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Hiked this twice and didn’t get to do the whole thing. But brought my German Shepherd and it’s great to get away from city life !

Hiked just after the fresh snowfall and it was absolutely beautiful. You feel like you’re in a winter wonderland. Highly recommend the trail in all seasons.

15 days ago

Beautiful area with plenty of fall colors in early november. Bring accurate navigational aids, some of the way points we had were incorrect and caused some backtracking and head scratching. Lack of blazes are the biggest bummer of this trail, otherwise it was well maintained. Plenty of horse poop. Watch out for the ankle-roller gravel/rocks on the trail. Not much elevation change, could be done in one day if you pushed. We hiked 2.5mi in first night and camped, did 14.5 the next day in around 8 hours. Very enjoyable. Not the easiest trail navigationally, but if you're aware and prepared, you'll have a great time.

Great trail with many beautiful lookouts along the Manistee River. Lots of dispersed camping sites close to the river on the Manistee River side.

Nice 5 mile out and back, within an hour’s drive of east Tulsa. Leaves were just starting to turn in late October. This seems like the only hiking trail open right now, so prepare to share the trail with other hikers. Would definitely go back in spring, or when the longer portion of the trail isn’t closed for hunting.

Great trail, well marked for the most part. I don't recommend coming during hunting season as a good chunk of the trail is closed. Overall a great trail to get your hiking legs.

Very beautiful. First backpacking trip. It is not the easiest for your first backpacking trips due to the various points of elevation but I survived and it was well worth it. Will be doing this again!

Did the River Trail. Wife’s first trip. The views did not disappoint, especially in the fall. The campsites were in awesome outlooks. We will be doing this one again.

21 days ago

Great hike! Not much to say. Make sure you bring water treatment and that’s about it. Don’t step in horse poop is all I can say.

The bridge is now open to both cars and hikers :)

Excellent multi-day hiking trail with stunning views, great swimming spots and great rustic camping.

25 days ago

Beautiful trail, as always; woods have the full, golden fall glow. Probably have another week of great color, two weeks might be pushing it. Didn't do the full Chain of Lakes, more of a Crooked Chain - did a side bit on the Poto west of Crooked Lake looking, unsuccessfully, for some mushrooms I saw last year, and another side bit on the Poto south of Pickerel Lake to get the great views across it. Pictures are geo tagged on my track, more and higher resolution at https://johnmetzler.smugmug.com/Parks/Pinckney-State-Recreation-Area/PSRA-Chain-o-Lakes-trail-portions-on-Crooked-Silver-and-Poto/

Very well marked, and absolutely gorgeous!

27 days ago

Pretty vanilla trail. Not a lot of elevation change and not very challenging. Just a walk in the woods which is ok sometimes. Trail can be a little unclear so make sure you’re paying attention. I went in October and did not need to change shoes for any creek crossings. Saw a lot of mushrooms due to an abundance of rain leading up to my trip.

Beautiful trail! I got lost several times as the trail is not marked much if at all, and freshly fallen leaves covered what remains of the trail. Camped in the cave/overhang and really enjoyed the views of the lake. I had company as one of the local dogs came sniffing around and joined me for dinner, then came back in the morning and seriously led me back to my car. Sweet sweet dog, it must belong to one of the locals as it had a bright orange collar on it that said “I live here, Cove hollow.” Definitely will be back, next time with a compass!

Just did this as a short trip last weekend, one day in / one day out. We camped at one of the two sites at Bear Lake and had the place all to ourselves. Highly recommend weeknight camping- we passed many parties heading out as we were hiking in Sunday night. It’s as muddy as everyone says, but worth it. The fall colors are stunning and the overlooks along the way surprised me. I wouldn’t camp any later than mid-October... it was real chilly when we weren’t moving and snow covered the ground when we woke up. Definitely a MN gem.

I loved this hike. I was my first hike on the Northshore. I felt like this was rugged yet not hard. My dog did well. The views of this trail are amazing.

Hiked in 1.5 miles from cedar lake trailhead then back. (3 total). Trail was not groomed but still easy to follow. Very wooded. Bugs were not bad. No others hikers or bikers were there on a cool Oct afternoon.

1 month ago

it is definite go back to spot did a lot of ramming around i spent about 5 hours hiking to my camping spot for the night and after camp was up did lats of looking around was a excellent trail

Awesome hike.
Weather was perfect and it was really nice to be able to see the river while hiking.

What else can I say! National treasure

The Coates Highway bridge was passable but still under construction when we were down a weekend ago. My wife and I and other hikers were able to walk over the bridge bypassing construction equipment later in the day.

Has the bridge been re-opened?

Beautiful trail, but due to my stupidity got lost at the river crossing. Would never had been able to find the trail again without the help of a couple of riders. That being said, plenty of water, scenic views and great camping

1 month ago

Trail is easy to see, for the most part, people seem to have taken the time to mark questionable paths. Rough and rocky in some areas, smooth and foresty in others. Limited water supply on the North loop, other than, the waterfall. Nice campsites along the route.
Paddy Creek campground is really nice if you are camping outside the trail.

Great hike. East side of the trail has spectacular river views and water access. I try to get here a few times a year.

1 month ago

This hike is a gem! Highly recommend recording the hike so you can see where you are on the map. The paths for this particular hike aren't marked well because it intersects with a number of other trails. Also recommend following John Metzler's great review, which talks you through the confusing parts. I was very grateful for his guidance! I will definitely be back! Also, I saw maybe a dozen or so bikers throughout the 8 miles. Every one of them was courteous and considerate. Yes, you need to keep your eyes out for them, but at least on this early fall day, we shared the trail with no issues.

Unless you’re familiar, This trail kinda fades away to nothing.

1 month ago

Great trail for hiking If motivated to finish. Only got half way with the wife and the dog due to the fact of so many ticks. The dog wasn’t to fond of them and ended up having to take her in to get tick medicine. But other than that a great scenic view.

We just completed this hike in August. It was our first backpacking trip and we had an amazing time! It was my husband and I and our 2 children ages 11 and 13. We did it in 4 days, 3 nights. Our garmin watches clocked it at 48 miles, but that included the distance to and from our campsites, side trails, trips to "toilets" etc. It is claimed to be 42 miles, I believe. I feel it was a great choice for a first backpacking trip because aside from the beautiful views, the sites all have ample bear locker storage, there is plenty of water available (just bring a filter), and pit toilets at most campsite areas. Also, the areas of the trail that are scenic points and accessible by parking lots and drive-in campgrounds gave opportunities for getting rid of trash and bathrooms! We went from Grand Sable Visitor Center to Munising Falls Visitor Center, and used Altran to shuttle us. We had no problems and we felt glad we went westward. The entire trail was beautiful and scenic, but the last half was really the best. I can't recommend this trail enough.

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