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Hiked years ago with my children on a trip to Banff. Nice hike

Nice scenery but a little crowded at times

Hard to find parking so get there early!

I went there for the sunset, it's the best for the light (I even saw a rainbow!) and I was almost alone. The smoke is not a problem there even though it was all around.
The view from look out is as beautiful as from the foot of the waterfall.

What a view!!!! Be there when sun shines!

The parking lot is full by around 630am. Make sure to be there early

Although it can get super packed the views are definitely worth it. It's only unfortunate that you will have to line up at the viewpoints to get your chance to see the lower and upper falls. There are a bunch of nice areas past upper falls with less people and you can sit beside the water. We came at 2pm on a Monday in mid-August and by then the early people had left so there was parking in the parking lot!

The crowds and lines on this trail made me feel like I was at Disneyland. It was seriously crowded on a Wednesday early afternoon. We waited 30 minutes to enter the cave at the lower falls. Not worth it in my opinion. There was another line at the upper falls. My favorite part of the hike was the views of the river as it carves through the rock passage way. The water is so clear and crisp looking. Avoid this hike during peak season if you hate crowds. Otherwise, the views are worth it if you can stomach the crowds.

If you come by 8.40 it's the perfect time to see this canyon. Not too crowded, and if you go to the upper falls, the light is beautiful by the time you reach them (sunrise + the smoke helped a little bit).
The first falls are very nice but the last waterfall is the best! When I came back I was so happy to have done it early, SO MANY PEOPLE!
The hike is really easy.
Perfect for smoky days.

Nice accessible hike to a great lake. Great for beginners, the trail is a bit uninteresting along the way, but the lake is worth it.

Good Trail. Lower falls is must see if you can't climb all the way to upper falls...

8 days ago

Amazing view. Easy trail. Totally worth doing it! And my winner dog did it also!

8 days ago

A busy trail but the waterfalls are worth the wait.

People are right, parking is hard to get there early. The view is also the best in the morning. It’s an easy short hike, though some children and seniors may find it difficult. There are good views from the bottom of the pile so even those with physical disabilities could enjoy the view of moraine.

Beautiful valley and falls. A site well worth seeing. The paved path is good and is easy for children, elderly, etc. The only reason I made this less than the five stars is because it is so very crowded. The parking lot at base of the trail is filled by 9am so go as early as you can.

Parking is a bitch. So I started to walk the 12km road. Got picked up by a french couple. Starting walking down got picked up by a German couple. Ppl are super nice.

beautiful and scenic, easy strolling. what emerald glow!

Arrive extra early to get a parking spot in the lot, otherwise you’ll have to park along the road and walk in. It’s extremely busy and populated. Its become more of a tourist spot. It’s a very easy trail, good to do with kids or the family. There is a “hidden” cave which is fun to find and explore.

Pretty easy hike the hardest part was avoiding crowds. We arrived just before 9 and got a good parking space. If you are trying to do photography I would highly recommend arriving around 8 to avoid crowds.

Sooo crowded! Not a nature hike. So many people we could barely walk. Do not take dogs for this same reason. Maybe if you when at 6am it would be cool but with a fence and a paved trail it was not my kind of hike. Many other options in Banff.

13 days ago

The tip I kept getting was to arrive before 7 am, however the lot fills up by 5 am and stays closed a good portion of the day. Allow yourself a couple of tries to get in. When you finally do, you’re rewarded with the most unreal view for a short hike. It’s worth battling the crowd to get in and if you try, you can find a quiet spot.

13 days ago

A nice view of Moraine Lake, but there are better views available on the Shoreline Trail.

Beautiful falls, but many, many people. We went just a little beyond the upper falls and found some quiet spots next to the water to eat lunch and hang out, and that made it very worthwhile!

climbed the rock pile, and then walked trail back. great view from top


Awesome trail ! Lots to see, great view of the lake. Does tend to be pretty wet and muddy at some points.

Awesome trail for beginners! (Crowder than I thought) Great views. Love it.

17 days ago

Not too buggy, beautiful. Tho heavily trafficked, it is a well constructed trail and not bad. We went around 4pm. Be warned: ice cream stand at top. Use as incentive for reluctant walkers!

This is a nice easy trail around the lake. It goes through a very damp dense forest into a big opening and around the other side of the lake is pretty sunny. We use this as a nice 5 km stretching our legs for a big hike tomorrow. Go early as it gets very crowded. Emerald Lake was a beautiful Clay see you awake the colors are gorgeous and if you go before the crowds and canoeing starts the lake is like glass and you can catch the mountains reflections

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