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2 hours ago

October 15 hike

**review below : found half of an ice climbing spikes pair, black diamond, on the way back from the final loop. Left them under the wastebin at the trail head.

30M/32F/8 months old toddler in harness.
Quite the great hike. Starts off with a slight incline in a regrowth area with short pine-like trees. This part was muddy on the way back after the sunny day. After that you reach a forested plateau and cross a stream of ice-cold water. A little while later a last climb brings you to the openvalley with the glacier ocerhead, and you can see a plateau overlooking the valley in the distance. That’s where you can (its the best part really) head if you choose to do the last little loop after the marker saying this is no longer a maintained trail. It starts with a steep open climb/scramble after a little boulder area, culminating in (iced over at this point in the year and with some falling icicles the size of a person’s head at some point) some falls and caverns behind them. It gets easier then and you soon reach the plateau, with some little streams behind, quite gorgeous. You then climb back down in a scrambly way.
At this time of year after 2 cold weeks, the snow covers the trail and makes the scrambles a little strenuous and a bit dangerous, so walking poles are recommended. For the way up crampons also efficient (on the way down it hinders you in open snow). The wife was actually scared during the loop with the baby in the harness, but i repeat that it it the best part!
Took us all in all without breaks a good 3 1/2 hours, and we are usually a bit faster than average.

Favourite lake in Banff!! ❤️

Loved this hike! Falls were breathtaking. Started mid morning and passed a few people on route going to and from- shared the falls with only one other couple. If you’re in the area, this hike is a must!

5 starts for the lake itself but too crowded for my liking.

Did this hike today snow and ice on the last 1/3, crampons/cleats definitely required but worth the hike.

Awesome hike. A nice gradual incline with incredible views once you get through the forest. Did it in early October and it was quite snowy where snowshoes were needed for the last quarter of the hike.

Cool views

If there is one must do hike in the Canadian Rockies .. must be this one for the view .. easy, short, breathtaking view!!

Very pretty view of Peyto Lake right after the snow storm. Please wear the proper gear as we saw people slipping all over the place. Take the trek up to the left to view beautiful snow covered forests.

easy walk to the top

Easy walk with exceptionally stunning views!

Prefect spot to propose, and she said yes

15 days ago

It was a great hike with amazing views. Despite being cold and cloudy there was still a great view of the glacier. Up at the back of the loop we saw a family of ptarmigan, and on the glacial stream we met an ermine, and then on the way down from the caves we saw a friendly pika that even came out to meet our dog! Overall, a great day.

The view is a 5 star, but the crowd is a 1. It's a steep incline up and today when we went it was a little slick from snowfall. The view was beautiful and it's short walk to get to. However, the tourist were rude and it was elbow to elbow on the lookout. The best views are if you escape the crowd just a little going beyond the lookout platforms to the right and take photos with no one rushing you and even better views...this will require a slight adventure but nothing that was difficult to do.

This hike was a pleasant surprise. After having hiked the Plain of 6 Glaciers the day before, I would definitely rate this as an easy hike. Most of the hike is level and you will question if you are getting to the top of a mountain due to the ease of the hike. However, you'll know when you've hit the hardest part which is the steep incline of steps hiking up. Once you get to the top to see the falls, it's not a close up view of the falls so I wouldn't rate the view as spectacular. Having said that though, the hike was still beautiful and there were hardly any people crowding the hiking trail. Definitely a hike to do for the views of the lake and flowing glacier water. Total hike can take less than 3 hours and we had plenty of parking at 9:15am.

Heavily trafficed is an overstatement! It is basically a narrow paved trail the entire way where you are weaving in and out of tourists walking at turtle pace like they do not have the entire Canadian Rockies to explore! Once you actually get to the lookout, you cannot get a single good picture because someone else is always there. I don't think I need to see this lake again, but was glad I braved the crowd to at least see it once in person.

Beautiful but busy boardwalk hike at gondola end. Several stairs/steps may be difficult for some, but for us was a nice way to end the day after a more strenuous hike. Lovely views for minimal effort, if you take the gondola up and back!

20 days ago

Fun for the sure-footed hiker. I would do this hike again.
Was able to do this hike pretty quickly, 1.25 hours up and 35 min down. Really nice views but tough terrain

Absolutely gorgeous view and really easy to get to.

Great hike! We ran out of energy so didn't do the full loop at the end, but we ventured part way out past the end of the "official" trail. Even without doing the last mile across the loose shale, it was a great hike and we felt very rewarded with amazing views and a unique landscape.

Did this with Rocky Mountain Adaptive last week, hauling up trail riders- great experience but sadly was pretty foggy at the opening section so didn't see it all in full glory.. will come back and do the extra loop next time to see cave etc.

Gorgeous larch hike!!

Short, Steep hike up the road from where the cars parked. Buses were allowed all the way up. Crazy, pushy tourists crowded onto the icy trail from the buses to the view of Peyto Lake.

One of my all time favourite views.

nature trips
25 days ago

Wonderful hike! The switchbacks are through shoulder high pine trees, making for beautiful vistas. The creek crossing is lovely, the forest beautiful, then you reach the box canyon and fully see the glacier - glorious. You hear the water in the creek and the rumble of the glacier above. The loop over the top plateau is quite steep and loose rock, super fun (better with hiking poles). Fantastic views. No bugs this time of year.

28 days ago

Gave it a 3 because it was so snowy/cloudy/foggy that we couldn’t even see the water. Trail was snow/ice covered and very slippery. Definitely not worth the drive when it is snowing as the roads were snow covered with sheer drop offs with very few guard rails. People were driving with their flashers on and cars/buses were backed up (ie, at a stand still) trying to get up the mountain road. Cars were turning around to go back to Banff on a very narrow mountain road with curves and very limited visibility. We made it to The Crossing, spent the night, and with more snow being forecasted decided not to continue onto Jasper, but to go back to Banff. Disappointing.

Beautiful view! Saw the fox outline and mountains surrounding it so clearly. 12/10 would recommend.


Definitely not a hike, rather a walk to a view point of Morraine Lake. Great views from the top of the lake and surrounding mountains (though we went today 9/13 and there was heavy snow and limited visibility so the view was very obstructed). Parking is extremely limited and unless you get there early will need to park elsewhere and take a shuttle (for a fee I believe) or be part of a tour group. The one huge drawback (other than lack of parking) is the large number of tour groups that show up and inundate the trail and view points. To me really takes away from the beauty of the place when are trying to enjoy it and people are jostling to get past you to take their millions of selfies. It seems that many would rather take pictures of themselves there then taking in the beauty of it all.

The view from the top is of course spectacular, but this is not a hike. Just a short climb up a series of rock staircases.

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