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Amazing hike gorgeous views (even with all the smoke). Did some fishing at ball lake. would be a perfect fly fishing spot. Pyramid lake had some flat camp spots. would love to camp next time we go up.

Road is still closed. They have equipment blocking the road. It’s also torn up on the other side.

2 days ago

This is a stunning hike. Our Garmin recorded 5mi each way. Trail is as described by others. We were able to get there in our Prius, road is rocky and potholed but with care it's doable. There is a camp just before the trailhead on the left that has space and horse hitches. Plenty of room for cars and trailers, no drop toilet at trailhead. There's a few wooded group camps along the way and a spot right by the falls. Camping at the lake is tricky if there are others there. Like others said, cross the creek and there's a rugged trail you can follow, it's pretty overgrown but there are a few other spots. Bring a hammock too for more options, there isn't much flat ground. Lake is great to swim in. The group next to us caught 4 fish. Hang your food. Great hike, only downside is lack of flat ground at the lake.

Hiked it in June 26, 2018. Still some snow in the trail, but the views were spectacular! This will be a once a year hike for us.

4 days ago

Great trail, well kept, cool amongst the trees, great views of the big lake. Downhill all the way in, uphill all the way out. Pretty quick hike, we were done by mid morning

Nice hike and was able to hike up to lower ball lake with a 1 year old and 2 month old. when we went there was a little bit of snow once we got past pyramid lake but it was easy to get by. it was a bit chilly, definitely not warm enough to jump in and swim though I can see how ball lake would be a great spot if the weather is right. saw a few backpackers that were hiking in to camp. looked like a lot of fun!!

Another example of why it’s so easy to fall in love with the Cabinet Mountains!! Hiked the Geiger Lakes using trail #656 (Forest Service provides good local maps). This is a different trail than the one featured on AllTrail. I picked this one because TH was just a few miles from the outstanding Lake Creek Campground (huge sites, bear lockers, loads of privacy, remote, beautiful). MANY trails leading to and around the Geiger Lake area. Beautiful trails, primarily forested, cool in the summer, fairly well maintained, overgrown in some places. Numerous wildfires made the air Smokey and brown unfortunately. Still absolutely worth doing! Highly recommend this trail and others nearby! It is deep in both black bear and Grizzly country so don’t forget bear spray.

One of the most amazing hikes I’ve done in Idaho. Worth the climb!

8 days ago

Just completed my first time to Beehive Lake and I can tell you...beautiful lake. It was almost exactly 4.5 miles into the lake and the same out. Trail is good, some spots narrow with brush and last half mile up a rock face...but well marked with cairns. I will tell you...moderate is a little forgiving for this hike. I am 47 and in average shape, and this was a tough hike in...but swimming in the lake made it worth the hard work. Not a lot of camp sites, but worth making it an overnight trip...star gazing was incredible and so was the fishing! Highly recommend for those in decent shape, looking for high mountain swimming, fishing and star gazing!

8 days ago

This lake is absolutely beautiful and secluded. The hike there was really tough though. There are little to no switch backs and almost the entire way there you are hiking up at a steep incline. The entire hike to the lake is up, which means the hike back down was a breeze. We were the only ones at the lake. We swam and did catch and release trout fishing. Caught just over 20 trout, mostly cutthroat, all under 12 inches, but still fun for catch and release.

This hike was amazing!!!!!!
I highly recommend this hike to anyone who wants to fish or hike two to 3miles. It was a beautiful trail. If you are looking for a good up hill trail, that is well worth walking, you just found it.

12 days ago

Loved this hike! Fantastic views despite the smokey haze. There is definitely work on the way back; mostly uphill. I was sweating and got a leg workout for sure. Good fun!

Not for the weak of heart.

14 days ago

Hiked to Rock Lake on August 6, 2018. First, the trail is not 2.7 miles - even one way. My GPS clocked it as 9.6 out and back, with a total elevation gain of 3,100 feet. This is from the gate on F-150A. The first three miles is an old mining road with a steady, gradual incline. The swampy area along the way is perfect for Moose. We believe we heard one but never saw it. And although we never saw a bear, there was enough fresh scat on the trail to keep us aware they were around.

The falls at the three-mile mark is beautiful. There is plenty of old mining equipment around. At this point, the trail makes a dramatic change. Just before you reach the falls, the trail makes a sneaky right, up the mountain. You'll probably pass it along the way. After you admire the falls for a bit, turn around, walk about 15 yards and the trail will be on your left.

For the next mile, you will switch back your way up 1,000 feet in elevation to the lake. I hike, often, so this wasn't hard for me, but those of us who weren't used to the climb had to take a few breaks.

The lake is beautiful. As you arrive, there are two camping spots. I crossed the creek and discovered a nice trail along the left side of the lake. I have read that there is a campsite on the other side of the lake, as well. The trail is not what I would call difficult. We had kids with us as young as ten and they did very well.

This is August, so the afternoons can be hot. I suggest that you start early. We were on the trail for 6.5 hours. That includes lunch and tooling around - five hours actually hiking. Bring bear spray and a little bug spray as well. Some of us got bit a couple of times. By the way, there was little if any smoke.

We did this as a day hike, but I could easily pack it in and stay two or three nights. There are several great peaks to explore and I have heard the fishing ain't bad, either. Me, I could take my Bible and my journal, have a seat on one of those rocks and be content for the day.

This hike was number 85 for me this year. It will certainly end up as one of my top 10 in 2018!

8/16/18- Easy hike up and run down, put in 8.45 miles going to both lower and upper Blossom Lakes. Trail to upper is a little overgrown in areas but not bad. Upper lake is a little more marshy then Lower, both have great campsites. Will be back for overnighting and to hit Pear Lake as well.

Beautiful hike! Beautiful lake. Nice mix of of up hill and some nice flat spots too. We thought it was about 8 miles round trip even though it says it’s 5.7 my body says it was longer.

15 days ago

great hike! highly recommend for hikers!

I've been wanting to hike this a while and it did not disappoint. Moderate or Difficult is a relative thing. It was my first hike in a while and that last mile up was not easy for me. However, my wife and son breezed right up. Good wake up call to get my endurance back and start running again. Anyway, it's a very nice hike with great views of Chimney Rock and then Harrison Lake at the top. You'll scale some flat rock face so I'd highly recommend good "grippy" trail shoes. No tennis shoes or open toed hikers.

19 days ago

So beautiful!
You get to hike by the stream and then you can swim just below a waterfall, and all on your way up!
Me and my friend camped for 1 night by the lake and it was so perfect! Plus tons of huckleberries to eat on your way up! We also got to see s mamma goat and her two babies!
would definitely recommend this trail!

22 days ago

We clocked 7 miles even round trip. Beautiful hike with an abundance of views! Not overly crowded. In fact mid-afternoon on a Sunday and we only shared the lake with two other hikers. Bring a suit and jump in and stay awhile, you've earned a swim after that elevation gain. We weren't sure how to get to the second lake but heard/read it was a scramble over the ridge so we opted to save that experience for a day we had more time. My only advice is to watch for the cairns and follow them when granite takes over trail. They are there for a reason and will lead you right to the lake.

22 days ago

If youre looking for a nice day hike this is definitely one to consider. There was a lot of people there and the t rails lead through everyone's campsites so expect people to walk by you if you're camping. The trail, as mentioned before, has a lot of loose rock. Just pay attention on the way back down. The hike was easy up, nothing too crazy.

22 days ago

This trail certainly earns it high rating, but as previous commenters have mentioned, it is not for those that may be out of shape or injured. It is roughly 5.7 miles up, and the same distance down, and while the ascent is , for the most part, gradual, there are some long rock faces you have to cover, and the trail was marked by cairns (rock piles) when we went up. Aside from this section, the trail is mostly shaded, but can be hot in summer time , so bring water, and a filter if you want to fill up at the lake. Beehive Lake itself has some amazing vantage points, as there are some impressive sheer rock faces creating a backdrop to the water, and then where the creek flows out are some lookouts that give expansive views of the valley of Pack River, and the Roman Nose peak area. There are campsites by the lake, but some of the ground may be swampy certain times of year, and we did encounter some mosquitoes, so bug repellent may be warranted. The access road is very drivable, even for a generic car, though poor weather may affect this scenario.

Beautiful hike up to Snow Lake. The hike wasnt too difficult but was fairly long and time consuming. We encountered a few hikers on the way up but otherwise had the lake to ourselves.

22 days ago

Incredible hike.

trail was well maintained and well marked. Impossible to get lost. The road was accessible with any vehicle.

There are 5+ unoccupied camp spots at the top of the lake right now.

Just so you are clear-- the route is 5.7 miles up, and also 5.7 back for a total of 12 miles. Also-- if it is raining this hike would be entirely impassable because of the glaciated rockfaces.

23 days ago

Very steep trail, but well worth it. Will do again.


Trail steep at first. Nice overnight stay!

24 days ago

Great hike. You have to hike up the logging road past the locked gate about 1.3 miles to the trailhead. Some downed trees over trail but easy to maneuver over. Still a lot of water running across the trail if you have dogs. Beautiful views. Bring bug spray!

Definitely not a hike for beginners, and I wouldn’t bring kids either. Gorgeous views all the way up. There’s loose boulders almost the entire way- I’m thankful I decided not to wear tennis shoes. Some boots with nice traction saved me from a couple ankle twists. About the last mile or so has a steep incline and isn’t marked well but the app was helpful and accurate for us. The lake and views are gorgeous at the end.

My husband, my 2 boys, ages 13 and 7, and I hiked to Bottleneck on Saturday July 21,2018. I was pleasantly surprised that the trail was quite easy with very few, if any, steep pitches. I had to rest a few times about 1/2 way through in the middle section. But otherwise it was very moderate. It took aprox 2 hours up and 1 hour down. It’s 3 miles to Bottleneck, exactly, according to my fitmax watch.
The lake was quite charming. We liked the first camp spot off to the left. Very nice spot with open views of Lake. Fishing was mediocre. Huckleberries weren’t ripe yet.
I usually ride horse and have been to Snowlake that way a few years ago. That is a nice trail as well, with similar views.
I would recommend Bottleneck for afternoon hikers, families, horses, and mt bikes.

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