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Very enjoyable trek through the woods...didn't encounter another soul on a cold morning until I hit the junction with the Anthony's Nose trail. Decided to extend the hike about 0.8 miles and take in the views from the aforementioned Anthony's Nose. If time allows this is a must stop...gorgeous views of the Hudson River and Bear Mountain.

3 days ago

I thought it was a beautiful scene. There is a bit of a walk before the lake itself, but that’s not a big deal. My best friend and I went, and I brought my dog. It was nice way to get fresh air and take some Instagram-worthy pictures. We went in January, so it wasn’t incredibly crowded either. If I were to go back, it would be to do some running or to get my dog out again. People were friendly and the trail itself wasn’t difficult, so it should be perfect for that. Me not going back doesn’t speak to the trail as much as it’s because I’m always looking for a new place to adventure. If ever I’m looking for somewhere familiar just to take it easy, this would be an option.

I enjoyed the hike. Had to park under Taconic Parkway overpass (hoping I didn’t get towed). Trails were well marked and there was good periodic elevation change. Some nice babbling brooks that were nice to listen to. I’d love to come back in the spring when the foliage comes in but I was able to see a bunch of deer and only one other person on the trail.

15 days ago

Still a good hike as of 11-18, but could be improved. The state needs to tear down junky shed-like buildings (including one with a dead pay phone) at the eastern end of the reservoir. The campgrounds here feel abandoned, and the trail route gets murky through this area. Although county and state trails do not officially connect, you must connect them to complete the loop. Though technically illegal, they are easy to connect. Lovely as Round Valley is, it is a good example of an underfunded NJ state park. Signage is dated, appearance a bit shabby.

Good trail. Lots of side trails gives you some different options. Not much traffic, went on beautiful 60 degree day in early November and had the place to myself.

Great little hike. Dog friendly. Very quiet mid week

Other then 3 miles on the road it was decent

3 months ago

beautiful trail crick is awesome!

4 months ago

Pretty ponds, a couple lean-tos, and a few sites to camp, up and down hill walk in the woods.

Easy trail ... though there are quite a few downed trees at the far end of the lake making passage a bit awkward - I’m with the other reviews on this it’s worth doing once but nothing special

The full Round Valley loop is a mixed bag. Except for the long road portion that you can’t get around, in cool weather with turned or fallen leaves it’s one of the state’s ten best hikes. But summer, with ticks, heat, snakes, seasonal trail closures, and a crappy road walk, it’s a long slog to avoid.

I went here solo based on reviews and the GPS coordinates take you to the boat ramp. You must have a fishing or boating license to enter and all the trails are closed at this section May-September? I had to go to the main park and it costs $20 if you are from PA, $10 from NJ! The trail is called something else in the park and is not a total loop. I figured it would feature tons of views of the reservoir, it didn’t. There were two spots very close to the beginning that featured great views. I hiked about half of the total trail so maybe it gets better. It was a nice quiet, shady, trail and after the sweaty hike I got to take a dip in the water at the “beach”. I’m still not sure it was worth $20

We did this trail late in October of last year- a bit hilly but beautiful views and a nice scramble!

Solid trail. Didn't love that a decent portion was on road, but I got that out of the way first. Heads up that the last little bit is actually closed, but you can make your way across by going over the boulders by the lake. Nice that it was in the shade for the most part during the summer!

So very beautiful! Wish I had taken my fishing pole but glad I remembered the bug spray. A good mix of semi level trail (always beware the rocks and roots that are out to trip you) and of a little bit more difficult rocky areas. Would definitely do again!

Beautiful scenic trail that parallels the Delaware River with multiple spots where you can climb out onto large rocks in the river.

6 months ago

Beautiful trail. Brought kids 2 on backs. 5 year old did the whole trail. But wasn’t easy. He is feeling proud and strong

6 months ago


6 months ago

Lovely little trail. Trees were down over the trail in multiple places, but there were easy ways around all of the obstructions.

trail running
6 months ago

Good trail for running - not super rocky or technical.

Trail is nice, well maintained, and not heavily trafficked at all. We did the loop as a two-day one-night hike. The trails are well marked, but if you're not paying attention you will wind up missing turns, as we did. Thankfully if you get off the correct trail, you're probably still on a trail, just not the one you want to be on. Course corrections are easy because of that.

Since we missed a turn, we wound up approaching Silver Lake Mine from the southeast, not the northwest as we had anticipated. Something to note that we missed since we came in from the south, there is a picnic shelter, a drink vending machine, and restrooms at the northwest tip of the lake, just where the trail enters / exits the parking lot at Silver Mine Lake. If you want a cold drink bring a couple of dollars, and if you want a place to use the restroom without digging a hole, you're covered in that respect too!

There is no parking at the head of trail. I parked 0.4 miles up, right at the underpass of the TSP and started there.

not a personal favorite. But a nice enough one to try once.

This is a great easy trail, it’s relatively short at 1.6 miles. The incline is perfectly moderate, just step enough..

Done this many times over the years but find the trail itself a tad boring. The lake is beautiful though and worth the lack of excitement the trail itself brings. Definitely rate as "easy".

I would say it slightly harder than moderate. Pretty short as well. I would call it short cardio session

Hiked to trout pond from cambell mountain. The hike was good exercise but there is a parking area closer and the short distance means more people. But all and all not bad

9 months ago

So note to self, bring snowshoes next time just in case. Anyways I started from the trailhead at about 7 pm which gave me about 45 minutes to reach the first lean-to by dark. Thankfully the trail was well marked because there wasn’t a single footprint in the 6-9 inch deep snow. So I hoofed it over to the trout pond lean-to just as the sun dipped behind the horizon and had the entire place to myself. Got a fire going and some food cooking and my friend Jim Bean kept me cozy till the firewood was all spent. A little rat/squirrel woke me up around 4 as it scratched away at the little log book in the hut but beyond that I didn’t hear anything besides the water in the rushing stream nearby. When the sun rose in the morning it was a fantastic view of the frozen pond. I headed back out and plan to return when it’s warmer out. I’ll leave some photos for the curious

great hike! nice views!

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