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Crazy weather we are having again this month. Maryland weather, Wait 5 minutes and it will change. Just a few days ago I was hiking Rockburn park in 60 degree weather. Today it's back in the 40's - 30's with the wind chill and snow being forecasted in the evening. The only reason I saw a few people on the trails was because it's a weekend. I didn't take any photos today because I had my mittens on and my hands kept getting cold. I kept my cellphone in my pocket the whole time. Wear clothes in layers and try not to sweat. I am a local and hike everyday. This is one of my favorite loops.

I have now hiked this area many different ways and it's only getting better. As I look at other hikers recordings I see that everybody is missing the High Ridge. As you hike the stream section you have two options. One is the stone trail and the other is the sandy trail. If you stay on the sandy trail to long you may miss the best of all. Pro members need to load the OCM layer to see the additional trail. Watch for a quick switchback to go up to the top of the ridge. Don't cross the feeder stream. Stay on the left side. When you go up top simply go straight across the top of the ridge and rock hop the complete ridge top. Coming down is easy because of the switchbacks that lead you to the Switch/Plate Trail. I went early because I wanted to beat the rain.

I really enjoyed this trail today. I did the uphill first and finished along the Gunpowder. Sections were definitely muddy, even away from the river, making some uphills a little slippery. I also found some of the river crossings a little confusing, they could be better marked in that direction. It was moderately crowded on a lovely Saturday, moreso on the Gunpowder section of the trail. Every dog we passed was properly leashed, which was very nice.

Loved it. Great place to take photos. A little slippery owing to all the mud but it is winter!

bushwhacked for a bit somehow think i was on an animal trail tbh. decent views of the reservoir. boring hike nonetheless

Hiked this one as a 7 mile trek. Part of the trail follows the river. It's not a difficult trail, but maybe a bit harder than moderate. End your hike with a beer and burger at the Woodstock Inn.

Hiked this trail as a 6-mile loop by starting with the ridge trail right away, returning on the trail close to the river bank, taking the trail under the power line as the connecting trail of the first two.

I agree with others’ comments about the difficulty level. Between moderate and hard, I think the trail should be rated as moderate.

Nice winter hike in the snow. The trail was a little muddy from yesterdays snow storm.

wonderfully diverse. nicely challenging. beautiful scenery. watch out for horse dropping

Well maintained, we cut up from the train bridge underpass to Bloede's Dam Overlook and really enjoyed that steep section. Lots of fun!

nice hoke through the woods. a couple stream crossings as well

Easy track, saw lots of birds including a blue heron and various woodpeckers. Peaceful walk on the river

3 months ago

This was my only second hike since my ligament injure known as Plantar Fasciitis. It's still needs time to Heal but doesn't seem to get any better. I may need a operate after the holidays if it's a heel spur. After hiking 377 miles this year, this old senior may have done a bit to much. With my foot taped up like a football player I managed to walk a bit of this flat (boring) Grist Mill trail. With it being Thanksgiving Saturday and seasonally warm out the trails were crowded. I am hoping I can soon put my Santa suit on and be well enough to walk the trails. Ho! Ho! Ho! ( White Beard )

Nice trail. Even though part of trail is closed due to repairs, it is a very nice area with some challenging areas. Lots of people on the weekend, though. Also an abundance of bicyclists can be a distraction. Still, worthwhile to hike.

Pleasant stroll.

Flat hike not difficult. Beautiful scenery in the fall. Parking terrible on the weekend. Go during a weekday.

Parking can be found at the railroad crossing, Hike across the bridge and make a left on closed paved road. Shortly on left is a white marked trail. I think called crossover trail. This will bring you to the start. Trail makes turns that are poorly marked. I was talking and took the obvious trail and got lost 3 times :) glad I had my GPS. Trail is pretty easy overall.

This trail is great! I would not classify this as a ‘hard’ trail, although there are certainly challenging stretches of the hike. I would give this trail a 5/5 but the lack of signage makes it somewhat difficult to navigate. If you’re experienced, you’ll have no problem following the trail. For entry-level hikers, there may be more difficulty. I would love to see the trail markers repainted, a trail head that outlines the various trails in this area, and some interesting information on the local vegetation/wild life. Overall, a great trail. I stopped to enjoy several sites along the trail, but moved steadily throughout; it took me 2.5 hours to complete. I hope this is useful, enjoy!

It was great hike. Saw a few deer and some ducks. Also, I saw some ruins (think fireplace).

Love doing this trail! I have been twice now. Both times with a dog and once with a baby. Great trail paved and with awesome views and experiences!

Laid back and fairly easy.

Awesome trail.

Ran/hiked Patapsco Granite-Woodstock today, and I have no complaints about this loop. No pics taken on this one, just cruisin' trails, although I recorded two essential waypoints where paths branch off. While it is not a super rocky course, it's level of difficulty is completed by other challenges, especially if you are trail running.

I encountered another phone death. My phone died at about two-thirds the way in. Really, I gotta stop doing this on confusing and highly-intersected trails!! This time I didn't venture off several miles by going off course, which speaks to how easy it is to navigate and follow the markings on this moderately difficult trail. Thus, my recorded track does not show that I followed the course to a "T" as depicted, which, again, was fairly easy to do despite the phone death.

This is a great 6-mile running and hiking trail, and I highly recommend it.

We combined this with another trail and did 9 miles.

Fun challenging mountain biking trail!

Super great trail system which includes a number of well defined and marked trails. The Sawmill trail follow a stream and there are sections that you will rock hop on. All is very manageable.The Sawmill Branch trail takes you up to the top of the hilltop area. The Dam Viewpoint has access two different ways. The easy way or a steep trail which may require you to grab a few rocky to control yourself up or down. The viewpoint rock cliff is even nicer during the winter because of no leaves on the trees. Same goes for the Ilchester Cliff. It's hard to see the terrain with all the leaves in the summertime. Part of the Hilltop Trail down to the dam is closed but there is a reroute trail that raps around the ridge. I recommend you taking the side trail next to the Ilchester Rocks, Great views along the ridge and there is a Giant Oak tree in the middle of the trail. Great loop and you get to finish on the flat paved Grist Mill... Email me for my special created map at baltoken@yahoo.com

It was easy trail but lengthy, marking on the trail is not great so completely dependent on GPS. Not scenic . Overall Ok .

6 months ago

Nice place to jog

The parking here for one is a joke. So much trail and acreage here I'm astounded there's not more space available for parking. Is there a secret parking lot?? Anyway, there's no markers whatsoever for Mcdaniels which is fine if you're using the app and most of the trail is just along the river anyway. Some of the little loops weren't obviously marked. We literally had to stand looking at the map on the app walking step by step and look down to see where the trail picked up. Sort of odd. The trail is nice. It's quiet here.

This was a fairly easy hike. The trail markers are lacking and the only way to find your way is your GPS. Other than that it was a nice walk in the woods.

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