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Even in January snow and mud this trail was fun! first hike of the year for me and was a little harder than I thought it would be but so worth the beautiful views!

Decent little jaunt, it’s fun to explore a place practically in our backyard. Good place to walk a dog.

nice hike in the woods not many views but plenty of distance options for all level of hiking.

This was a fun hike even with all of the snow in mid-January. The trail was extremely well marked and has been the easiest to follow so far (10 hikes in). There isn't much of a view but if you are looking for a nice hike through the woods, this is the place. I was the only one out here on a Monday and didn't see anyone except in the parking lot. Definitely a fun one to do again.

9 days ago

Great trail and fun for dogs. If you go during the winter, I definitely suggest wearing yak traks on your shoes. I went during mid January and it was very icy!

Great hike with a bit of an incline. Awesome views at the top! The swing that used to be there is gone, but has since been replaced. It is very high up though and I didn’t attempt to get on it. Some icy patches on the road up to parking.

Very steep climb, but spectacular views are your reward at the top.

Even with the up hill it's lots of fun in the winter. Awesome place to go snowshoeing and skiing. Have even seen snowboarders. Excited to see it in the summer. I'm sure it will be just as fun.

Beautiful day for taking the dog on a hike to Big Tree! Yak-traks, or any spikes/crampons would be recommend as some spots are pure ice. (going up is easy it’s the way down that traction becomes a little tricky!)

on Stevens Lakes

16 days ago

This is my favorite quick getaway! We snowshoed in on New Years Day 2019. Had to park just south of the freeway bridge due to snow. Broke trail around 10:30. Both switch backs where lost in the snow so we we straight up. It was a good workout, but do-able. There was over 5.5 feet of snow at the lower lake and °14. Got back to the truck at 3:00. Awesome hike ♡

Beautiful hike with incredible views. Just enough incline going up to get your heart rate up and blood pumping. Perfect for a easy hike to get outside and even better, the eagles are out this time of year!!

Great early morning hike. Not a soul on the trail from 8 to about 10:30 am. The trail started to get icy at about at about a half mile in, so micro spikes were clutch to get to the top without slipping. Didn't see any critters, just deer tracks along the path.

December - Early Winter, Light Snow

This trail makes for a decent scenic little loop through a densely forested area.

There isn’t much to see on this trail unfortunately. The forest is healthy, and there is some solitude to be found this time of year, but with a poor view of the lake and no notable fauna, there isn’t anything to make it stand out.

The trail is very flat and accessible. Though, due to recent weather and high activity there was a lot of ice on the trail. Would recommend bringing some extra traction in the winter.

We only hiked the trail, but it seems like it would make for a good running or mountain biking trail. I also saw a sign that says horses are allowed.

Like I say for all these types of trails, not something to go out of the way for, but a good place to go if you live near by.

Beautiful walk in the snow and freezing cold! Great fun for our whole family, young, old, and dogs.

Cons: Could be very crowded/congested on weekends from November-December. This is mostly due to large birdwatching crowds in the area; especially during “Eagle Week.” Wildlife other than eagles is scarce due to trail usage, number of people & dogs.

Pros: Despite the crowds, the area is gorgeous with 90° lake views @ summit, large timber & rolling hillside on the accent. The trail is well maintained with mile markers as well as nav. signs.

Tips: Current conditions prove no snow & only dusting @ summit. 1st mile is a very gradual incline; proving doable for toddlers/kids -5. Upon reaching mile marker 1 expect incline switchbacks which could prove tough for toddlers/kids -5 or packs 35+.

Happy Trails :)

24 days ago

Did this trail at the end of December. There was a lot of snow and with about .3 miles left on the trail there was a steep narrow incline with a lot of snow that I just couldnt climb up so I called it for another time. That being said, the people who were snowshoeing were able to get across, with a little difficultly in that one spot but still made it farther than I did with snowboots and crampons (not really necessary). The trail is gorgeous. There were a few other people out on snowmobiles in other areas that you can hear nearby and I saw a few back country ski and snowboarders. It is a beautiful trail, just dress in warm, waterproof clothes. I will definitely go back to this trail again soon.

The trail was enveloped in clouds and mist. About an inch of snow fell the previous day. The trees were spectacularly coated in hoar, which dazzled is at every turn. The trail. Was in great shape and we covered the distance out in about two hours. There was about ten inches of snow at the top significantly more than the scant inch or two at the bottom. With the sun setting at 4:00 we didn’t delay, and began our decent, reaching out car at about 3:45. Truly a beautiful Christmas eve hike. ,

Great terrain, trails well groomed. December was muddy, and Mozzi and I got good rain and a little gusty winds too. We went to test some new gear, so these were the conditions we were looking for... The hike itself is pretty easy with lots of switchbacks, no major technical terrain either. There are some steep spots on the way back so be thoughtful of that. This is a perfect pair of trails for that quick 45 min to hour and a half hike, you can go up to lost man, or just hit the scenic loop and be on your way. From Spokane and back, it was a four hour trip. Totally doable

Easy to get to. Great scenery. Less than an hour walk.

1 month ago

So cool!

Perfect 2 hour hike with great views

easy with a great view

I first did this 4 months ago and returned to check out this area with some snow cover. Unfortunately it was too warm and the trail was more mud than snow. Hike was still very nice. Solitude, peace and quiet, great forest and meadow make this stroll very pleasant.

This trail is a beautiful trail, particularly in the snow. The trail is not marked at all and we nearly did not find the trailhead, it was only a passing runner who pointed it out to us, otherwise we would not have found it. Also, about halfway through the trail we ran into a fork in the trail and were unsure which way to go. Thankfully the map on this app help guide us the rest of the way. The lack of trail markers was a bit annoying, but the beauty of the mountain forest makes the trail worth hiking.

Just finished this! Very nice paved or packed trail. Pretty views start/finish of Round Lake. Fun little waterfalls and rock formations here and there. A few tiny uphill sections if you go the south route first. If you go north first, you will have a bigger uphill section. Very few dogs, most on leash. Some runners. Very few bikers. Really nice!

Easy hike in, and the pools were nice. It was pretty shallow and lukewarm, but overall it was not bad.

Easy hike with views of lake, streams, small waterfall. Saturday hike light traffic on trail. Mostly shaded with tree cover. Good hike for kids, dogs too.

The view from the top is nice. This is very easy hike if you just hike the Mineral Ridge Trail and very popular. For a longer hike, take the Wilson Trail which turns into the Lost Man Trail. When you arrive at the switchback on the forest service road, you can go to the right which takes you back down the Ridge. There's also many other trail options on the forest service road.

Love this hike. A low line mellow stroll through beautiful pines. Not a great view of Hayden Lake, but easy enough of a hike for my 2 year old.

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