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Well maintained trail with great views.
I wish people wouldn’t cut the switchbacks though, sad!

Great hike with a lot of shade. I'm a local and have hiked Kamiak a lot. There's not much difference in "toughness" so I don't think this hike should really be considered "easy." In my opinion, an easy hike is something that someone who is not in shape at all should be able to do. There are a few service roads you can venture off on, as well. So, we turned a 5 mile hike into 6.9 miles. Great fun - just watch out for cyclists.

lots of very pretty scenery, the big rocks, sign, and swing were pretty neat and were a good reward for the short hike. Lots of bees, they appeared to be black bumble bees and were all over in the the side stops and at the top. the foliage was very pretty and had a few plants i hadn't seen too often.

Drove two hours, and let me tell you it was worth it!

First time hiking here and loved It! Great maintained trail, perfect for the dog. The beginning is all uphill then will decline downhill to a meadow full of butterflies. I hiked this August 4th and got an early start. Plenty of shade and places along the creek to hang your hammock. About 4 or so miles in the trail gets muddy and trail is covered in water. Didn't see any wildlife, but the Wasps and hornets are bad. It was challenging to rest without them swarming us. I loved this hike and look forward to going back.

This hike was amazing!!! It’s a very quick and easy hike up to heart lake (I am not a super frequent backpacker and weigh around 200lb so REALLY it’s an easy hike) the beginning is pretty much 2.5 miles of flat with about a 1/2 mile of elevation gain and then maybe another 1/2 mile to the lake. there are plenty of camping sights, we stayed at one at the very end that was fantastic. There are lots of mountain goats so pee far away from camp unless you want big, white, huffing visitors in the night. Great spot for first time backpackers or for a day hike. 10/10 planning to go back soon.

P.S. the map that this site gives you through google is kind of crazy. I would recommend just googling the hike, every other site recommends I-90 exit 47 for superior onto diamond match road and then you follow that 30miles to the hike, much easier!

8/7-8/9/18. Easy hike, 30 pound pack made it more moderate. Beautiful trail that is well maintained. Stayed at Heart lake for 2 nights, lots of great campsites. Day hiked to Pearl, its not as pretty as Heart. The Mt. Goats were awesome!! Had 7 of them come into our campsite, not aggressive, just hung out for a little bit. Lots of little furry creatures, my dog finally caught her chipmunk. Not too busy during the week. Bugs weren't too bad with spray. The hike to Pearl is easy to miss it goes straight up from the trail, if you hit the marshy section you've gone to far. It was only about .5 mile from Heart. 2 fitbits logged 4 miles to the site we camped. Only 1.5 miles to hit Pearl and back. 9ish miles total for both lakes.

Please please please be careful if you hike off-road here. We have had way too many casualties here in the last few years from people swimming next to the falls or getting too close to cliffs. Bringing dogs or small children is not a good idea because the trail is so steep in some spots.

All of that said, the best time to come is Spring because the falls are still full, and the hikes are gorgeous. I do three different locations: hike out to where you can stand above the falls, hike along the walls of the canyon, and hike down to the water. The trail down to the water is very worn. It gets extremely hot here, so multiple water bottles is a must. Also, parking is by check or cash only unless you have a Discover pass.

This is a gorgeous hike once you reach the top and in a few spots along the trail. It was extremely dusty when we went in early August!!! The dust was so bad, it made me have a coughing fit for a lot of the trip. If you’re sensitive to dust, this is not a great hike for you... at least not during the summer. I imagine it is muddy, rather than dusty in the spring. The views at the top are so worth the trek. Our dog also loved this trail... lots of water stops for her. We only saw one truck, one dirt bike, and one group of hikers while there.

trail running
8 days ago

Very pleasant morning stroll. Also in a calm safe area. No overnight camping at the trailhead however spacious.

Enjoyed the hike. A bit hazy from the smoke, but still very beautiful. Went off on the Wilson trail for a ways. Nice viewpoints from there.

trail running
11 days ago

I found this place thanks to this app. best place ever. so beautiful.

Fun short beginner trail. Brought 3 kids and a new puppy and all did very well.

Great way to take in the lake. Our 3 year old loved it.

mountain biking
13 days ago

This is a technical strenuous moderate mountain bike ride. We started the trail from the Packsaddle area and climbed up to the top then rode down to the parking lot and out. The climb was more than I was used to and there were numerous root and rock steps to navigate. Not heavily trafficked but did run into hikers, trail runners and other mountain bikers on the trail. The trail is quite narrow in places. The trail marking isn’t as clear as I would have liked so bring a map with you. The weather finally cooled down a bit which was nice.

Did this on Aug 2 and had the trail to myself. Very quiet and peaceful. Trail was in good shape . It hasnt rained in weeks so no problem in crossing creeks. First 0.9 is uphill and peaks at a bench. Then down to the creek. Meadow and campsites were at 1.8 mi. I turned around at 3 mi where there is a junction sign. Both trails from there appeared unmaintained and overgrown. Overall a nice hike in mostly forest and some meadow.

When Siri says you’ve arrived at the TH take the right fork off of 202. Potholes and ruts but doable in a car if you take it slow.

Excellent trail, breathtaking views enjoyed every minute of our time here
Highly recommended

Wasn’t feeling to swell this day, so I did not make it to the top with the rest of my family. Didn’t feel like an “easy” trail either, definitely was a moderate with the huge incline.

I biked it. Tons of side trails. Steep but glorious.

Smoke wasn't a problem.

Amazing hike to do. The views are amazing and the trail is perfectly shaded for those hot days. You could even enjoy a little picnic if you packed a snack or lunch

Beautiful hike, well maintained trail

Great views!

mountain biking
18 days ago

My favorite place on earth. I grew up literally next door and spend many hours here everyday for years. This place is my happy place. I know every trail and corner. Everyone should go here at least once. Also the other two places across the lake and ghost lake (fallen leaf lake)

18 days ago

Very steep trail, but well worth it. Will do again.

great hike. lovely views from the top. our 11 year old loved it. plenty of spots to rest if needed.

Nice. Quick hike. But beware of no shade.

20 days ago

lots of fun! kinda bummed there was still a couple feet of snow still towards the top but still fun!

Cool place but too many people a lot of the time. Still enjoyable but don't expect privacy during popular times of the year.

22 days ago

This trail is perfect based on its proximity to town. It's easy to get to and offers a variety of terrain and a bunch of cool ladder bridges. There is wildlife up there, I have had one run in with a bull moose, he kept his distance and so did I. The logging has interrupted a lot of the best parts but it is private land and I appreciate that they have let us use the trails for so long.

24 days ago

Don’t let the short distance fool you. This one’s a calf burner! Worth every calorie burned!

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