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1 month ago

Did this trail going clockwise (last day was going over sawtooth pass). Did this trip in 4 days with a buddy and both of us wished we had an extra day to camp out by one of the lakes. This is a hike that offers an all in one package. Waterfalls(at least 5), tons of lakes, cliffs, mountains, swamp, woods, etc.... It’s my all time favorite!

Overall the trail was in great condition. There was some ice, but nothing too bad. My ~16 lb dog completed it with me and had no trouble.

Beautiful day. I ran the loop and the fall colors were beautiful. A lot of bear activity around the lakes especially Millie. From scat to multiple prints large and small. I just kept running. This is a very runnable trail. I don't run there in summer months the trail is all dust and deep sand from horses.

Beautiful eastern Sierra hike. Great fall colors.

Fantastic trail. A long route to get there on rough unpaved road. Lots of lakes! Gorgeous.

beautiful. We started at trailhead that leads to winemucca lake, then up to round top lake, then down to fourth...coming back up from fourth is a steep one. We're females in average shape but do hike a lot, clocked 11 miles out and back in about 6 hours. Saw a tarantula! Pretty flowers. I sunburnt, she didn't...both shady and exposed areas.

Well maintained trail. You can hear Jeepers at some places near Bucks Lake. Better in cooler temperatures as there is lots of sun/exposed trail on the back half.

Did this Trail 2 weeks ago I'd rate it as moderate in difficulty. But epic in adventure. weather was perfect..

The 12 mile loop does not seem to exist. I have been out twice in the last 5 weeks and the trail intersection at Gem Lake and Caribou Lake does not follow the map. It ends up to be a 15 mile hike that is still a loop but takes you much further out. It is a great hike but be prepared to be walking a bit further than planned.

The all trails segment states this starts at wet meadows trailhead but on the map it shows this segment starting from where the PCT crosses blue lakes road. If you start from wet meadows reservoir trailhead it is closer to 10 miles round trip. I did this but also went up Raymond Peak. Gps shows 12.2 miles and 3200ft elevation for the tour. The road is fine to sunset lake but dont bother driving to wet meadows without a high clearance vehicle. I would rate the hike to raymond lake as moderate. PCT is well maintained and nicely graded.

One of the most beautiful hike we have done in California so far (and we hike a lot). We went to the 4th of July lake. It is also the 4th lake you can see from this trail. The way back is harder but overall the hike is moderate. Beautiful views from everywhere. Each lake is different. We saw few guys skying on a 10 ft long snow patch....

Totally unmarked save for some cairns. Experienced hikers only has there’s some moderate bouldering you need to do. We used our GPS to get back as there’s nothing to follow about 3 miles in. At one point near the end it’s really confusing whether you should summit a ridge line or head into the valley (mostly because the summit is sketch) — you should summit though — the valley adds another 40 min. Stay high once you get around the first ridge line. Wear pants. There isn’t much water either.

6 months ago

Beautiful trail and it is a great time to hike this trail (6/30) as spring flowers are in full bloom. Trail is almost clear of snow to Fourth of July Lake, only a couple of patches to cross. Great trail, can get hot so bring lots of water or a filter.

Excellent trail. It has it all: mountain valley, mountain lakes, mountain crests and very few people!

A couple of pro-tips for those who want to brave this hike themselves:
- the side-hike to Poore Lake is really not worth it unless you want to descend a considerable distance to the lake shore, there really isn't a good view point. Instead, you can get a great view of that same lake from the crest part of the trail
- if you are starting late in the day consider leaving the crest part of the trail for the second half as it remains in the sun longer than the valley. Alternatively, if you'd really like to capture the view of the valley, hit the crest first while the sun is shining on it.
- Poore Lake side trail has a side trail to the Secret Lake -- that allows you to avoid climbing up and down on the way to the ridge

More photos from the hike: https://csgirllife.wordpress.com/leavitt-meadows-hoover-wilderness

There is no trail between Dardanelles and Round. You will need GPS. We ended heading around to the back side of Round and connecting to the Pacific Rim Trail. Beautiful but challenging.

Did this hike yesterday (5/28). There is still a LOT of snow so be prepared. We made it to Frog Lake following some stick arrows, rock piles, and footsteps in the snow. We made it to Winnemucca Lake following snow foot prints. We attempted to make it to Round Top Lake but ended up at Woods Lake on accident (we saw a lake in the distance and headed for it). I highly recommend snow shoes or gaiters for your hiking boots. It is a tough trek with the snow but SO BEAUTIFUL. We look forward to coming back in the fall when the snow is gone and actually completing the hike.

9 long miles uphill from where we parked. Gorgeous views the whole way. Very tough ascent right at the end. Gets pretty cold there at night with a light wind. Some ice on the ground mid summer. Come for the incredible views and few people.

There were three streams for pumping water, so we did not need to pump the lake. Two streams early in the trail, and one close to the base of the lake.

There is one section of the trail that felt a little dicey - quite narrow with a steep dropoff, with some looser soil than I would have preferred.

This is beautiful with wild flower meadows. Raymond lake is stunning. Is a great hike with dogs, and depending on the year there is no shortage of water along the trail.

beautiful hike. can have ice chutes on several parts of the trail into early summer.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hiked this on the 9th of November 2017. There is no snow on the trail until almost 9000 ft and even then the snow is minimal. There are plenty of places to hike on the way up crown but I recommend pushing all the way to crown. The lake is gorgeous and worth the trip. We were the only people on the lake due to the time of year which made it even better. It got cold at night but not unbearable. This was by far one of the best backpacking experiences I've had in the Sierras. The trail is easy to follow and not too strenuous.

No bugs on this trip. Great little side hike to the waterfall but no signs. Follow the previous posted map. Just fallow the little odd shoot trail through the meadow and then it goes up left and is the horse trail that follows the river upstream. Warm days and cold nights. Pretty lakes. Not much wildlife.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The climb down is fine, getting back up will slow people down. Great scenic hike!
I"ll go back.

ended up going to peeler lake and stayed overnight. hike was challenging with a pack on but totally worth it

Monday, September 18, 2017

We did Timber Gap to Frankiln Pass,Black rock pass is pretty tough from this way but very rewarding. Over all just a beautiful trek and loved every minute of it! We took 6 days to do this route.

Follow the red previously hiked route to the waterfall on the West Walker river

Great beginner hike. Beautiful lakes and easy grade. GREAT fishing!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The trail start is actually Franklin Trailhead. If you are reserving a permit, indicate Franklin at the start.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Only try this loop if you are an experienced hiker. After Dardanelles's lake there is no "trail". First attempt I quit since I couldn't find a clear trail. Tried another weekend and I only made to Round Lake because of gps and walking up and down rocks and bushes. You can reach either Dardanelles or Round Lake easy, but if you try the loop you will be on your own. I truly wouldn't have found my way back without gps. My phone gps stopped working after I was around 5 miles in so it didn't record my track. But then it worked again so I was able to finish. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Awesome. A hidden gem!

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