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I'd suggest you pass over this hike and consider something else. it was super easy and anti climactic.

Unfortunately we did this hike on a really smoky day so we didn’t get to see the full view but is was amazing up top. There are many side trails you can take so you don’t have to do the loops.

Awesome little hike. Great waterfall at the end and can climb right up to the top of you feel brave enough. And skilled enough. A deft must do if your in the area.

trail from Agnes Lake still has a lot of snow and disappears up the slope. tough climb right now, but q beautiful view of both Lake Louise and Lake Agnes, as well as the surrounding mountains.

Epic trail with views to die for. For many it would be strenuous, not moderate, at least in parts. But if you can manage it then it's worth it - it's really just the unrelenting incline not any particular hazards. You won't regret it. Phenomenal.

3 days ago

Great trail with beautiful views, the trail towards the end is rough and steep, harder for old people. The falls are beautiful.

Amazing views all along the trail! From the top you can see the lake louise and the mirror lake. Beautiful! The hike will take you along mirror lake and agnes lake, and then a steep ascension to the top of the beehive. I highly recommend this hike!

4 days ago

Casual stroll through the forest until you reach the falls, where there is a short, steep section. Little effort for large reward. Did this hike late evening so decided not to explore below the falls but there seems to be lots more trail to explore.

Nice accessible hike to a great lake. Great for beginners, the trail is a bit uninteresting along the way, but the lake is worth it.

Great Hike! There’s is currently a lot of smoke in the area due to wildfires and we’ve met a fair amount of people but definitely a fun hike!

6 days ago

7 days ago

Wow!! Definitely bike the first part of the trail. Then it’s a short walk to the most amazing water feature in the Rockies. Easy walk for any age or group of people. Take time and enjoy it this summer.

7 days ago

Good and really easy hike, took us approx. 45 min there and back. We had dogs with us and they really loved the creek along the trail. If you’re looking for a quick one, put this one down on your list!

Nice tramp, quite steep to start!

This was a real pleasant surprise. This hike has it all. Walk right next to a beautiful lake, scramble through some flooded areas, some forest, walk across a barren area with views of the river downstream of the falls and finally some fantastic waterfalls! This is now near the top of my all time favorites.

8 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous.

on Chester Lake Trail

9 days ago

We went on Aug 7th. Calgary was over 30c but we felt pretty cool when we got out from the car 11:30am. It was constant incline in the beginning but not too steep and soon enough there is a meadow full of flowers and great scenery with mountains as others mentioned. We were slow on inclines and took quite few picture and water breaks so we got to the lake a bit less than 1 hour and a half. We also went on to the Elephant Rocks and 2 lakes. Took a long lunch break with food lovers and my son played around the rocks so we arrived the parking lot after 4 pm. We didn’t see bears but the other group saw 2 cubs and a mom at the meadow before the lake and lots of bear digs around the lake so definitely good to have bear spray and more people in the group. It was the best hiking with around 10k + 300-400m elevation gain trail!

Boring road to walk. Easy tho. But getting to Lake O’Hara was well worth is. Omg

Beautiful well worth the hike easy hike too

I’ve done this hike twice now: late spring and mid summer (last week). The first time the trail was still snowy but still great; this time it was like completely different hike since there was no snow. Beautiful well-marked trail through the forest. Easy elevation. Unfortunately there was a grizzly near the lake so we had to turn back.... snow and bear, have yet to see the lake :(

somewhat mild entrance. that leads to a beautiful waterfall you can enjoy from above and below

beautiful and scenic, easy strolling. what emerald glow!

An awesome hike. Got a little steeper closer to the summit but definitely worth the hike. Would do it again.

I honestly didn’t want to go on this hike as I’m in favor of more challenging trails, but my girlfriend demanded we go. I’m glad she did...we took the most scenic pictures here out of our entire 6 days in Banff National Park. The views are spectacular and absolutely worth every second. Just be sure to arrive early (7am??) as it is a hotbed for the tour busses. We started about 7:15am and only saw a few people along the way. A+

on Lake Louise Trail

12 days ago

Nice flat trail with beautiful views but not the place to go if you’re trying to escape the crowds. Get there early to see the calm waters before everyone takes the canoes out.. sunrise is incredible.

12 days ago

Great hike! Our 6 yr old and 11 yr old made it to the pass as well.

12 days ago

Great hike, once you get past the 1.2 mile mark it’s relatively easy going. Great views of the ever changing moraine and seen a marmot up close too!

14 days ago

Not closed now! Yeh! We tried last year and found it closed due to bears, so went across the road and did Burstall. Today it was open and has been for a few days now and what a beautiful trail, in trees for some and a couple open meadows and scenic mountains and flowers all around. Not too strenuous, but still gives your heart a workout. Good for families with a bit older children (school aged maybe), but a mother with her newborn were also doing the trail today. We first did the right hand trail, (snowdrift) or some such name and it loops you back to the parking lot (1&1/2hr). Not really our plan, but a nice walk and we saw a grouse and her 5 chicks along the trail. Do take the signed chester lake trail on your left when facing the trails. We and another small group were just not paying attention, talking and ended up doing this few km detour, but if you want the extra mileage.....
People were fishing at Chester lake and catching and releasing as they were quite small, but they were catching every few minutes. They were cutthroat and brook trout I think. The fish were jumping a lot within the lake. It was a cooler day today and we were there later in the afternoon so maybe that's why? Also saw across lake, we think an osprey? Arrived at lake 4pm and had started from parking lot (second time round) at 3pm. Were there alone for about half hour before numerous more showed up. The area does show bear activity, lots of turned over soil just before the lake I assume is from bears. The parks must have bears tagged or something and know where they are roaming and they must have moved out for the time being. A light rain on our way back, but not enough to make trail slippery. I would love to see this in the winter. I think we may have to get some snowshoes!

little work.... great views!

Awesome trail ! Lots to see, great view of the lake. Does tend to be pretty wet and muddy at some points.

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