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Very crowded. Good mountain views and nice lake.

Nice hike mostly through woods with a lake every so often.

Nice hike with 2 waterfalls and hiking along a river to the ink pots. Very crowded however. Get there really early to get a parking spot. At the ink pots, eat a lunch along the river. Mountains in background are very scenic.

This is a gorgeous fun trail. Make sure you go early to avoid crowds. We did this in September and not many people went to the Ink Pots, so much less crowded, but coming back was very crowded around the falls. The ink pots are very neat. Love this trail.

Did this trail today, when it's still snow from the parking lot all the way to the ink pots. It was just above freezing. Really lovely. Sheltered from the wind, and the sun was warm enough that I was able to get down to just basic insulators. Spikes are a must, though, and poles recommended!

nice and short hike for our first in Banff, great views along the way and nothing difficult to encounter on the way. cleats made a huge difference because the packed snow trail was a bit slippery without them.

Beautiful in winter, slippery on uphills but fine with good winter boots and warm clothing. The upper falls are beautiful when frozen.

Amazing hike! make sure you bring crimp-ons. The waterfalls ate breath taking!

Great little hike with fantastic views! Short & easy, and seems to be a popular trail as there were lots of people.

Easy, beautiful but very crowded.

Great switchbacks and views!

Snow shoed this trail on monday in January, great deals on hotels during the week. No one was on it and it was fairly easy. It was snowing in town so couldn't get a good view but was still a nice experience and a good work out.

on Tunnel Mountain Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful views of Banff and a great little hike to get your heart pumping, very low time commitment required so you can plan multiple activities in a day and still get a good hike in!

Beautiful vistas, quite a workout bring your walking poles

Beautiful winter hike! But if you're not a very active person and just starting out then know that the full hike can be pretty harsh. It was my first hike of the year and I'm not a very active person and I walked out exhausted and in pain. But pushing through it is definitely worth it! But please, please, please BRING CLEAT ATTACHMENTS ! It is very icy in some spots and there's nothing worse then having your hiking vibe on and you're being held up because someone thought it was a great idea to wear Uggs or sneakers. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Can't wait to go back and do a summer hike.

Great view at the top!!

2 months ago

A very easy and pleasurable hike. I did it in December and it was enjoyable.

3 months ago

Flat paved trail beside Lake Louise, this is awe inspiring. It was cloudy over the snowy peaks at the end of the trail and the clouds muted the light for a great shot. The picture of the Chateau from the far end is framed nicely by the surrounding mountains. Go past the lake for more adventure.

3 months ago

A very easy and beautiful walk along the lake shore. It was snowing almost constantly but you’re protected from any wind and it’s a beautiful way to spend a winter afternoon. Dogs are allowed which makes for a nice atmosphere as everyone greets each other. Great views of the Chateau and the mountain peaks.

4 months ago

The views are fantastic the entire hike. Initially you have changing perspectives of the town of Banff and then at the top you can see down both sides of the mountain into the valleys on either end. Yes, there are lots of tourists so don't expect this to be a place of solitude but it is great for what it is: a moderately sloped trail which is well maintained and provides incredible scenery.

Great place, but crowded

Great easy hike.

This is one of my favourite places in Banff NP. Yes, the canyon can get really busy so make sure you come early.
We did the hike up to the ink pots in late October and started at 9 am and saw maybe 10 other pairs of people on the trail as we made our way up. When we came back down around 1:30 pm it was already much busier, especially in the canyon. Contrary to what many people say, the hike up to the ink pots is definitely worth the extra effort! Although the trail is not super interesting after the canyon, the view at the ink pots is amazing. Make sure you come on a clear day so you can see the surrounding mountains. When we did the hike there was some snow and ice on the trail so microspikes definitely come in handy, even during fall.

Great hike! All up hill ofcourse up to the top of tunnel mountain with amazing views well worth it! Pretty easy hike, super good trail! And short!

Well worn, wide trail with some great views. Pretty steady assent so not the best for out of shape ppl but there’s lots of places to rest along the way!

Touristy & underwhelming.

Beautiful clear lakes, took a swim in the ice cold water

Really beautiful both is summer and winter, but also very busy. The canyon is great for all ages, getting to the inkpots is a bit tougher but they are really interesting.

4 months ago

A nice easy one, either to start the season or to take kids or older tourists. Summit super early sunrise for an amazing view of sunrise over Rundle.

4 months ago

It was a beautiful up hill trek with lots of places to rest. Heavily trafficked with very friendly hikers. I hiked with a beginner hiker and she felt it was difficult, but made it to the top with only a few stops.

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