clearly. 12/10 would recommend.

3 days ago

Short Hike.

The crowd is worth dealing with to see the many beautiful falls on this lovely trail. Hope to go again and be able to go all the way to the ink pots

Definitely not a hike, rather a walk to a view point of Morraine Lake. Great views from the top of the lake and surrounding mountains (though we went today 9/13 and there was heavy snow and limited visibility so the view was very obstructed). Parking is extremely limited and unless you get there early will need to park elsewhere and take a shuttle (for a fee I believe) or be part of a tour group. The one huge drawback (other than lack of parking) is the large number of tour groups that show up and inundate the trail and view points. To me really takes away from the beauty of the place when are trying to enjoy it and people are jostling to get past you to take their millions of selfies. It seems that many would rather take pictures of themselves there then taking in the beauty of it all.

5 days ago

A short walk on a paved path to a great view of the tall, spectacular falls. Crowded parking lot and walkway.

The view from the top is of course spectacular, but this is not a hike. Just a short climb up a series of rock staircases.

5 days ago

Relatively short hike. It was very muddy on the day we went. The small Moose Lake at is beautiful and peaceful. Unfortunately no moose on that day.

As many will say best time to go is early or late. We arrived at the parking lot at 9 AM on a Tuesday in Sept and the lot was only 1/3 full. By the time we got back to our car at 11 (after going to the upper falls) both the primary and secondary lots were completely full. The trail itself is a paved trail with may catwalks all the way to the upper falls, but still interesting with great views all the way up. Make sure to take your time to enjoy the views and don't get stressed by all the people and go into it realizing you will need to wait at some of the best viewpoints to get your videos and pictures while others take theirs. Not a technically challenging hike at all, but round trip is about 3.4 miles with a solid elevation gain so make sure you have comfortable shoes on (many wore sneakers). Definitely glad we did, but not one I'd be anxious to do again mainly because of the crowds.

Easy! Go earliest you can or late evening to avoid the crowds. Tour buses give only enough time to make it to the lower falls so upper is even less trafficked. It’s beautiful and worth seeing but I prefer less crowded and a little more challenging.

I didn’t find Takakkaw Falls really great. There were so many tourists around and climbing on the falls that it was hard to enjoy. I wouldn’t go again.

Hiking to Laughing Falls (approx 6-7 km round trip) was much more satisfactory in my opinion, with gorgeous falls at the end and a couple small falls and a lake on the route. Highly enjoyable easy trek.

This trail was great for us with a three year old and 20 month old. We took the baby in a backpack but could have easily used a stroller at this time of year. Our three year old managed the hike to the upper falls with minimal complaints. We knew that this trail was likely to get very busy so set off early (around 8.30am) and on the way up the route up was really quiet and we only saw a few people. However, by the time we were coming back down, busloads of tourists had arrived and it was much busier. There is a lovely shop/cafe at the base of the trail.

So epic!

Lovely trail thru the forest. On different trails you can see many other small waterfalls !

Such a marvelous lake !

Waterfalls were great but the crowd puts a dent in the rating. A paved trail. Certainly not natural.

This is a pleasant, easy hike with decent views provided you go early in the morning when it’s not absolutely jam packed with people.

The waterfalls and canyon were nice, but if you’re willing to put in a little more time & effort you can find much more interesting and dramatic scenery in the area.

We went late afternoon and it was very crowded! A lot of buses and tourists ! We were a bit disapointed but we walked the main trail anyway and took a trail away from the main path after the belvedere! What a good choice we made !! The view is much more impressive! And you can appreciate your moment without having thousands of tourists behind your back ! My advice: take the small trail after the belvedere!

Very easy but beautiful

Very crowded, but beautiful views

Easy hike with amazing surroundings. I would suggest going very early in the morning as it can get very touristy. Preferred this hike in winter as it’s not as touristy and the frozen waterfall looks amazing! I think the place where people take the photo of the rock with water surrounded by it is closed because of an endangered bird.

Nice easy hike, beautiful view of the falls. Way too busy on the weekend. Encountered a lot of impatient drivers who obviously wanted to get there or out as soon as possible. Valley is beautiful with picturesque falls, tall trees and avalanche paths.

Go early it gets very crowded and the trail is narrow. Amazing views! The water is absolutely stunning! Be careful leaning against the railings on the first viewpoint. It was rotted and loose!

15 days ago

This 1260' waterfall is absolutely stunning! Short easy walk to it with viewpoints along the way. We seen 2 people rock climbing near it as we were walking towards it. It's a must see! There is also a great place in Field to eat at. It's called Truffle Pigs Bistro. It was great food and drink following this wonderful visit!

Very pretty canyon. Lots of people like everyone mentioned. We arrived by 8 am on a Wednesday and were able to park in the main lot. When we left around 11 the lot and road were full for a long distance. The lines at the lower and upper falls were easily a half hour wait though to see the falls. Well worth it but it is frustrating. The upper falls are the best!

falls are insane. trail is nothing.

Along the Icefields Parkway near the Jasper NP Visitor Center. Walk on a real glacier. Rock and dirt path to where you step onto the glacier and can walk up several hundred yards; stay within the roped area for safety; we were pelted with sleet coming down the glacier in early July but still was a "cool" experience on an otherwise hot day.

not a real hiking trail but a great view point of Moraine Lake without having to go far! large crowds though. beautiful place, my favourite in Banff!

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