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Great hike. Bridge was down so need to cross on small log or get wet. Well worth the hike.

2 days ago

Views were great but its more of a moderate hike rather than a hard one.

Rained a little bit the whole time but the hike was easy and there was plenty to look at. An excellent day hike.

3 days ago

Great views!! Difficult trail, recommend hiking poles. Rocks are slippery coming down. Few places knee high rocks to climb. Few narrow trail spaces too. As many have wandered around to get pictures lot of side tails have developed. Stay on course. I would suggest they add more trail markers towards the end close to the overlooks.

A bit of a tough hike but worth it! Amazing view from the top! It was uphill and had some steep parts. Took my German Shepherd with me.

Beautiful, just beautiful

Somewhat mixed feelings about this trail, but overall it’s definitely worth trip. You start up near the interpretive center. I went on a weekend with the dog and the start was a bit of a circus because the two main park trails are slotted onto the same lane. Once you get to the canyon floor the red trail splits off, which is what you take. They seem to do a good job maintaining the trails. Clearly marked and not a ton of debris. I went after a hurricane and the crew was out there setting things right and even once I got ahead of them things still went pretty smoothly. The first part doesn’t have a ton of excitement. It’s a quiet forest stroll which isn’t bad. Just don’t expect towering canyons right off. Eventually you turn onto a ridge and pass some campsites. Once you get to campsite 2, there’s and option to keep going straight and cu about a mile off. We did that because things had been getting somewhat monotonous. Up until that point I was a bit disappointed. Then we turned up the canyon. The fences are a bit nanny-state like, but you get still get some pretty rad views. Shortly after the trail reconnects along the main drag and you can take in the rest of the canyon.

Not enough to see for such a long hike.

I have hiked this trail since I started living in GA. I stumbled across Indian Grave Road looking for the AT. Was meeting a friend who was section flip-flopping the AT. That’s what we call his journey.

Recently I noticed the bridge being down and am interested in seeing a repair done. I am currently reaching out to to some Boy Scout Troops to see if can get volunteer help. Things are starting to look good as far as getting in front of Scout people who matter.

I have been in the construction industry my entire life. I wouldn’t mind seeing where I can get materials donated or discounted.

I would love to know how to reach someone who may have “control” of this trail. Forest service? State?

Would love to see this bridge get repaired. It is a beautiful surprise at the bottom. Absolutely one of my favorites! One of my top recommended hikes to most people in conversation.

I will attach a contact email for anyone interested or could help provide information.

Greatly appreciated!


Moderate to difficult the closer you get to the summit. Well worth it! Awesome views

We stayed in an Airbnb on the other side of the trail, it was a fun hike but there was very little signage from that direction.

I love this trail for the family. Very peaceful and beautiful, it's a great trail for your pet as well. Be prepared to pull over though paths are slim in some parts.

Really fun hike! The end is great.

Best hike ever !!!

Other than the two snakes not a bad climb knocked one star trail not clearly marked in some places

Watch out for snakes. Follow green blazes otherwise you might end up taking a side trail. Difficulty moderate

Great hike. Only moderate if you're new to hiking, otherwise it's fairly easy. Make sure you have good shoes because the roots will test your footwear appropriately, which is really the only moderate part of the hike.

You're rewarded with a great cliff spot at the end, but get there early because around 10 onward it started filling up.

Signs posted saying trail closed due to bridge out. Did not get to hike this trail today. Disappointed. If it would not have been posted, would have hiked it anyway.

11 days ago

Superb Hike I will call it ! Amazing trail ending up to the mountain view. For naive hikers, its little difficult, me and my wife climbed it in 1 hr. Definitely recommend it to hike this Mount.

12 days ago

awesome. definitely longer than 8 miles, great views. good workout

beautiful. a lot of water. ^_^
Many places to stop and just meditate

15 days ago

Attempted this hike a couple of weeks ago, but there was a wasp's nest on the trail and we got stung! Will be returning to try again soon, with longer socks and quicker speed. Everything was fine until then. Trail was quiet and pleasant on a Thursday evening.

Beautiful views and we'll maintained trail. No worries crossing at broken bridge! Just made it more fun. Keep your eyes open or you'll miss the turn!

It was a great way spend a Sunday morning/afternoon. Didnt see anyone until about halfway on the way back. The view at the top is as others say...incredible for sure. Trail is a bit tricky to find depending on where you park. Signs arent real helpful.

Cool hike. Nice views

Nice hiking

19 days ago

Hiked September 28th. Recent rainfall has really increased water flow esp in first two creek crossings... I don’t think it’s suitable for kids or dogs. For the first crossing, which is about 0.5 miles in, my friend and I climbed on rocks of bank to go upstream for a bit prior to Crossing (to find a somewhat slower part of river to cross ). Water flow very heavy and rapid .. up to our waist on first crossing and I’m 5,7. Met two hikers turning around (after crossing second creek) Bc they were not comfortable w trip. .. As for other crossings , they weren’t as deep /fast but hiking sticks, good water shoes and just thinking about footwork all helped. You will be wet. Did see one copperhead snake but it was far off trail... just always be on look out and don’t go alone. By the way - this is more of a 7.5 mile round trip hike and def for the adventure seeker !! Yes trees and large branches are obstructing path in some places from recent storms and occasionally path is ambiguous but always go for most obvious answer . The end fall is very rewarding ... I am messy, tired and dirty but an unforgettable and challenging hike

Great for a moderate hike and a pretty waterfall at the end. Camped there a few times and will continue to go back!

on Mount Yonah Trail

21 days ago

Not hard. Maybe moderate +. Watch the trail as easy to get off due to many ‘side trails’ and cut throughs.

23 days ago

Great little hike. Didn’t take but 1.5 hours to get to the falls. Pack a swimsuit as it a beautiful place to swim if the weather is right. Great because it follows the trail. Trail can get slippery when wet. Saw two snakes so best to be on the lookout.

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