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Just did an overnight backpack trip at red pine, and summited pfeifferhorn at sunrise the next morning. Definitely a challenging one, but It is gorgeous right now. Highly recommend. Also, if you happen to see my grey, kids, RVCA hat the fell off my pack on the hike, I'd love you forever for getting it back to me!

Much busier than any other trail I've done in the Wasatch, but gorgeous. Only problem is staying on the trail, as there are "false" tributaries all over the place. We kept losing the trail after Red Pine (Though never straying too far). The final ascent up the Pfeiff looks intimidating from afar but is easy once you're on it. The spine to get there is a little spicier, especially if you're afraid of heights, but it, too, is pretty straightforward. I never felt nervous.

Was fun to hike as a kid. We would do it at night so it was not as hot. The morning was very cold until the sun came up. At which time we had hiked to the silver shed on top. What a beautiful view of Utah valley. I will never for get coming down the glacier and enjoying the ride to Emerald lake. Was a lot of fun with my brother and friends.

Hiked with scout troop over a course of 3 days. Don’t go down the side of the main peak the back way, go down the way you came up... we learned that the hard way.

A great summit. Don’t despair when you hit a false summit - the real one is close. We took the shortcut. From the pass, follow the cairns to hikers right. Lots of rock hopping. Trekking poles are nice to have. 40Mph? winds made standing on the summit block a bit challenging.

Great hike. Amazing views of the entire Wasatch range, including Timpanogos to the south. A word to the wise: pay attention once you summit. I ended up going down the west side of the mountain and got stranded and had to be airlifted out. Also start early. I’m sure I could have hiked out of the next canyon if I had enough light, but after dark I wasn’t taking any chances. Stay safe my friends.

amazing hike. it was 17 miles though... def not 13.9. beautiful, great weather, great trail. loved it!

beautiful place to go I have done it in one day don't recommended if your not fit for it. it's better in 2 days so you can enjoy it better

10 days ago

This is definitely one of the most rewarding hikes I've ever done. There's a lot to see and each mile looks different than the last. By the time we got to the last mile we were pretty exhausted but we took a nice long break up top enjoying the amazing view. Luckily it's a lot easier on the way back down. Next time I'll try the loop.

So hard but the views were worth it!

Not for the faint of heart but once you come down from the summit and look back it is exhilarating and satisfying to know that you made it! We had to keep encouraging each other to get through the sketchy parts but finally made it and had the summit all to ourselves for lunch. Stay on the ridge near the top as described earlier. Took us 6.5 hours total. 4.5 hours up and 2 hours down (with some running). Highly recommended!

What a great adventure. Encountered plenty of wild life, the beauty of the mountains, and a killer hike. As usual the weather in the Uintas was unpredictable. The window of 3pm thunder showers quickly turned into noon thunder showers. We hunkered down for about 20 minutes until storm passed over. This ended up working to our advantage because it allowed us to enjoy the Peak to ourselves for awhile. So glad to finally have this one under my belt.

Fantastic! One of my very favorite hikes in the Wasatch. Fairly shady up to Red Pine, then exposed to the summit. I love the big boulder section.

13 days ago

HELP! Lost our little pup Oskar near the trailhead/loop campground on Saturday evening. He is a black and tan longhair dachshund. He is 4, and friendly but probably sacred. Last scene in the area. Reward for any info or return. Please call me 801-618-7858

Thank you!

14 days ago

A gorgeous canyon unlike no other I've hiked before! I had the trail mostly to myself, which I love, and after I summited, I took the north side down to do the loop. It adds about an extra mile, but the terrain is very different and well worth it. Do know that you'll be hiking up another steep trail when you do the loop, but it isn't that long. Once again, the smoke ruined the distant views, but it didn't ruin the hike as there were still many beautiful things to see all around.

It’s phenomenal for a trail that’s so close to SLC. Be prepared for a tough ascent past upper Red Pine Lk!

We went up last Saturday. We hiked the first hour or two with headlamps because we started in the dark. Plenty of parking when we got there and a steady climb with breathtaking views all the way up. Managed to find some mountain goats. The only two complaints I have are the amount of people and that you have to hike just short of a mile across a boulder field-it hurts your feet! Will be trying the Timpanogee trail next time.

what a great Trail to do just outside of Salt Lake City it's definitely a butt-kicker that's for sure but if you take your time it's doable. the views of the surrounding peaks, the city and Salt Lake itself are magnificent.

I will say that alltrails is definitely way off. on Strava I logged in 10.9 miles and 4000+ ft of elevation gain.

you would think for people that pay for subscriptions to a service for trails that they would always at least be like accurate and up-to-date as much as possible

Really nice hike. It is steep going up Sugarloaf. Going up Mt Baldy was steep and had to climb over some boulders. Going down the north side of Baldy was really steep. I was glad I had my trekking poles. Beautiful hike with awesome views. I had to use my AllTrails app to keep me on the trail after leaving Cecret Lake.

The elevation is a killer! Great views, plenty of water until the summit. Watch the weather, it can turn quickly.

Best Utah county trail. A must.

I rate it moderate! Very beautiful easy hike! The scramble was fun except watching people drag their dogs around. Not dog friendly. 2.5 to Henry’s lake 2 to summit. 2.5 down. Great weekend backpacking trek with 15#. Be prepared for the elements. Pack accordingly!

Trail is closed (8/31/18) due to a Bear in the area

For those with dogs: while dogs are allowed, I wouldn't call this hike dog friendly. Especially the scramble to the summit.

We ended up carrying ours, only 13#s, larger dogs were struggling too. I would recommend to only summit with your dog if they are used to high altitude and have energy for days.

We'd go back to the area with her but wouldn't go beyond Anderson Pass, if that.

19 days ago

4,500 feet in 5 miles, great view

This a good and tough hike. Felt like an unlocked achievement. Still not clear on the trail length. I have seen many conflicting numbers.
The view at the top is average but the view on the way is amazing, including the foliage and the view of the valley
This hike is not good for the knees or the ankles. The trail is very stony. You have to pay attention to where you go.
Carry lots of water and food. We ran out of water and food at the top and hence the return journey was miserable. We are not very experienced hikers and it took us around 4.5 hours to complete.
Overall it was fun and very pretty!

on Deseret Peak

20 days ago

There is no one area that is extremely steep, but the consistency of the grade will wear you down. Great views though and solitude is welcome. I’d 100% do it again.

The trail isn't well marked past the lake, and my friend and I ended up on some really dangerous terrain heading up to the ridge. We didn't realize our mistake until the way back down, when we saw people coming up the right way.

This hike is beautiful, fun, and full of adventure. But seriously, it is hard. And if you're even a little bit afraid of heights (like I am) you'll be uneasy, to say the least, at everything beyond the upper lake. All in all I'm glad I summited, but I probably won't do it again. There is some pretty serious exposure to a dangerous fall, particularly on the boulders at the saddle.

Great Hike!! kicked my but. but well worth it. Cant wait to do it again.

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