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“Review stars” not accurate, just an update that as of today 3/12/18, the road after the bridge, past Indian Scotty campground is closed due to slides and fire suppression activities! Either adding an extra 5mi of hike, or the Lovers Camp trailhead is still open (the road-closed signs advised it) if you take Canyon Creek Rd another 2.5mi and turn left onto an unmarked road and then follow the randomly placed signs. I tried that but ended up turning around after a few miles, road got a little sketchy with loose clay-mud and melting snow/slush! (4wd rav4 was slipping a bit). Just leaving this here in case anyone else drives two hours to get here and go on this hike just to putz around and drive back haha :)

Fun and saw nobody out there. Beautiful view.

on Highway 1 to Cone Peak

9 days ago

Feb 17-19, 2018.

This is a great first time backpacking trip. On presidents day weekend, we hiked in the five miles to Vicente Flat campground with all of our gear and set up camp. Definitely busy, but there's a ton of spots to set up tent. We were cozy with our neighbors, but everyone was polite. We left our camp set up and day hiked up to the peak just with day packs. Stayed at Vicente Flat Saturday night then hiked back out the 5 miles with our gear.

Despite it being February, I was wishing I was in shorts most of the time we were hiking, especially the 5 miles to and from Vicente Flat. It's pretty much all open, which allows for beautiful views of the coast but direct hot sun. This would be a pretty brutal hike in the summer. Even with warm days, we got a light dusting of snow at Vicente Flat Sunday morning, which was stunning.

We brought our medium sized Australian Shepherd, and saw a few other dogs throughout the weekend. The trail is pretty dog friendly, but I would recommend booties as a good amount of the trail is rocky, but totally doable for a relatively fit dog.

Overall, it was a really nice weekend trip. Beautiful view of the Big Sur coast, a nice mix of chaparral and redwoods, and Vicente Flat was a beautiful campsite.

stunning in the winter!

25 days ago

Nice trail, but very crowded.

The first stream is a couple of minutes past Espinosa Camp. The creek was dry at Vicente Flats, you need to hike up another 5 min to get to water. When you head up to Cone Peak, the last water was where the redwoods end. I did not see any sign of the spring mentioned in the trail description.

There were easily 50+ tents at the Vicente Campground over president's day weekend. Lots of fun people, but not a lot of solitude if that's what you're looking for.

Hiking up to the peak:
Most people left their tents and stuff at Vicente and hiked up with a light pack, that way you could carry more water. I got up to the peak a bit after 10 and was alone there for almost a half hour before people started showing up. After 12 it got really crowded up there.

My husband and I backpacked this in August of 2016 in the middle of the week. We were surprised to see so many people up there, but it was still absolutely worth it. The first half is fun but nothing mind-blowing. There's a pretty steep stretch in the middle that gets your heart pumping, but other than that it was mild. The views are beautiful; lush meadows, peaks, streams, and plentiful tree coverage. Every reasonable spot around the Sky High lakes had already been claimed by early evening, but we nabbed the perfect spot on the south end of Frying Pan lake and had that whole area to ourselves. Such a great spot! We day hiked up to Shadow Lake the next day and decided to go back to camp, pack up our stuff, hike back up there and spend the night. Lots of traffic on the PCT ridge, but Shadow Lake we had all to ourselves until sunset. That view from the cliff past Shadow Lake looking down on the valley and Sky High Lakes was jaw-dropping. Don't miss it.

very decent, not so steep hike. awesome forest. took us 4 hours

Not an easy trail.
Even if your in the middle of the worst drought in twenty years bring your rain gear!
The camp site was great and there were lots of places to have a safe fire when I went.
The tail starts off easy, but got progressively more difficult the farther I continued. I was with a big group and there were plenty of areas for everyone to explore and have an amazing time.
The way out was a lot easier than the way in.
You can meet a lot of really fun and interesting people who love the outdoors as much as you do.

Beautiful easy hike.

9.6 mike loop. Awesome trail.

2 months ago

Backpacking with two friends and a dog in mid November.
It Rained the day prior
Parking for about 15 cars maybe more at trailhead.

Overall medium high to low sun exposure throughout, with medium high to low poison oak as well.

Espinosa campsite is about 3.5 miles from trailhead and has Two available campgrounds

Vincente campsite is about 5 miles from trailhead and has Many available campgrounds

There is a River about 8.5 miles from trailhead, as well as a stream about 5 miles in

The Temperatures varied from sweating in shorts and sleeves rolled up during the day uphill to chilly mostly fully layered at night
Good for dogs
Some rowdy people when we were there.

Hiked a portion of this trail on our last day in the Redwoods. Due to time constraints we were unable to complete the full trail. Whether you do a portion or the whole trail, the forest is mesmerizing! Wonderful adventure.

Great hike. Just be prepared that parts of the trail aren’t clearly marked, so using GPS can be very helpful.

Absolute favorite hike in Humboldt so far.

2 months ago

Great 2-3 night trip. We camped atop Cone Peak and saw a beautiful sunset and sunrise (see pics above). Our trip in late December was uncrowded, but had no water above Vicente Flat. There is plenty of parking off HWY 1 for easy access.

did this early December, beautiful!

You hike through untouched forests. It is remarkable. Go and visit this beautiful place Mother Earth created

lovely views, be cautious of poison oak!

The view of the ridge is reason enough to take this trip, but there is also the black marble mountain, the sky makes, and the elk lakes. The views were beautiful. I was only up there for two days. Ideally I would have liked to have gone for four and get in the sky and elk lakes in the same trip.

I will definitely be going again. The stairs were difficult but it was so worth it. Oh, and don't be afraid of the cows.

4 months ago

This was a very beautiful trail with lots of views, water, waterfalls and wild flowers everywhere!! It was difficult and took us about 6 hrs to complete. We did not see another human after the trail split off from the monarch trail. I would do this again maybe ad a backpacking trip.

No bugs on this trip. Great little side hike to the waterfall but no signs. Follow the previous posted map. Just fallow the little odd shoot trail through the meadow and then it goes up left and is the horse trail that follows the river upstream. Warm days and cold nights. Pretty lakes. Not much wildlife.

The climb down is fine, getting back up will slow people down. Great scenic hike!
I"ll go back.

I enjoyed this hike. I kept track of distance on my Fitbit and it said it was 10.6 miles. For the most part it’s a easy walk. Be prepared for the switch backs. Parts of the trail are a little confusing, but great scenery!

Hike up a very steep incline from Sawtooth Pass through a meadow with gorgeous views of mountains. Initial one mile is steep, with large stone steps to climb. Then cross Monarch Creek, entering a conifer forest punctuated by occasional meadows with views of Empire Mountain. Continue noticeable ascent, but less steep than before, along the well-maintained and fairly trafficked Monarch Lakes trail. One mile before Monarch Lakes, take the Crystal Lake right fork onto an ascending unmaintained use trail, with a lot of loose stone. The trail passes through diminishing forest, past Chihuahua Mine, over a pass above 10,000 feet. It descends somewhat to cross a difficult area of loose rock, and then re-ascends up the loose rock, on a sometimes difficult to discern trail. The trail is apparent, though, and ascends steadily to Lower Crystal Lake, with a concrete dam. Upper Crystal Lake can be accessed by a northwest- headed spur just before the Lower Crystal Lake dam. Trekking poles recommended for difficult footings in many places. Route followed mid-Septembers. Low temperatures overnight in the 20's.

Follow the red previously hiked route to the waterfall on the West Walker river

Great beginner hike. Beautiful lakes and easy grade. GREAT fishing!

Upper Crystal Lake made a great camp spot--we didn't see a soul once we turned on to the Crystal Lake fork in the trail. Spectacular afternoon hike up to the ridge overlooking Monarch Lakes and Amphitheater Lake. Just you and the marmots.

Despite the heavy smoke from wildfires, this hike was absolutely amazing. It's hard to describe the feeling of walking amongst the giant redwoods with nothing but the sound of your footsteps. Ran into less than a dozen folks on the actual trails but it was little crowded near fern canyon. Highly recommended and I can't wait to explore the other trails here.

Dogs are not allowed on any trails within the Mineral King Area.

It was 100* plus degrees in Sacramento. So we decided to head up the hill towards Tahoe. We found this trail and truly enjoyed it. Rivers, meadows, beautiful tress with very interesting bark. Mostly shade. We decided to do the loop. 9.3 miles with some very steep switch backs more then half way through. We were exhausted. It took us 4 1/2 hours. We are in pretty good shape but new to hiking.
I think when we do it with friends we'd go out and back. Not do that loop. It climbs to 1700 ft elevation
But this hikes tops our list of favorites

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