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Only did an out & back of ~6mi from Crescent Meadow as a shortish day hike - enjoyed it, for sure. That section is easy going with a well-defined path, a couple of small water flows, and some great scenery from Eagle's Peak. Saw only a few other hikers on a summer weekday late afternoon.

Of note: I read another guy's comment regarding the gnats/horse flies/mosquitos and gaffed it off. Truth: they are no joke. The way out was no big deal, but coming back closer to sunset was ridiculous. They were flying in my ears, nose, and I'm pretty sure I swallowed a couple. Apparently, they can't be outrun either. Trust me, I tried. I'm happy that this trail is lightly traveled, because anyone crossing my path would've seen a real-life reenactment of Tommy Boy as I flailed my arms and sprinted through the forest like a crazed lunatic.

Also came across a black bear near my turnaround. We paused, stared blankly at each other, then he galloped away like a 250lb furry marmot.

Hike is good. Best part of it is the extra mile to Grinnel Glacier overview.
High traffic, start before 7:15am if you want to beat the crowd.
Not a single berry on the whole trail so bear danger is close to none.(mid July).

3 days ago

Views are outrageous, felt constantly like I was going to fall off the side of the cliff. Switchbacks were rough but doable. The end finishes with four miles of downhill and that was the worst part. We are pretty proud of ourselves for finishing

Going to this hike Friday 7/19 or Saturday 7/20! Female solo hiker if anyone else would like company or dosent mind one more to add to a group feel free to text or call 9188431335.

Long, exposed, dry, and, to me, outside of the views a real trudge. The views are wonderful but can be had elsewhere in the park on less gruelling hikes. Due to fire the lower half of the usual hike down to The Loop is also dry and exposed. Using the shuttles to go either way is frustrating as they are almost always full going up in the morning and full going down in the afternoon. Despite popular opinion, skip this one and hike from Siyeh Bend to Sunrift Gorge instead.

5 days ago

Possibly top 3 hikes in the US. Wild life everywhere and not a terribly difficult hike with views every step of he way.

trail running
6 days ago

Fantastic run! We had to turn back about 11 miles in due to a steep snowfield that was impassable still. but gorgeous run. Highly recommend.

off road driving
7 days ago

Did this trail counter clockwise in three days in mid July. It was expectedly hot 100-120 degrees with almost no shade. We stayed at potato bottom A the first night. This is a beautiful spot on the river (a lot of mosquitos). Then took our time down to Murphy A. This is a must! By far the coolest campsite I have ever stayed at. (Make sure to stay at A not B or C) then went to airport A. This is a rather plain site. No shade or shelter. Beautiful view of airport tower though. We then went down Lathrope to the river and spent the day there. Overall and incredible trail. Pretty easy, some difficult spots. We then drove to Moab down the potash trail, worth it. I would recommend some off-road tires and to air down, at least in the sandy spots if you want to slow down. We did it in a 2017 Tacoma with a 2 inch lift and wrangler duratrac tires.

hiked on 7/9
We took one of the first shuttles out of apgar (if you can, get on a shuttle asap, lines get busy and crowded fast). From there we started at Logan Pass, traveling to the Grinnell Glacier overlook (absolute must see, thigh burner but worth it!) Once you get to the end of the overlook trail you may climb up a few more hills (at your own risk, trails are not marked but many people still climb up them) to gain a better vantage point for pictures. After that we hiked to the Chalet where we ate lunch and took a break. Finally we walked down to the loop (very big elevation drop). The loop shuttle stop was very crowded, I recommend trying to get there as early as possible. Overall one of the best hikes I've ever been on. Pictures from the Grinnell Glacier overlook rival those from my havasupai trip! If in glacier, it's a must see!

9 days ago

best hike i’ve ever done. i was sceptical reading the reviews at first but it’s absolutely incredible. if you have one day in glacier, do this - you won’t be disappointed.

wouldn’t categorise it as difficult, although the descent from the chalet to the loop car park is hard on the knees after awhile. “heavily trafficked” was still fine, nowhere near as crowded as i expected. plenty of time with only us in sight. start early to avoid the heat of the day for the last 4 miles, which offer little in the way of shade.

It’s a 75km temple.

12 days ago

Amazing views from the trail. Hiked early July. Started at Logan Pass, ran into some snow patches along the way but nothing a good pair of boots cannot manage. I hiked up the additional 0.6 miles to the glacier overlook. Toughest part of the whole hike. Very steep but the views! Oh my the views of both sides of the divide were all worth it! Do it if you have the time. I descended via to the loop trail head after stopping at the Chalet for lunch. Highly recommend this trail. I'll do it again.

If anyone would like to do the highline hike tomorrow 07/10 and would like some extra company...I'm hiking by myself and would love to hike with others. 949-573-5884!

12 days ago

We didn't do the entire route, but hiked from Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet for an overnight stay and then hiked the same route back. One of the top 2-3 hikes I've ever done. It blew my mind even enveloped in the haze of forest fires. Can't wait to go back and do it with clear skies where it'll look more beautiful (and be easier to breathe.)

Good hike with pretty lake views. The mosquitoes were terrible though. Very rocky trail most of the way. The fishing was great.

This was my 2nd time backpacking, and the only time prior was an overnight trip with a 25lb pack. First time with a pack that weighed 50lbs. So, viewpoint from a complete novice. This was a spectacular, gruelling experience, completed in exactly 5 days/nights. It has sparked what I hope will be a life long love affair of the outdoors and backpacking.

Absolutely plan to do the WCT again as soon as possible. Will be better prepared physically (knees were killing me by the last day, had to take a bunch of Advil to make it across the finish line), and will do it in 6-7 nights instead of 5 simply to spend more time enjoying the surroundings. It’s supposed to be a vacation! Also, will pack a lighter bag, 40-45lb would be ideal.

13 days ago

We hiked on 7/5/2018. This is the greatest hike for day hikers in the park!
1. Route: I started from the Logan pass, took the garden trail/ highline trail, detoured at the 7 mile to Grinnell glacier overlook (out &back), passed by the Granite Park Chalet, and ended up at the trail head of the loop.
For who wants to take the same route, search highline trail to Granite Park in this APP.
2.Great view: you will pass snow, bushes, water falls, pine forest, meadows and creeks.
3. Location of the detour to Grinnell Glacier overlook: The overlook is 7 miles from Logan pass down and 4 miles with 2k elevation gain from the trail head of the loop. The trail to the overlook is 0.6 mile one-way with elevation gain of 1000ft, very strenuous.
4. Gears: We did not use hiking poles but it is recommended if you want to go to the overlook. The road up to the overlook is steep and narrow.
5. Road conditions: some part of the trail was covered by snow and water.
6. Wear: most people end up short sleeves w/ long sleeves carried w them.
7. Water: bring at least 2L water per person.
8. Commute: if you take the shuttle from Apgar Village, you have to get off the shuttle at Avalanche Creek Shuttle Stop to transfer to small size shuttle to get to Logan pass. It took us TWO hours to commute by shuttle bus from Apgar village to Logan pass. The large shuttle takes about 23-24 people (leave 4 seats for people from other stops) and small shuttle takes 14-15 persons from Avalanche to Logan pass. I had to wait for the second shuttle for both locations.

15 days ago

While I haven't finished all of this trail, I have done the Eastern section that most people forget about.

From East Park Reservoir to a little beyone Leidy Peak, there is not a lot of water to be had directly along the trail. I was able to find a trickle (almost a small stream) through Manila Park, and Summit Park was pretty soggy, but that was it. For that reason, I would recommend a couple 1 liter water bottles and a 2 or 3 liter bladder to get through this section. As far as the scenery, it was beautiful! Thick forest, wide open parks, amazing views with Flaming Gorge in the distance. The trail can be hard to follow in a few areas partially due to dirt roads that interweave the area and lack of foot traffic (which is actually nice if you prefer solitude). Bringing a good map and a gps track of the trail, as well as keeping a close eye out for cairns, blazes, and other trial markers will help.

I'm giving this section of trail 4 stars instead of 5 due simply to the lack of water along the trail and route finding difficulties.

I'm hoping to do the whole trail this fall and will post another review at that time if I do.

16 days ago

Easily the most majestic, beautiful trail we’ve done in the US! It starts with a cliff section that isn’t for the faint-of-heart with breathtaking views and lots of wildlife. An entire herd(Ranger said it was a large herd) of Bighorn sheep started us off. Great photos of those. Then a mountain goat came down from wayyy up the mountain and decided it was his trail. We were stopped for 10 mins waiting til he moved off. An experienced hiker took the lead and used her raincoat to shoo him away, although he did it reluctantly.
The trail goes on, sporting unbelievable 360 degree best-views-ever for miles and miles over snow banks, in large bowls with lots of marmots and pika and varying wildflower meadows and stands of evergreens. We met a couple from Maryland who we passed the time with for the last 7 miles. Switchbacks, long gradual sloping sections and some steeper sections all the way to the Chalet went on, where we took a RR break and snack break. The last section is a tough 4 mile descent through thick new-growth forest in the hot july sun with little cover. That felt like forever, with little stunning views and drudgery. We arrived at the Loop with great satisfaction and relief 7 hrs later, whooped and satisfied. On to Iceberg Lake tomorrow!

16 days ago

Did the Logan trailhead to the loop today. Easily the most beautiful hike I’ve ever done. Wooded trails quickly turn into snowy adventures. The best hike I’ve ever been on. A must if you visit glacier

17 days ago

We did the hike starting at the Logan’s Visitor Center and ended at The Loop. The trail length is about 13 miles total but is well worth the hike. We saw a lot of big horns, marmots and mountain goats. Didn’t see any bears but did hear of a few people who had seen them before. The views are like nothing else I have ever seen before and would say this was possibly the best hike in the park.

21 days ago

Must make time to do at least a portion of this icon!

Incredible hike. Did this from Crescent Meadows to Whitney Portal from 6/15-6/20 (6 days, 5 nights). Very demanding hike but no major issues in terms of stream crossings or snow. Kaweah Gap does not require snow gear, and while we used axes and spikes for a couple sections of the Whitney Trail switchbacks, the snow will likely be gone soon. The sun is very powerful and draining at these altitudes so it is best to start hiking early and bring appropriate clothing.

Highly recommend for anyone looking for a challenging hike that rewards with awesome views throughout.

1 month ago

amazing i did this hike from leadie peak off of highway 40. came out on Mirror Lake Highway we did this whole entire trip in 8 days could have done it in 5 Kings Peak was great that was day 5 we need to see anybody until we got to Kings Peak backpacking fly rod fishing was amazing. they were so good to eat refreshing in you. drinking from the mountains is great do you have to use a filter porcupine pass was really tough and dead horse pass and Rocky sea pass or a couple other ones that were tough North Pole pass actually you were snowed on and rained mixed with thunder and lightning very scary at times because you're the tallest things up there Red Mountain Pass was beautiful and amazing this backpacking trip is definitely one you should have on your bucket list for me it was everything and more once I reach destination I realize I was just getting warmed up and the Pacific Crest Trail is in my sights next then after that maybe the 80 but for now I'm going to go conquer Frank Church the Wilderness of no return.

best multinight ocean side trail on the island. not for the inexperienced

Just completed the west coast trail a few days ago. 4 nights! Definitely nice to get the hard part over first. Gordon river to Walbarn was the harder section. Mud! Lots of mud but remarkable experience

Loved this hike from Logan Pass to The Loop. Stopped for lunch at Granite Park Chalet. Can’t wait to hike this trail again.

I did only to the pass after precipice lake. As of late May, it was still fully covered with snow. You need to know what you are doing, but it was amazing. I'll come back later in the season someday!
Also, I did this back and forth in a day hike, about 36 miles. Very doable since up to hamilton lake (and even later - up to where there was snow) the trail is extremly well marked and easy to follow, you can do 3 miles/hour easily

1 month ago

Let us be honest here...this is NOT a moderate trail that you can just show up to and expect you and the kids to complete or even get through. I am not sure of the other posters here, or why this is even in the moderate category to be honest. I see trails on here that I can park on pavement on the edge of SLC, complete in a day or less that are less straining than my treadmill, and they are considered moderate or advanced? Sorry folks I have been doing this trail for years, multiple times a year in fact, including winter.... and between the elevation, terrain, and weather, if you have never hiked the backcountry, this is NOT the trail for you without experience. THIS IS AN ADVANCED trail. Please please please, if you are posting on this site, please give your experience level so it is not misleading to those that are just starting. This trail may be moderate to you because you have been backpacking for years, but may kill someone if all information is not given. This is one of the reasons why people just starting or with moderate experience wind up on the news being rescued because they thought they were only going for a moderate hike, etc...smh

All that said, I am an advanced Backpacker/hiker of 25 years, and this is the Ultimate hike/backpacking experience in Utah without a doubt! High elevation, beautiful scenery and solitude...be ready to take your time and spend a week or two just feeding your soul! This is not a hike for the weekend warrior, in fact it can take a couple weeks if you do the whole thing and really enjoy it! Very good hike/backpacking trail to recharge your batteries! This trail also scales in difficulty with the seasons to always provide the challenge one is looking for! Before taking on this trail, make sure you research it thoroughly, as well as altitude sickness, and what flora and fauna you can find just to be safe!. Also, make sure you have basic survival skills, a way to navigate and communicate if needed, etc. If you do not plan your days right, you can wind up in areas of the trail that are not human-friendly at the worst times and on this trail could be life or death. Same goes for if you get injured and dont know how to treat yourself. If you do your research and plan accordingly, you can enjoy mountain camping, fresh water and a bit of fishing every night to finish your day in one of the most secluded and untouched areas of the United states. Please be cautious and do your homework though!!!! I cant stress this enough! This is a very demanding trail, but one that will leave you with lifelong memories if you play your cards right!.

1 month ago

Me and my mom hiked this trail in August of 2017. We completed 50 miles of it from mirror lake to moon lake in 5 days. Prepare for cold nights and light rain during the day. Some pretty amazing thunder storms during the night. One of the best experiences of my life. Two very difficult passes to get over but other than that it was moderately difficult.

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