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We visited Dawson's Butte and completed the 5.0 mile trail loop on January 13th. What a beautiful hike and so much fun for snowshoeing! We will definitely be back during the spring and again in the fall.

All snow, a little muddy but the trail is lined out perfect. Great afternoon hike. 1/52

1 day ago

Did the south loop this morning. Snow was packed down well, a few icy spots but went well without spikes or snowshoes. Muddy at the lower elevations near the east trailhead.

Went on Saturday at 9:30 am. There were four cars in the parking lot. I imagine in summer it is a bit more crowded. There was more snow then expected. Two people had gone before me on the trail with snow shoes so I was able to follow. I did not have snow shoes so was glad they cut the trail.
North side you can hear the cars from Tomah Road, but you are not walking right on the road, stil a little break between them. The trail is rolling hills and most pleasant views. The snow made it a bit magical.

Very enjoyable! Plenty of trails to pick from. There’s about a foot of snow right off the trail but much more if you go too far off. You see elk and wildlife here and there. Woods but if you go to perimeter trails then you see meadows. I used my basic spikes (smaller less heavy duty) over my hiking boots and it was a great hike!

Way fun trail. A little more on the rocky side at the north tip in several areas, but hey we live in the rockies, run higher air pressure guys. Plenty of views with sitting areas. Open spaces on the tops of ridges, totally awesome if you want to bring the kids and blow their minds. Saw several elk in several places. Some areas on the south east side through the pines were ridiculous radical with switch backs and lip hits so you can throw mean airs and smash turns in between. Adrenaline was maxing in several areas. Ridge sections were way skinny in several ridge areas, like almost 12 inches, so be careful when your Mad Maxxing through sections and your on the gas, you might take a digger off the ledge. This made for a Moab like pucker factor right here in castle rock which I just find amazing. This trail system is totally sick and I will return and ride it often. There is mostly mountain bike traffic, lots of it. After today I might need treatment for addiction. #SurfTheEarth

great trail - went yesterday and still didn't need crampons or yak tracks

trail running
14 days ago

This loop features a roughly half-marathon distance and a moderate amount of elevation change, though you could choose more or less gradient depending on the precise path you choose on the northwest end. I could count the runners I saw on one hand, whereas there were many hikers and bikers on this mild January afternoon. The views are great in many sections of the trail. It would be a tough loop to run in the summer, as there is absolutely no cover: early morning is probably the only option then. However, in the winter, it's a great long distance run.

trail in great shape for this time of year, no ice!

Good hiking trail. Beautiful view of Mt Evans from the Brothers Outlook. Trail had some snow pack on it but didn’t need micro-spikes to hike it today.

Nice hike. Not a lot of traffic once you get to the single track, and there was some snow on trail, but did not need my spikes.

Lots of horse poop but a nice hike for the kids to walk.

Fun "wander around" trails. Worth the trip.

19 days ago

This was a perfect New Year’s Day hike! Literally were the only people there. Need 4 wheel drive for the ride up, spikes or snowshoes for the hiking recommended by not needed. Loved it!!

A bunch of Powdery snow fell the night before so it was a A wonderful trail for a snow hike. Early morning hike. The temp was -1 so we bundled up a bit more than normal. We loved the quiet serenity and the elevation gain/drops were easy. Lots of animal tracks and some deer spottings. We wore crampons to navigate the snow but no ice.

20 days ago

Did the whole loop on a Sunday morning 12/30. Perfect weather and got there early at 10am, finished just after noon. Parking lot filled up quickly by the time I finished. Good hike with varying hills throughout to make the hike interesting; not just straight up then down. Some neat views of Denver. Will definitely be back in the spring!

Great trail. No snowshoes needed yet. Easy to follow and nice views.

Awesome hike! Able to do without spikes pretty easily.

21 days ago

This is a great winter hike. The trail is well marked, is a mix of forest and sunshine, has several bridge crossings (all well maintained) and a small view of snow capped mountains toward the end of the hike (if you’re doing the loop counterclockwise). We brought our boot spikes but never needed them. It was very quiet on a cold Saturday, we never heard hunting activity and the trail has good uphill without being exhausting.

trails dust covered with snow, but no ice. nice hike very few people on trail. eager to try other trails in the area. was cold started flurrying at the end. dress in layers

Pretty little dusting of snow on the trail today. Option to mix and match with all of the other intersecting trails along the way. As long or as short as you like.

25 days ago

Nice trail but a lot of road noise because it is so close to the road. Trail had little to no snow or ice on 12/25/18.

Super easy hike and we would give it five stars but all the horse sh*t on the entire trail was a little rough. Why are dog owners expected to clean up after their dogs but horses can open up the poop chute whenever and their owners can disregard it? It’s poop, people. If it comes out of a butthole, I don’t want to step in it...I don’t care what the animal ate.

Anyway! Great Christmas Day hike! We will be back!

(12/9) Pretty easy hike, my guy is not much into hiking or great shape but was able to do this pretty easily. Not much snow on the trail, only in shaded spots. Still a good hike and nice views

26 days ago

Love this trail! If you take it clockwise from the parking lot, there are some steep sections to get you warmed up then the remainder is moderate with beautiful views over Elk Meadow. Perfect for a quick afternoon local hike!

mountain biking
1 month ago

As a novice mountain biker I'd say this is somewhat technical with plenty of roots and scattered large, immovable, sharp rocks that command your attention and force you to pick skinny lines. This time of year shady areas are icy. I walked short sections and had a few pedal strikes. As my skills improve I might rate it as easy, but there are a few "must moves" along the way so for beginners it's definitely. intermediate!

12.19.18 - Drove all he way there and found the gates to he parking lot closed. Hoping I make it back in the future when the gates are open and can actually give better rating.

Nice trails. Easy walk with lovely views. Lots of folks on horses but no bikes which is great we did a 6 mile loop

Free climbing on this hike (top of Sisters trail) was killer! Loved the view.

1 month ago

Nice hike on a clear day. Not too many people.

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