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It’s a nice trail.

1 day ago

Road was closed when i got there. I had to walk extra 2 miles to the trail head, and it was covered with a lot of snow. Will come back when it has better condition.

5 days ago

Beautiful day for a beautiful hike. Mix of dirt, water, slush and snow. Threw on the spikes about a quarter miles from the lake just to get there faster. Lots of people and a tight trail when you have to pull off to let people pass, you’ll go down a snow hole.

03/11/18 - Beautiful as always. Lots of snow for a majority of the hike, a mix between slush at the bottom and packed at the top. Poles were helpful and I did not have trouble without microspikes, although there would definitely be benefits to having them.

Bring sunglasses!

16 days ago

Woo! Quite the buttkicker in that much snow!! Heather lake is completely covered and the pup and I had it all to ourselves until a crying baby showed up! Gorgeous day in all well worth the workout to the top.

16 days ago

Nice moderate trail. The access road was a little treacherous and I would not attempt without 4 wheel drive. The hike is manageable with micro spikes, but snowshoes would be best. There is deep powder about half way up the trail with a lot of post holing. The lake area was all covered with snow, but still had pretty views.

22 days ago

beautiful breath taking view .
don't stop keep going till you get to the lake ,
please be prepared a lot of snow .
be cautious and have fun .

23 days ago

This hike is pretty and not difficult. Lots of fresh snow so spikes weren’t necessary but did help when going up an incline. The cave is covered up right now, but the hike is still worth it. Saw a small avalanche as well. I can’t wait to go back when I can actually see the cave! Parking is about 2 miles away from the trailhead.

Great moderate trail , go during the week or early on the weekend 6am.

Hiked Monday 19Feb. What a beautiful hike in the snow. The access road was very snowy and loaded with deep potholes but passable. The trail was well maintained and very easy to follow especially considering the blast of snow the mountain got this weekend. Crampons or micros are nice to have but not necessary. We didn't wear ours at all on the way up and only wore them on the descent because they were new and we wanted to try them out. The snow just made everything that much more beautiful. My tracker said 4.5 miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

26 days ago

Just hiked Heather trail on presidents day. The weather was gorgeous but cold!!!! The trail was covered in snow from start to finish. Hiking boots were necessary, crampons were a bonus but not needed. The first half is pretty easy and then the switchback and elevation began for the second half. Heather Lake was gorgeous. Would definitely do again!

Went yesterday and the road is closed 2 miles before the turnoff so the hike is longer than what you’ll read about it. An avalanche covered the cave entrance so we couldn’t explore but up to the right are some small waterfalls and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. A lot of hard pack snow and ice, I didn’t bring my spikes but they wouldn’t be a bad idea to have.

1 month ago

Gorgeous area! Micro-spikes help but not necessary. The snow cover lake is a must see.

1 month ago

Amazing !!!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. It has a decent amount of elevation gain but I wouldn’t consider this hike Moderate to me it’s more on the easy side. The trail was very wet and in a number of places small streams were running down the trail. At the lake there was about 4 feet of snow and it was very soft in spots. Be careful! Happy hiking :-)

What a rainy day in Washington, but what a wonderful Winter Wonderland at the Big Four Ice Caves!
Road was closed so it added an extra 4.4 miles (according to Apple GPS). Saw one snow avalanche and heard several. Be careful and highly recommend to stay on the trail.
My three dogs did so well, they love the snow!!
It wasn’t icy on 1/21, but snowy and slushy.

1 month ago

Moderate hike. Slippery snow close to the lake otherwise a nice easy hike

Quick hike with a little bit of everything. Definitely want to return in summer to see how it changes

Great trail with beautiful view. Easy but was a bit icy in January.

As of today the snow is about thigh deep about half way up it’s starting to get very hard to get to the top and impossible without snow spikes or snow shoes, sadly I was late and I didn’t make it all the way up but still a great hike, next time I’ll cheat up one of the avalanche channels and then just follow the ridge till I get back to the trail, and the watch tower

Just beautiful!! Perfect sunny day for a short hike. Microspikes are recommended on this hike as 2/3 is icy and snowy.

Happy d hike up but great view. Trail is well taken care of too.

Just as beautiful as last year in May. Went on the 1/7, a super rainy day. Icy and snowy on the top, but manageable. Didn’t use my micro spikes.

A little icy towards the top but can do it without micro spikes. Lake is completely frozen over and beautiful!

on Talapus Lake Trail

3 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous when frozen...

Short and sweet with awesome scenery. Just enough snow to make it a winter wonderland hike! Trail is well maintained and easy to follow. Snow and slush covered most of it today but it wasn’t an issue for us.

Not really a hike but the caves were awesome!

3 months ago

What a great trail, started at Sunrise trailhead, cool gray fox in the trail?, the weather change on the way up skyscraper it started with light hail at first then on to snow. By the time we got to the first camp we were in a blizzard so we set up camp for the night to dry out. Next morning the weather did not improve so we hiked back to sunrise , will return in the summer for this one. got lots a great pics.

Be careful! The whole mountain is basically a waterfall right now due to the rain, which is causing snow avalanches. If you hear something that sounds like a loud jet- that is an avalanche. Parking lot is covered In about 10 inches of snow. Other than the avalanches it was very beautiful and a pleasant hike/walk. Go prepared!

Beautilful views to all sides! We had snow half the way up. Would bring spikes if there is any snow on the trail. We went in the middle of October.

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