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Hiked this on August 5, 2018. Started at Norway Pass trailhead at 9:45am. It is a gradual ascent. Not difficult, but can be tiring. Very little shade and it was a hot day. Stayed on the Boundary Trail #1 until we got to Whittier Ridge Trail #214. There were a few people on the trail as well. All but one were headed to the easier Mt. Margaret. Wildflowers were in bloom, berries were abundant...so were the bugs...bring bug spray!

The views were amazing! Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adam's and Mt. St. Helen's were in full view for most of the hike. Along with some lakes, including Spirit Lake. We spent a lot of time stopping for pictures and just enjoying the view. There are campsites along the route and saw just a single camper. (jealous)

We could see the jagged peak of Whitier from a distance, but did not think twice about what was to come until we were upon it. We reached the ridge about 1pm. I would be lying if said I wasnt nervous. the rock faces and scrambles looked difficult. But we pushed on.

The climb wasn't that bad. Not technical. Can be a bit unnerving though. There is no definite trail, but was easy to find the best path over and around rocks. Took an hour to make it to the top! I think a mile or less. So take it nice and slow. You can do it! We enjoyed our lunch, sitting on the the top of Mt. Whittier, enjoying the view, in complete silence. What an incredible landscape! We didn't want to leave, but the clock was ticking and we still had a 2.5 hour drive afterwards. Going down was a little tricky, but much faster than going up.

Since the trail leading there was mostly uphill, it was a nice fast-paced hike downhill, all the way to the trailhead where we started.

Total time: 7 hours
Total miles: 13

This was a nice leisurely pace and enjoyed taking my time and soaking in the scenery.

I solo hiked this section going SOBO in early July. With luck I had amazing weather each day, but still had to cross several snow fields even in July. This section offered lots of ups and downs with many switchbacks, scree with several stream ford crossings.

Gradual accent. Not an ankle breaker. Bring lots of water (I finished 3 litters at the turn around point) and sun block. Wear a wide brim hat. The trail has few shades. As soon as you turn into the Whittier trail the overgrowth takes over. Nothing really dangerous, there’s a lot of places to hold on to. Also the first spine looks passable but it’s not (not for me, i had to go back half way through). The paths is on the left side of the spine. Your reward for this 12 mile hike is that you get a view of Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and three lakes.

22 days ago

A great overnight backpacking trip with incredible views of Three fingered jack from the west side of Duffy lake, as well as major payoff when summiting Red Butte - views of three fingered jack, Three sisters, and Mt. Jefferson. Plenty of site to set up camp at Duffy and Mowich, but Duffy is quite popular so get there early or go over to Mowich which will have less people set up. The entire lake basin is incredible! One ask to all folks spending time up there: respect fire bans and all LNT principles!

24 days ago

Did this trip as our first overnight backpacking trip in mid June. Hiked the little over 8 miles to Linney Creek Trail and camped at the site there right next to the river. The water was great through a filter. The trail never got too steep and had a few beautiful view spots. There were many creeks on the trail as a water source as well.

Love this Hike, it's beautiful no matter how far in you hike. I recommend going all the way to Wildcat Falls if you have the time.

the Whittier Ridge part of this hike is more of a scramble then a hike. if you're that thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie this hike is definitely for you. awesome views around every corner .

Really nicely maintained trail. Parking at the trail head is crazy and please be a good human being and buy a northwest forest pass. Awesome waterfalls.

1 month ago

the first half of the trail is beautiful and we'll maintained. I saw no one after the first five miles or so. however the second half of the loop clearly has not been maintained in the last 10 years or so. you will be pushing through dense brush for a few miles. both of my water bottles were pulled from my pack at different times by branches. there are also very few places to camp after the 9 mile Mark. however there are ample opportunities to refill your water bottles. I likely wouldnt do the full trail as described on this trail.

Attempted a SOBO training hike this past weekend and had to turn back despite my spikes. Hopefully the sun this week will help

Beautiful and unique hike with great views of the mountain! The avalanche lilies are in full bloom through the burned area right now (6/29) and are absolutely gorgeous. A few portions of Lolo Pass road are very rough with deep holes across the entire width of the road and large rocks, so I wouldn't recommend driving up in a vehicle with low clearance. As of 6/29 the upper portion of the trail is still covered in snow in places and can be challenging to follow without a gps, but it looks like it should be melted in a few more weeks. We did have phone service on most of the trail, so we were able to use the gps on our phones to follow the trail. If you choose to continue onward, be prepared to trek over sloped snow fields, which can be a bit slippery. We were able to cross them without any special gear, but it was challenging in places. Make sure you wear good waterproof boots for the snow, and trekking poles might not be a bad idea either. If you are able, I would recommend taking a little extra time to continue onto the Timberline trail and make the short trek to Dollar Lake. The cutoff to the lake was hard to find in the snow, even with a gps, but well worth it.

My husband and I hiked about half of this trail. We came from the upper trail head to Chinook Falls and back. The first 3 miles was through beautiful forest but didn't change much. We started late on Friday and got a very nice camping spot right on the creek about 4 miles in. The next day we hikes to the falls and WOW! Beautiful scenery all the way around! Great waterfalls along the trail which we loved! We were going to stay a second night but our summer sleeping bags weren't quite warm enough, so we decided to make the trek back. Our second day hiking I feel like we over did it a bit but we survived lol. The trail was heavily trafficked and there was some people who had no camp/backpacking etiquette we stopped at a site where we considered camping for the second night and we are making our lunch and eating and have all of our stuff out and some people just walked right into our campsite to use our access point to the creek didn't say anything to us at all. Which my husband and I thought was weird and rude. Bottom line beautiful hike would recommend- also don't go into someone else's campsite that's just not cool.

Excellent and very pretty trail. Plenty of nice camping spots open even on a weekend. Sparsely traversed passed the 3.1 mile mark so much more solitary and foresty but very peaceful and pretty. Not too challenging. Good practice before attempting the mountain hikes.

It has been busy past few weekends. A lot of people from oregon. I was glad to see the ranger writing tickets to all the people who didnt have passes. buy a discover pass and northwest forrest pass. its cheaper than a ticket

Went on a multi-family day hike Satruday from the main TH to Chinook Falls. 3 adults (ages 38,40,62), 8 kids (ages 7,8,8,10,11,13,14,14) and 3 dogs (1 lab, 2 small ones). The road up is in relatively excellent shape. We took an Excursion 4x4 and Highlander 4x4 and had no problems with the busted up paved roads. The forecast called for heavy rains but those came on Friday and Sunday. Even with the heavy rain the day before, the trail was in amazing shape. We say a few people camping, but the majority of the camp sites were open, probably due to the foretasted rain. 8.7 miles total out and back from TH to Chinook Falls. This is a must hike if you live in SW WA or even NW Oregon. Remember, it does require a NW Forest Pass, $5 day e-pass can be purchased online and printed, that's what we did.

went out backpacking over memorial day weekend. it was crowded! Was glad to see the ranger handing out tickets to cars without passes, mainly from oregon.

Road is clear to the trailhead as of 5/27. Made it about 2.4 miles in before relinquishing to the snow. You can hike off trail along the ridge to get a bit further but we just kept encountering snow so we turned back and followed the trail back near owl point where we continued again, until we lost the trail to snow. Excited to do it again!

2 months ago

Took my 8-year old daughter on the first 2 miles of this for her first overnight trip. It was the perfect introduction to backpacking. Not too easy, not too hard. Well-maintained trail. Lots of friendly people everywhere. And some great dispersed sites just after the wilderness trail notice. Highly recommended.

I did about 9 miles of this trail (out and back) and it was amazing! Lots of waterfalls, lots of places to climb around the waterfalls and lots of little swimming holes if it's warm enough. The trail was not very hard at all just kinda meanders with no crazy elevation gains. Will definitely take people back here.

Beautiful, crystal clear water!

Tried to get to it yesterday. Stopped by snow at 3600 ft. Did not have 4WD

Awesome trail .....

A favorite!

4 months ago

Took my six-year-old on his first backpacking trip here. Amazing spot considering how gentle of a hike it is for the little ones. Confusing signage, though, because it says no camping or fires, but what another hiker told me was that it only applied a quarter mile from the trail head.

Only did a fast in and back a few miles but great trail, fantastic scenery. Close to a good introductory spot for rock climbers

Amazing falls and crystal clear water!

As previously mentioned, FR 4220 is pretty treacherous even in a jeep, but completely doable.

We hiked this trail late October and of it weren't for some previous hikers footprints and the rock stacks, we would have lost the trail entirely in the snow fields. In some areas we would sink up to our hips in the deep snow. Fun!

It's mostly an uphill hike to reach Park Butte, with some flat areas near the base of your final climb, but totally
worth it. Make sure you use the apps trail route to keep yourself on course because it's easy to get lost in the snow and in the burn areas.

Great trail for a first backpacking trip! Ended up camping just past Chinook Falls. Not too busy due to below 40 degree weather

I would absolutely not begin this via the ollallie lake trailhead on the PCT via FR 4220 as mentioned below. This road isn't even good for your car even if you have high clearance. The entry into Jefferson Park via that route is, however, quite epic, but you can also risk getting lost in the snow fields if you go to early in the season. So if that happens, hit up Pyramid Butte, because you'll never ever want to be on FR 4220 again so you may as well do it.

At the top of the ridge (Park Butte) you'll have an epic view of a good portion of the state of Oregon. Ollallie Butte, Mt Hood and Mt Adams to the north and a spectacular view of Jefferson to the south as well as the valley that carves southwest from Park Ridge.

The descent is also epic, and the enjoying the crystal clear lakes is also an experience.

a lot of up and down along this trail. We did it backwards but it was a great hike.

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