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Great hike! Did this about a week ago. Needed cleats! We lost the trail on our way up... at one point it goes way up on the right, we missed that and followed steps we found in the snow on the left instead. That path kinda followed the same curve around but way lower so we ended up scrambling in loose rocks in the avalanche path which was very steep... ouf that was challenging! Finally found the trail again close to the top. What a VIEW! You can see Lake Louise, Lake Agnes, Little Beehive Big Beehive and much much more!

Amazing hike. Worthwhile having someone with you who has completed this before. It is not always obvious where to go (I got lost once!).
Also, note that the last few hundred metres are now covered in snow (21st of October). This adds extra difficulty. I’d strongly recommend cleats and poles. I didn’t have the latter, which meant I was scrambling more often than needed.
Also note that if you’re scared of heights, this one is not for you. There are some very steep places.

Cannot stress enough how amazing this hike was. Coming down from the thumb was a little scary, because it’s very steep and all loose rock on a little goat trail, so we slid down on our butts (which left us very dirty and embarrassed going into the beautiful post hotel after haha). But you start from Lake Louise, go up past lake Agnes + teahouse, and the beehives, and get a beautiful view of the both lakes (Agnes, Louise) and the beehives. 100% recommend.

This hike was well worth the ass kicking it gives you on the way up. Some of the most beautiful angles of the Jasper Valley you can get.

There was a foot or snow on it when we went and cornices were starting to take shape on the summit ridge. I wouldn't try this in a month or so when snow will be deep and avalanche risks will be present.

Ohh Devils Thumb, what can I say. The most challenging thing physically and mentally I’ve ever done! Also the most rewarding! My husband and I set out on this adventure for our 4th year wedding anniversary. We were definitely a little naive, this hike is no stroll in the park. Watch your footing and keep to the right. Unbelievable view from the top! This was the first mountain we’ve ever climbed. From start to finish approx 9 hours (with lots of breaks) and we have no experience. Definitely the highlight of our trip!

Did this on September 15th, was almost 10 cms of snow so couldn’t finish it unfortunately! But was breathtaking, also did the big beehive! Will definitely go back on a summers day!

Did part of this trail today. The switch back up the slope past Lake Agnes was icy. We did not bring spikes so we back tracked and hiked to the end of the box canyon. Very nice hike. Fairly easy.

1 month ago

Wonderful hike and view on the ridge. A long ascent but not a technical trail! Technical only if you walk on the ridge pass the trail end. Have fun and bring a lot of water!

This hike is worth all the tourists at Lake Louise! Once you get passed all the people and make your way to the actual trail it’s a beautiful hike. My friend, my dog and I walked to the end of Lake Louise and headed up to Big Beehive that way, finishing the hike with Lake Agnes on the way back down. It was nice because we hiked the opposite direction of everyone else. Amazing views from the top of Devil’s Thumb. There are no signs or mention of Devil’s Thumb around. So many people just finish their hike with Big Beehive. The last trek up to the Thumb is quiet and a bit of a hidden gem. Highly recommended!

2 months ago

Date : 8th of September
Time: 8.30am at the Moraine gate, gate opens 8.45am.
Group of 5 amateur hikers

At this time of the year I would recommend using poles, helmet and cleats. We did it without any of those and it was rather risky. My boyfriend and his team did it earlier without any equipment around July and it was much easier.

Bring dry socks and good company!

The views are amazing, the hike is tough but worth it.

Moraine Lake parking lot was full by 6am so this was our backup hike. We started by 8am and avoided most of the tourists. The views of the lakes are outstanding! The reward/difficulty ratio is very high for this one. Only downside is how busy it can be; the trail was a gong show on the way down. Get there early and you will not be disappointed!

Amazing hike!! Well worth the effort and steep climb near the finish

The spectacular views from the top makes all the effort worthwhile. The very last section is steep as you scramble up.

This is incredible and easily one of the best hikes in Banff. If you are afraid of heights, may want to rethink. This is difficult because the trail is hard to follow at parts and has a mild scramble. However, there are many trails that are more physically difficult compared to this one. Must do - best near Lake Louise.

2 months ago

One of my favourite hikes in rockies. The 360 panorama view of Rogers Pass and its surrounding glaciers is breathtaking. That said it is a tough climb so be fit and bring lots of water.

Devils Thumb is a challenge but I would classify it between easy to moderate hike. There is a very short scramble made up of large rocks that is like a stair case. At the top of the first short scramble, turn left there is a defined trail. The trail that goes around the back of the mountain is narrow so you do have to watch your step. If you are afraid of heights have someone with you to talk you through it. The most challenging part, even though not long, you may have to do a bear crawl up. I wanted to challenge myself for my 59 birthday and this is my second scramble and the first time I ever completed. The view is well worth the effort. Take your time going down.

super stunning views!
the start is hard to find. it's right across the street from the sign telling you about maligne lake boat tours.

2 months ago

Very good.

Great hike with absolutely stunning views from the top. As everyone else has mentioned it is a very steep trail so definitely bring hiking poles for both the ups and the downs. Bit of loose rock above treeline but just take it steady. Enjoy!

Awesome. A very beautiful trail with a spectacular end. The last part before the end is the most difficult with a strong slope but it deserves, you can do it if you are more or less athletic.

I reached the top in 2.5 hours. It’s not a true hard hike if you like challenge and if you are trained enough. Just be careful with the snow, I couldn’t see the track just after the false summit so I lost time and I put too much pressure for nothing. The view is gorgeous when the sky is clear, take some good gloves if you want to stay at the top coz you lose a lot of temperature. If you are a hiker you can’t leave Banff without doing this one !

I did it on august 30th. I only had shoes, which was a really bad idea. There was snow over my knees and my big toe nail became blue after the hike because it was too cold. But with gloves and good boots it is a really good hike. I love how different was the environment all the way up.

2 months ago

Ma randonnée préférée jusqu'à maintenant. Nous avons fait le grand loop et j'ai adoré cela. Un peu plus de y heures mais nous avons prit notre temps. Le camping au Twin falls été un coup de coeur très beau!

2 months ago

This was an absolutely incredible hike! Yes, it’s steep! The grade is fairly constant. After we passed the lake, we took the short cut to the right. It’s easier to go up the short cut and come back the long way. At the top, the views were 360 degrees! Mountains and snow and glaciers! If I can do this with a spinal cord injury and my husband with an injured knee, almost anyone can do it!

2 months ago

Beautiful hike with a few steep sections. Scenery was great - many waterfalls and places to stop along the way. Made the trip to Marpole Lake Whig was worth it - it was so peaceful and still. Took me almost 7 hours but that included a lot of breaks for snacks and pictures.

2 months ago

This hike is a beast and so worth it on the top. The distance is definitely closer to 11 mi/19 km. The elevation at the top poses some altitude sickness threat depending on where you are coming from when traveling. There are so many opportunities to fall, especially on weak legs. Poles are a MUST. Boots/shoes you are comfortable in as it will beat your feet on the way down. We didn’t wear helmets but we weren’t below many hikers that could kick down rocks. If you don’t know who is above you you’ll want helmets. DON’T WALK ON THE CORNICES UP TOP. We saw one fall. Bare minimum three liters of water. I had two and was suffering until some friends bailed me out. Bring electrolytes and salty snacks with nutritional benefits.

2 months ago

This is my second time doing this hike and it is a favourite!! This hike has a little bit of everything - waterfalls, meadows, and an amazing view at the top. The climb to the meadows is steep switchbacks for just over 4 km the meadow is almost another 4 km. The app (if you follow the map) doesn’t take you all the way up to the viewpoint of Pinto lake so expect some more climbing if you want the amazing views. The hike to the viewpoint and back is more than 16km. But it is so worth it. Was going to hike down to Pinto lake but this was mine and my daughters first backpacking trip ever and she was just a little too tired by the time we hit the viewpoint to add another 5.5km down to the lake. So, next time for sure!!

We spent about 10 hours exploring the area, started at noon & got to the top without a hitch. It's super easy to follow the inukshuk's when youre going up, but on our way down we ended up getting lost in the scree area. The inukshuks blend in with all the other rocks.

Really enjoyed it, great view and an amazing adventure. I'd suggest doing it when there's less smoke though ^_^

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