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It was a great hike. We thought is was more like 9 miles. nice and shady. grant views of cable lake and emigrant lake was awesome. had a lunch at lake then headed back. we felt it was moderate skill.

We just went directly to Hidden Beach which was a beautiful and easy one mile walk. The AllTrails map is not really accurate for this one, as it shows Hidden Beach much further down than it really is. If you park in the Lagoon Creek parking lot and start on the Yurok Loop Trail, you’ll see signs for Hidden Beach. We didn’t see anyone out there, so this was just a spectacular place to end our day and watch the sunset.

This was an excellent hike from beginning to end. We began at Caples Lake and followed the trail along the lake until it veered up to toward the historic Emigrant Lake. I arrived to this weather worn Lake imagining the Mormon Emigrates hitting this wall of rock. It was fishbowl staring up at the back of Roundtop and Stagecoach across the Lake. We bushwhacked up to the Stagecoach Trail for another beautiful full vista view of both Caples Lake and Emigrant. I imagine the Mormans did the same and continued East to Utah? We on the other hand went West on the trail bushwhacking our way back down this steep terrain guided by the ski structures that eventually lead us the the “Emigrant Road SLCA” . It was breathtaking. The trees marked with these signs leading us back to the Lake for our final two miles back to our vehicle. I will hike this again. But I will bring a fishing pole.

Beautiful trail with amazing views

Great little trail. Be sure that take a picnic lunch and swimsuits!

Hidden Beach is a gem!! Easy trail with some redwoods lots of fern and great air!

Great hike. You hike with good view of Caples Lake for almost 2 miles and then head in and the hike is pretty up and down throughout with mostly tree cover and not a lot of unshaded areas. Nice wildflowers and a few streams. Trail pretty easy to follow out and back. Hiked on Labor Day and there were a few hikers up and down but not too busy considering the holiday. Take a lunch and relax once you reach Emigrant Lake or alongside Caples Lake when you get back down.

2 months ago

There are quite a few deceiving turns for this trip.

My boyfriend and I backpacked to Granite Lake in June 2018. After turning off of the main highway, the dirt road that you turn down doesn't look like the correct way, but it is the correct path. Then you go through a neighborhood past cabins; make sure you look at your map because you might miss your turn.

While hiking up to the lake, we did take a wrong turn, so we backtracked. It wasn't way off course, though, and we didn't mind since we were hiking anyway. However, if you're one who is strongly against going off course, look at the app frequently.

We got to the lake and set up camp along the back side. We were the only ones there, so it couldn't have been any better. There is ample water to filter from since there are many streams and a rushing creek. It really is beautiful up there! However, we went during the WORST possible time: mosquito season. Gosh, we had never seen such large mosquitoes in the densest clouds making the loudest buzzing. We'd look up and they'd swarm around us. They did clear up at night, though.

We had plenty of firewood and an established fire pit. The night and lake were still except for the few duck visitors. There were also a couple of beautiful blue jays, and we could hear a bird with a distinct song. It was literally three notes: B-A-A.

If you're looking for a beginner backpacking destination, this place is worth considering!

3 months ago

The smoke Aug 5-7 was quite heavy, which limited our ability to enjoy the lake. Smoke prevented seeing far and we could feel it in our lungs. With a clear sky we would have had a wonderful experience.

Nice camping spots, and the island at the middle of the lake would have been a great swimming goal.

3 months ago

August 4, very smoky, mid 70s most of wildflowers done, not many bugs. .5 mile road to trailhead is 4WD. Solid hike, would be good for trail running if air quality was better. Nice island ~30 ft from edge of lake. Trail is very rocky, hard on the ankles. Lots of fallen trees on the trail.

Wild flowers are now pretty much gone. Granite Lake is a nice little alpine lake but Hidden lake is nothing more than a glorified pond. If you are hiking for the exercise then walking to Hidden Lake is worthwhile. If your going to see a nice classic Sierra lake don’t bother. At least the mosquitoes are gone.

Pretty crowded, but that is most places this time of year.
Easy hike. Gorgeous flowers everywhere!
3 stream crossings that can be crossed by rocks and avoiding wet feet.
Mosquitos will eat you alive, even with bug spray, but they thin out depending on the hour.
Parking is limited and fills up. Vault toilets at the parking lot, no water.

Loved this hike. Waterfalls, streams, big beautiful rocks and 2 amazing lakes. Gets a bit steep. Bring bug spray there are so many mosquitos. I’ll do this hike again!

The trail is beautiful but poorly marked! I got so off track it ended up being 11 miles. I see many other have complained of the same issue.

Fantastic trail. Scrambling up the sisters was pretty straightforward. Beautiful sunset.

great trail good hike pretty country

Excellent trail, though the trail markers leave a bit too much for the imagination. The eastern part is easy enough and quiet well marked, however after going through the parking lots where all the RVs are on the western side - the trail seems to be blocked off in a few places (maybe thats an old bit?) and forks off a few different ways.

Still was a good hike, snow melting made a few parts impassable and needed to hike around. All and all it ended up being a 10+ mile hike that was great, but the dog wasn't too happy about the extra length.

This hike is spectacular, however we took a wrong path and ended up hiking 12 miles when we finally made it back to the car. The trail is pretty easy in most places, but there are some pretty steep inclines. My 75 year old friend made it all the way. I would definitely do this hike again.

Great trail. Loved the wild flowers!

I gave up trying to find this trail. Even the GPS did not help. Maybe it is an old trail. But we loved the 2.8 rt mile hike to Granite Lake. Loved the water fall at the bridge. There are harmless leeches in the lake. Very limited parking and it is a one lane road with a few pull outs to the trailhead.

Great hike, look for rock formations if you’re questioning the route.

5 months ago

Us and our 2 teens walked in easily finding the trails to the gorgeous lake in 2 hours. I back packed here 20 years ago several times and it was amazing on the east/south shore. Beware of losing the trail as you cross streams and never go on a holiday; 20+ years ago on a Memorial Day or 4th of July weekend we found 30+ campers all around the lake blasting stereos and almost no room !!!!!

Loved it! Great hike! The first mile is along Caples Lake and is easy. The only thing in this area that I didn’t like were the dogs off leash. The creek crossings were fine, easy and cooled my feet. The last one half mile was pretty snow covered and it was easy to lose the trail. Very beautiful at the lake, lots of areas to hike. Quiet, very quiet, only the breeze was heard.

Hiked this yesterday. While the trek along Caples was pretty, it was nice to finally move away from the highway noise. A bit wet and had numerous creek crossings, but nothing too difficult (water resistant boots help). Although the upper part of the trail was snowed in, it was doable. Just follow the larger creek on your right up to Emigrant (even easier if you have the map on this app downloaded).Definitely worth the effort, as Emigrant Lake is still mostly snow bound and utterly breathtaking!

Beautiful hike and not too strenuous. Lots of streams and waterfalls and even a few wildflowers (too early in the season for very many). Unfortunately, had to turn back 4.2 miles in as the trail was lost in the snow and was to treacherous to continue without snow shoes. May be passable in another month or so.

One of my favorite hikes I have ever done. best time to go is in the late spring/summer.

We drove from Texas to hike this trail. Great setting with giant trees in a rain forest and the Pacific Ocean. The hidden beach a half mile from trail head is a bonus. Beautiful.

The views were great BUT IT IS SO POORLY MARKED!!! We had to use notched trees and stacked rocks to navigate. This is 7.4 miles but we got so off course it needed up being 16! Also, the Ranger isn't on office till August!

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