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1 day ago

Beautiful views! I found it to be a moderate hike because there wasn’t much mileage. I do think there was more elevation gain than posted though. My watch stated we hiked 3700 ft, and I don’t know how exact these things are but I think it counted the elevation gain on the way back to the trailhead as well. No spikes needed for what’s left of the snow near the lake. The trail is somewhat exposed to the sun once you head up to the lookout from the lake. The bugs were biting quite a bit so definitely bring bug spray! We started the hike at 1245 and had no trouble finding a place to park. Dusty gravel road so be careful, visibility was awful when I drove behind someone else.

We hiked this yesterday. Started towards Frozen Lake, but views would have been better from the opposite entrance. Did Boroughs 1 & 2, had three snow passes which were melting and very slippery. Wasn’t easy without poles, but we made it. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone with strong fear of heights or without good grip on boots. Views were stunning, wildflowers were lovely. Stopped for lunch at Shadow Lake, but the bugs were biting hard despite bug spray, so had to abandon. Overall still an amazing hike.

Absolutely stunning hike. Several miles of gravel road to the trailhead which isn’t bad if you plan on getting there early, but definitely experienced some tough conditions on the way down as the gravel was kicked up by the mass of cars and it was impossible to see the car ahead of me. As far as the hike, I’d say it’s more on the moderate side and it truly is spectacular. Go on a clear day and take in the views, and then make sure to jump into Eunice Lake to cool off. Also, bugs are starting to come out in full force, so bring your spray!

1 day ago

This is the second fire lookout hike I’ve done. Did Gobbler’s Knob and this one back to back. The views at the lookout are second to none in the park. Stayed the night and slept on the walkway of the fire lookout. The hike is easy. The only semi strenuous part is the last mile from Eunice Lake up to the lookout. But nothing beats staying for the sunset, staying the night and seeing every star in the sky illuminating the mountain, and then waking up early enough to catch the sunrise.

One of the best views I have seen so far. In around 120 degree , we can see 5 mountains, and if weather and luck permits, we can see sisters mountain too.
It was like a mountain view overload. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to have a spectacular view of oregon/washington mountains.

Great views of Mt. Rainer at the peak. Turn around look down into valley with some binoculars and you can see Seattle and surrounding cities. Pretty cool prospective. Bring swim suit and swim in Eunice lake after you reach peak on way down. Highly recommend.

Really nicely maintained trail. Parking at the trail head is crazy and please be a good human being and buy a northwest forest pass. Awesome waterfalls.

Moderate to difficult. Plenty of places to filter water. Last .9 Miles is straight uphill. All worth it, even Took a swim in frigid Eunice lake.

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4 days ago

snow by Eunice lake but otherwise clear. moderate hike if normal hiker easy if experienced hiker.

4 days ago

Fifteen miles of gravel road to the trailhead but the views are astonishing along the trail, and worth the trek to the top.

If you are a beginning hiker, like myself, this hike is not something i would consider easy. It’s 3 miles mostly uphill. But SO rewarding when you finish. The views are amazing throughout the entire hike which makes it easy to not give up. The gravel road going in is about 30 minutes long and there will most likely be people there already parked. Don’t forget to bring snacks, BUG SPRAY and lots of water.

Great loop hike

7 days ago

Trail is moderately difficult, but nature gives the motivation to move on. After 2miles of the trail one might face powdery crisp ice which is slippery , better to wear spike shoes and have a hiking stick. Get lots of water to be hydrated and a snack pack to treat yourself once you reach the tolmie peak lookout. I went in July which seemed like the perfect timing with clear skies to watch the beautiful, magnificent, stunning Mount Rainier covered to snow like a white carpet. Loved it❤️.

This is a great hike, amazing views at the top. It is very rocky, and could be hard on your dogs feet, so I recommend putting boots on their feet or leaving them at home.

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8 days ago

great trail to a great lake.

8 days ago

Lovely trail, pulls at the start. I was in a cloud at the top so missed the views-I’ll try again later this summer. Pretty wildflowers.

8 days ago

Not a hard one to worry about. Please pick Sunny day because view will stun you out. This is getting really famous so make sure you reach early.

Aware of gravel road. Stop washing your car if you r planning to go on this hike because when you will come back you have to clean it.

I started about 7am from the parking lot. Weather was nice and cool in the morning with clear skies. I made it to Burroughs #3 by 11am with a few stops so I could take it all in. The views are absolutely breathtaking. I was able to beat the crowds, as I saw from my hike back to Burroughs #2. That being said, if you get to #2 and it's still early in the day, you might as well venture to #3. I was fortunate to see a bear on the hike back. I couldn't have asked for a better day hike. Parking lot to Burroughs #3 and back using loop - 9.8 miles.

May be hard, but the view is totally worth it :) Will be doing again at some point and taking the other trails!

Great hike. Plan to get to the top before 2 pm for the best views of Rainier. Substantial snow near Eunice lake, about 2/3 of the way up, but it is well packed and no microspikes are needed.

10 days ago

An absolutely stunning hike. To arrive at the trailhead, you have to drive on a few miles of gravel road. Once there, you hike along and around Mowich Lake up through a beautiful old growth pine forest. Keep going and you’ll start to hit snow. Even in July as we walked up to the next lake which is Eunice Lake, it was covered in snow. From here if you look up at the cliff, you can actually see Tolmie Lookout which is your destination! It looks like a doozy but you’re already halfway there. From here, follow the snow trail up to the hillside and begin the final climb. This is where it gets a little difficult but again, it’s worth it!! Soon you’ll arrive at the lookout and have one of the best views of Mt. Rainier! It was clear on the day we went with exception to a few clouds so hopefully you can see it how we did. If not, Tolmie Peak trail is still a beautiful trail on its own. It’s a strenuous hike and the uphill switchbacks will get to you but it’s totally worth the hike.

Compared to the Ed’s trail loop, this one is very steep and in the trees a lot without the speculator view. View at the top of the mountain is so gorgeous and would worth it and any car can access this TH. I don’t have a truck so didn’t have a choice this time but if I come with a friend with truck, I’ll start at the other TH. That being said, lots paint brush and fox grove are blooming in the open area and it was very pretty. How quiet it is also a bonus point for me

Amazing views on a clear day! Some patches of snow on slopes. My family of 4 were able to overcome but I would recommend an early start as it got hot later in the day.

13 days ago

Great easy hike. Great views.

15 days ago

Great trail that is lightly used even during peak times. Lots of mosquitos though

Amazing views!! The road up there gets rocky the last 5 or so miles but can be accessed by any vehicle. The trail itself is a bit rocky but with the right shoes, is perfectly fine. Definitely a bit challenging if you aren’t in hiking shape but the views are to die for! There were some clouds in the sky this day but I could still see 4 mountains. I got to the top at about 5pm which was perfect because I was the only one up there at the time. A few hikers coming up as I was leaving.

16 days ago

Road is open for the season! Got to the trailhead early and we were the first car there. Pretty good hike to the top - good amount of snow by Eunice Lake but we didn’t have any trouble or need our micro spikes. Not too strenuous, just bring extra layers for the top it can get real cold! No views today but worth the climb regardless.

It was cool and rainy today at the start of the trail. It turned very windy and cold a ways into the trail. There was snow still on the sides of the mountain, and with the wind, I decided to turn around. Other people were also turning around. I bet it is an amazing hike in good weather! Will definitely be back!!

My husband and I hiked about half of this trail. We came from the upper trail head to Chinook Falls and back. The first 3 miles was through beautiful forest but didn't change much. We started late on Friday and got a very nice camping spot right on the creek about 4 miles in. The next day we hikes to the falls and WOW! Beautiful scenery all the way around! Great waterfalls along the trail which we loved! We were going to stay a second night but our summer sleeping bags weren't quite warm enough, so we decided to make the trek back. Our second day hiking I feel like we over did it a bit but we survived lol. The trail was heavily trafficked and there was some people who had no camp/backpacking etiquette we stopped at a site where we considered camping for the second night and we are making our lunch and eating and have all of our stuff out and some people just walked right into our campsite to use our access point to the creek didn't say anything to us at all. Which my husband and I thought was weird and rude. Bottom line beautiful hike would recommend- also don't go into someone else's campsite that's just not cool.

Hiked all around majestic Mt. Rainier in August of 2017. On our last full day we woke early and drove directly the Burroughs trail and hiked 1, 2 and 3. For me it was the best hike of Mt. Rainier. Spectacular and easily doable for anyone used to hiking 5 plus miles with elevation changes. Saw a fisher close up and several bear from a distance. Highly recommend this hike. For those who get around, it was not as hard as the Fiery Gizzard Trail in TN. Would love to hike the Burroughs trail again! Enjoy.

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